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Bigpond Webmail

posted 28-7-2010 @ 04:12 AM www
Bigpond Webmail

Does anybody else use bigpond webmail?
It is doing my head in. Why change somethign that works just bl*##y fine!!!
Are you having trouble today?
replies wont send, wont save to draft, cant copy the text anymore just in case there is a send error.
Oh lord I wanna shoot bigpond.:mad:
posted 28-7-2010 @ 04:14 AM www

I did have a glitch earlier but seems ok now.
posted 28-7-2010 @ 04:18 AM www

this has been going on for days. Has your format changed lisabart?
When i reply to an email in the reply field the text of the original can no longer be seen so is there are several questions to respond to I have to write them down.
when someone responds to mine there text and mine comes thru twice in the reply.
So bl#8*dy frustrating.
posted 28-7-2010 @ 04:24 AM www

Maybe you should contact support? Tell them its stressing you badly and fix it pronto.
I am using laptop for the mail at the minute but on desktop I can't even find any of my emails, they say they are there but nothing I can see except the number of them.
posted 28-7-2010 @ 04:39 AM www

Support?? Talk to Mohummad in Mumbai??
I recently upgraded my foxtel and got a bundle thru telstra. The new T-Hub phone was had very bad static and my laptops couldnt connect wirelessly. Four days and about 10 hours on the phone talking to american accented fillipinos telling me to have a 'loverly day' and passing me around like a hot potato, to the next person so i could give them my particulars over and over again and still not getting my laptops to connect. Then they say 'Oh I am sorry that must be a seimans modem problem ring this number in sydney. Ring them they kindly tell me that they are a private company and i will be charged for their service. "my fat A**e you will is my reply" finally I luck out and get an English speaking aussie and he tells me that I need new ADSL2 filters and that they should have given me a new modem which would take 3 to 5 working days to arrive and here we are day 8 and guess what no blinking modem!! The only good their support does is support me all the way into a mental institution.:D:D
posted 28-7-2010 @ 06:32 AM www

mcwinner, I have had excatly the same problem with them, 3 hours one day, 3 hours the next day, then this guy in Sydney, who is a private company who wanted to charge me $99 to tell me the modem has a problem, well a month later i am still not fixed, will get my son-in-law on the weekend to sort it out, fingers crossed. I had to laugh, everyone i spoke to in the Phillipines, spoke with an accent but all had english names like Julie, Russell and John plus one of the guys I was connect to I was his first job, lucky me. and he kept going to ask his supervisor.
Good luck trying to get yours fixed too.
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