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Digital TV channel question - now can't get ABC channel or 10

posted 2-5-2010 @ 01:19 AM www
Digital TV channel question - now can't get ABC channel or 10

Hi guys

I've had a LCD Tv in my bedroom where I've had all the digital stations no problems.

On Thursday my LCD TV I won in the Terry White promotion arrives and I hooked this up yesterday in the lounge room - and that all works fine.

The only problem now is I can't get any of the ABC stations (1, 2 or 3), or Channel 10 or One on the one in my bedroom. I've tried re-auto tuning it and can't get them.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

I think it may be the antenna, as it's over 20 years old - but wanted to see if others had had this problem before calling someone out to have a look.

Seems like the new TV has taken prioirty and I now can get the signals for these 2 stations (and sub-stations) on mine

posted 2-5-2010 @ 02:44 AM www

Ive also had problems with mine in the bedroom, Can get 7 and 10 but not 9, But I can get 9 higher up in the #'s like I get 7 and 10 at 7 and 10 but have to get 9 about 78 if that makes sense, Have no idea why but the digital stuffed it up they are now just all over the place, Figued it was something I done . Will be interested to see what answers you get xxxxxxxxxx
posted 2-5-2010 @ 11:54 AM www

worked for sony for a while with trouble shooting on TV and tuning,

If both tv's are connected to the same antenna this can cause interference and make you lose channels, also the length of the cable the further away from the antenna the more lose of signal also.

As bad as it is, and if auto re tune didnt work, possibly buy a new lead as old one may be faulty, also possibly need a new antenna as you send 20 yrs old.

Also look at how it is set up, send main cable to the bedroom one and the secondary to the lounge room and see if that fixes it before buying new products, Also make sure all the cables are connected (are you getting Go and 7 HD or just channel seven as in analouge)such as an antenna is acutally connected to the secondary tv.
posted 3-5-2010 @ 08:15 AM www

Thanks for that info Leah

I've ended up arranging for the antenna/tv reception guy to come and have a look this week, and then he can check the cables, antenna and everything else to make sure it's all ok
posted 12-5-2010 @ 08:15 AM www

Just realised I'd forgotten to post what ended up happening.

The antenna guy checked all the bits and pieces and then upgraded the antenna.

When you have 2 digital TV's in the house, it can work ok, but when I added the 3rd (in my room, and which was furthest away from the antenna) the signal strength was diluted.

Ch 2's and 10's are the weakest ones and that's why these were the ones that got affected.
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