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Does anyone own a multi-purpose steam cleaning appliance that they would recommend (or warn against)?

posted 27-8-2011 @ 10:06 AM www
Does anyone own a multi-purpose steam cleaning appliance that they would recommend (or warn against)?

Hi all,

I'm looking at buying a cheap multi-purpose steam cleaning device, but after googling for a few days I am none the wiser.
I did like the sound of the Eurolab one at Deals Direct:
but then after reading some of the reviews I have been a bit put off! Their quality seems to be a bit "on again off again" and it is just my luck to end up with one of the small percentage of products that doesn't work efficiently.
The Eco Steam Buddy (as seen on TV) seems okay as far as the reviews I have read, but really there is nothing that anyone has written about it that justifies it being double the price of the Eurolab steam cleaner (if you get one of the good ones).

On the other hand there are smaller steam cleaners like the Tedelex from
which is alot cheaper but then is only 1000watts (I'm assuming the higher the watts the more powerful the steam would be?).

I would be using whichever appliance I buy to clean the mould off our windows and bathroom walls (a once monthly necessity), benchtops, sinks, tables, bath, shower walls etc. This house is quite old & gets alot of mould and dust that I am fed up with scrubbing. I cleaned my bathroom cabinet of mould only 3 weeks ago and there is already another layer appearing in the corners :mad:. It really bothers me because mould is a huge health risk...but I don't want to be continually bleaching & vinegar coating every surface in the house :no:.

If any of our lovely Lotto's members own or have used a multi-purpose steam cleaning appliance I would appreciate your feedback. I could be persuaded to spend more money if someone knows of a fantastic machine that costs a bit more ;)
posted 27-8-2011 @ 10:16 AM www

I bought the aldi one once and it's a total waste of money. I wanted it for cleaning the bathroom too, but it was totally hopeless and wasn't powerful enough to clean anything at all.
posted 27-8-2011 @ 11:30 AM www

I bought a MaxKon steam mop from one of the online cheap stores can't remember which. I used it a lot in the first week and haven't since. I would of liked to be able to use it on my lounge but its only for floors. It removed some marks but it wasn't the most wonderful thing I thought it would be. I live in North QLD and know a thing or two about mould. Only way to get rid of it is to clean it off then go over with a solution of 1/4 teasp clove oil to 1 litre of water as it kills the spores where bleach etc just bleach them and they come back. Smells a bit strange but works a treat. You buy the clove oil from the pharmacy.You put it in a spray bottle and lightly mist the area
posted 27-8-2011 @ 10:54 PM www

i used to have one of those yellow and black pirana ones.
Small but good if you used it regularly otherwise not over powerful.
After a long time the nozzles got all blocked up.
posted 27-8-2011 @ 11:19 PM www

Wow, after reading the reviews of the two products you mentioned wishmeluck, I am going to give my Aldi one another go.

The flyscreen on my kitchen window is really dirty, and maybe this is the solution I was looking for to clean it. The screen is too high to remove and I am scared to put too much pressure on it thinking it will fall out and break, so I never scrub it. I think the steam cleaner is worth a go.

Dabsey - thank you for the clove oil tip. Yes I have a steam mop too, used once LOL!!
posted 27-8-2011 @ 11:44 PM www

Also spongbob if you buy some pure lemon oil and sprinkle it on your cob web brush and lightly go around your ceiling etc it keeps spiders and webs away for ages.

PS. I was thinking of getting a steam mop hoping it might spruce up the grout in my floor tiles.
posted 28-8-2011 @ 02:26 AM www

Thank you Billycat, will definitely try the lemon oil, we have a bit of a spider problem downstairs.

Oh, and tried the Aldi steam cleaner for the window flyscreen. Just useless. needed to be 1mm from the flyscreen for it to make a tiny line in the dirt. I also went and tried it in the bathroom, on a wall, and also on a stain on the carpet. Did nothing each time.

The aldi one I have is similar to the $24.00 from
posted 28-8-2011 @ 03:51 AM www

Thanks for your replies everyone :yes:

I do use clove oil (it's also great for the kids tongues if they backchat or swear & I think I have the most well-behaved kids in the country the moment I mention "oil of cloves" :lol: ) and also vinegar as it is supposed to kill mould spores and help keep the area dry to prevent more mould, but to no avail :sniffle:. I hate this house with a passion (and my miserly, good-for-nothing landlord :mad: ) and as soon as we can find a home in the same area of a suitable size we will be moving. But until then all my wooden furniture, cupboards are ruined as the mould is set into the wood, and the walls, windows etc need to be wiped over at least once a week to prevent mould growing again. It's not a fun job as the window frames are all old rotting timber with paint flaking off, so getting all the mould off in the ridges & grooves is next to impossible. Our walls are concrete and even leaving the bathroom windows open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week does not provide enough ventilation to hinder the mould growing.
I might give the Eurolab steam cleaner a go when I can afford it in a few weeks time. If worst comes to worst I can always get a replacement or a refund, or throw it in our next garage sale ;) . I will avoid the cheapie after Spongebob's ordeal with the similar Aldi one :yes: :thumbup:
posted 28-8-2011 @ 04:02 AM www

I bought a small Tedlex model and it was a total waste of money. Hardly cleans at all !
posted 2-9-2011 @ 11:09 PM www

Just wanted to pop in and update this thread.

After much investigation (and headaches to match) I am going to purchase a Karcher SC 3000 this afternoon: tName=Floor+Care&errorViewName=ProductDisplayErrorView&categoryId=107985

I found the Eco Steam Buddy alot cheaper than most places on a website called Deals2u. HOWEVER....after reading the many many complaints about the website (very slow delivery, lack of customer service, no reply to emails etc) I thought I might email them before making my purchase to ensure the item was in stock and to see when it would be posted. I'm still waiting on a reply :rolleyes: and so have decided that I won't be purchasing through their site :o :no:
A friend has a Euroflex Monster Steam Cleaner and highly recommended it. Unfortunately the 'backpack' portable model that she owns isn't made anymore and the closest comparable machine that they have is almost $700 :o , and the Monster SC50 which IS in my price range at under $200 doesn't seem to have any reveiws online anywhere that I've looked.
And so I am going with a brand that I KNOW has a good reputation; Karcher, and which seems to do everything I need (found a youtube video ). It is a bit more than I wanted to spend but I think it's worthwhile because I will be using it A LOT and I have the peace of mind of knowing it is a trusted brand and I am buying it from a business that won't disappear overnight with my money :lol: .

I'm hoping to come back and share a review with you all in the next few days for anyone who was, like me, interested in steam cleaning but unsure what appliances were any good :thumbup:
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