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Westpoint - NSW -Win a Car and $10,000 Cash! Plus 3817 Instant Win Prizes

posted 26-11-2013 @ 10:06 AM www
Westpoint - NSW -Win a Car and $10,000 Cash! Plus 3817 Instant Win Prizes
NSW, Entry methods: In-Store/Barrel Purchase Req, Freq: Unlimited, Instant Win, Closes 24/12/2013

Results Date: 24/12/13

Spend $40 at specialties or $80 in major Westpoint stores and collect your game card for your chance to WIN your share in thousands of instant prizes.

Plus, enter to WIN a Toyota Corolla 5 door valued at $26,120 courtesy of Lander Toyota Blacktown and $10,000 cash!

Collect your game card from these locations,

Level 3 - Customer Service Desk near Myer

Level 2 - Entry Booth near Prouds The Jewellers

Level 1 - Entry Booth near Cookie Man

Terms and conditions apply. For full terms and conditions click here or visit the Customer Service Desk on level 3. Authorised under LTPS/13/08420.

**PLEASE NOTE: It does state in T&C's that the winner must be a resident of NSW**
posted 26-11-2013 @ 11:02 AM www

Could anyone paste the T&C's below? I dont seem to be able to do so. Thanks! :)
posted 28-11-2013 @ 11:23 AM www

carcar cashcash prizesprizes
posted 22-12-2013 @ 01:00 PM www

Here you go :)

Participation in the Competition
1. By participating in the Competition, the Participant agrees to
these Terms and Conditions.
2. Information on the Game Card also forms part of these Terms
and Conditions.
3. To participate in the Competition, the Participant must be an
Eligible Person who makes an Eligible Transaction during the
Competition Period and submits an Eligible Entry.
4. Participants must keep their original receipt or tax invoice from
a Participating Store as proof of purchase.
5. Eligible Persons may enter the Competition an unlimited
number of times during the Competition Period. However,
in relation to an Eligible Transaction, an Eligible Person may
(a) one Game Card for each $40.00 spent in an Eligible Transaction
at a Participating Specialty Store up to a maximum of five (5)
Game Cards; and
(b) one Game Card for each $80.00 spent in an Eligible Transaction
at a Participating Major Store up to a maximum of five (5) Game
6. The Promoter (in its sole discretion) has the right to add or to
remove from the list of Participating Stores at any time.
Eligible Entry – Instant-win Prize
7. To be valid, each entry for the Competition must be made
by an Eligible Person presenting a receipt or tax invoice for
an Eligible Transaction to a Competition Employee at the
Customer Service Desk or entry points on Level 2 and Level 1
of the Centre in order to be issued a Game Card. Participants
may combine multiple receipt/s or tax invoice/s to constitute
an Eligible Transaction provided those multiple receipts or
tax invoices are combined from the same Participating Store
and on the same purchase date to constitute each Eligible
8. The Eligible Person will break open the panel on the Game Card
which will reveal:
(a) if the Eligible Person has won an Instant-win Prize; and
(b) the Redemption Point.
9. The Eligible Person will present the winning Game Card at
the Redemption Point and will receive the Instant-win Prize
identified on the Game Card.
10. Eligibility to receive an Instant-win Prize will expire at the end
of the Redemption Period.
Eligible Entry – Major Prize
11. Regardless of whether the Game Card reveals an Instantwin
Prize, every Eligible Person that receives a Game Card is
eligible for entry into the draw for the Major Prize.
12. To be a valid entry in the draw of the Major Prize, the back of
the Game Card must be fully completed and must:
(a) contain the Eligible Person’s full name, address, telephone
number and/or email address, the Participating Store at which
the Eligible Transaction was made and the amount spent at the
Participating Store; and
(b) be placed in an Entry Box during the Competition Period.
Entries will not be accepted via post.
The Competition
13. The Competition will be conducted at the Centre during:
(a) the Competition Period; and
(b) the Centre’s usual trading hours.
14. The Competition is only open to Eligible Persons.
15. The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify
the eligibility of any Participant (including a Participant’s
identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any
Participant who does not comply strictly with these Terms and
Conditions or who tampers with the entry process. Incomplete,
indecipherable or illegible entries will be deemed invalid. If
requested by the Promoter, a Participant must provide the
Promoter with evidence of eligibility. Failure by the Promoter
to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a
waiver of those rights.
The Prizes
16. There will be:
(a) 3817 Instant-win Prizes; and
(b) 1 Major Prize.
17. All claims to Instant-win Prizes under Game Cards distributed
to Eligible Persons during the Competition Period will be met
notwithstanding the advertised Instant-Win Prizes pool being
18. Any printing errors or other quality assurance matters outside
the control of the individual Eligible Person must not be used
by the Promoter as the sole basis for refusing to award an
Instant-win Prize.
19. The Prizes are not transferable, refundable or exchangeable
and cannot be taken as cash.
20. The values of the Major Prize and the Instant-win Prizes (as
set out within these terms and conditions) are correct as at
20 September 2013. The Promoter is not responsible for any
subsequent variation in values.
21. Each Eligible Entry in respect of the Major Prize will be entered
into the draw for the Major Prize. The Promoter will collect the
Game Cards from the Entry Boxes at 11am on the Draw Date
and will place all Game Cards into a barrel on Level 1 of the
Centre, outside of the Optus store, from which the winner of the
Major Prize will be drawn.
22. The Major Prize will be awarded to the first Eligible Entry
(Major Prize) drawn on the Draw Date.
23. The draw for the winner of the Major Prize will take place at
Level 1 of the Centre, outside of the Optus store at 12.00pm
on the Draw Date and the Major Prize shall be awarded to the
winner of the draw.
24. This Competition does not involve a round where Participants
may be eliminated.
25. If any Prize Winner (including the winners of an Instant-win
Prize) is under the age of 18 years, the parent or guardian
of that Prize Winner who gave permission for entry into the
Competition will be deemed to be the relevant Prize Winner for
the purposes of the Competition.
26. The Prize Winner does not have to be present at the time or
place of the draw.
27. The Promoter will use reasonable efforts to notify the Prize
Winner by mail, email, telephone or otherwise to arrange
delivery of the Major Prize.
28. The Promoter will publish the name of the Prize Winner in
the ‘Telegraph Newspaper’ on Wednesday, 4 January
2014, online at and on the Centre’s
Facebook page. By entering into this Competition the
Participant gives their consent for their personal details to
be published in the manner prescribed in this clause if they
are a Prize Winner.
29. A Participant claiming to be a Prize Winner will be required
to provide proof of identity.
30. The Prize Winner will have a period of 90 days from the
Draw Date within which to claim the Major Prize from the
32. If applicable, the Promoter will publish the new Prize
Winners in the ‘Telegraph Newspaper’ on Wednesday, 2
April 2014, online at and on the
Centre’s Facebook page .
33. The Promoter’s decision as to the Prize Winner is final and
binding and no correspondence will be entered into in
relation to the conduct of the Competition or otherwise.
Other General Terms
34. All Competition entries are the property of the Promoter.
35. The Prize Winner consents to the Promoter using their
name, likeness, image and voice for an unlimited period
and without remuneration for marketing and publicity use, if
requested by the Promoter.
36. The Promoter Entities and Facebook shall not be liable
(including, without limitation, in negligence) for:
(a) any loss or damage whatsoever that is suffered
(including, but not limited to, indirect or
consequential loss); or
(b) any personal injury suffered or sustained,
during the course of participating in this Competition or
using the Major Prize or an Instant-win Prize, except for
and to the extent that any liability cannot be excluded by
37. Each Participant indemnifies and keeps indemnified the
Promoter Entities and Facebook against all claims, losses,
damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by the
Promoter Entities or any third parties arising out of the
breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Participant,
the conduct of the Participant in the Competition or the use
of an Instant-win Prize or the Major Prize.
38. If this Competition is interfered with in any way or is not
capable of being conducted as reasonably anticipated due
to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the
Promoter, the Promoter reserves the right, in its sole
discretion, to the fullest extent permitted by law and subject
to any written directions from a regulatory authority (if any) to:
(a) disqualify any Participant; and/or
(b) modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the
Competition as appropriate.
Any information provided by the Participant in this
Competition is being provided to the Promoter.
39. The Competition is not sponsored, endorsed, administered
by, or associated with, Facebook. The Participant agrees
that Facebook will not be responsible for any claims, losses,
damages, costs and expenses of any kind associated with
this Competition and releases Facebook to the full extent
permitted by law.
40. Any information provided by the Participant in this
Competition is being provided to the Promoter and not to
41. Under the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth), the Promoter must tell
Participants when it collects personal information about
them and how it plans to use it. If a Participant chooses to
enter or take part in the Competition, the Participant will be
required to provide the Promoter with personal information
about themself such as the Participant’s name, address,
telephone number, email address, how the Participant
found out about the Competition and the store at which the
Eligible Transaction was made.
42. The Promoter will collect and use the personal information
which the Participant has provided for the following
(a) carrying out the Competition;
(b) if the Participant has accepted to receive future
promotional communications from the Promoter
carrying out marketing and promotions activities
including, without limitation, sending newsletters or
publications and/or other marketing and promotional
material to the Participant about the competitions or
promotional events (whether or not undertaken by
or about the Promoter or any other person or
organisation) and supplying the information to
contractors which assist the Promoter to do this; and
(c) supplying the information to organisations which
provide special prizes or offers, including but not
limited to tenants of the Centre and Promoter
Entities. The details of Participants will be provided to:
Lander Toyota
112 Sunnyholt Road,
Blacktown NSW 2148
Ph: 02 8822 4410
Fax: 02 9622 6811
43. By entering the Competition a Participant consents to the
collection and use of his or her information in the manner
outlined in these Terms and Conditions.
44. A Participant’s personal information may be disclosed to the
New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
upon request.
If despite reasonable efforts the Promoter is unable to locate
or contact the Prize winner within 90 days after the Prize
Winner is decided, another Prize Winner will be drawn at
3.00pm on Monday, 24 March 2014. Any instant prizes valued
over $50 that are not claimed will be redrawn at 3.00pm on
Monday, 24 March 2014. Any subsequent Prize Winner will be
notified in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
45. If a Participant would prefer that the Promoter does not use
the Participant’s details in the way outlined in these Terms and
Conditions and/or retain their details, the Participant should
contact the Promoter on (02) 8825 2400.
46. A Participant has the right to access most personal
information which the Promoter holds about the Participant. A
Participant may contact the Promoter on (02) 8825 2400 to ask
for access to the Participant’s information, or if the Participant
has a complaint concerning a Participant’s information privacy.
The Promoter may deny the Participant’s request for access in
some circumstances. If the Promoter does this, it will tell the
Participant why.
47. If a Participant considers that any information that the
Promoter holds about the Participant is inaccurate or if at
any time the Participant’s details change, the Participant may
contact the Promoter on (02) 8825 2400 and the Promoter
will take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is
48. The Promoter will take reasonable steps to keep personal
information secure from misuse, loss or unauthorised use or
49. The Promoter may be contacted as follows:
Address: 17 Patrick Street Blacktown NSW 2148
Phone: (02) 8825 2400
Fax: 02 9831 4948
50. Authorised by NSW permit no. LTPS/13/08420.
51. The total value of both the Major Prize and the Instant-win
Prizes is $66,651.55.
“Centre” means Westpoint Shopping Centre, Blacktown, New
South Wales.
“Competition” means the opportunity to:
(a) win an Instant-win Prize; and
(b) go into the draw to win the Major Prize,
in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
“Competition Employee” means an employee or agent
authorised by the Promoter or the Promotor Entities to d
istribute Game Cards to Eligible Persons pursuant to these
Terms and Conditions.
“Competition Period” means the period from 9.00am on Monday,
25 November 2013 and expiring on the earlier of:
(a) 11.00am on Tuesday, 24 December 2013; and
(b) the date the Promoter has issued 50,000 Game Cards to
Eligible Persons.
“Draw Date” means Tuesday, 24 December 2013.
“Eligible Entry” means an Eligible Entry (Instant-win Prize) or an
Eligible Entry (Major Prize).
“Eligible Entry (Instant-win Prize)” means an entry which
complies with clauses 7-10 of these Terms and Conditions.
“Eligible Entry (Major Prize)” means an entry which complies
with the requirements of clauses 11 and 12 of these Terms and
“Eligible Person” means an individual who:
(a) is a resident of New South Wales;
(b) if under 18 years of age, has a parent or guardian’s
permission to participate in the Competition; and
(c) is not a Non Eligible Person.
“Eligible Transaction” means an Eligible Person must either:
(a) spend $40 or more in one or more transactions at
Participating Speciality Stores during the Competition Period; or
(b) spend $80 or more in one or more transactions at
Participating Major Stores during the Competition Period.
For the avoidance of doubt, payment for services (e.g. electricity,
gas, telephone), registrations (e.g. motor vehicle registration),
premiums (e.g. insurance and health fund premiums), rates,
subscriptions, deposits or payments to financial institutions or
any similar payments (including payments made to Australia
Post, newsagency and lotteries purchases) will not qualify as an
Eligible Transaction.
“Entry Box” means the official entry box located at:
(a) the Customer Service Desk on Level 3;
(b) Outside YD on Level 2; and
(c) Outside Optus on Level 1.
“Game Card” means the card given to Eligible Persons by a
Competition Employee in exchange for Eligible Persons providing
satisfactory proof of an Eligible Transaction under clause 7.
“Instant-win Prize” means one of the prizes listed in Schedule 3
to these Terms and Conditions, the combined value of which is
“Major Prize” means one (1) 2013 Automatic Toyota Corolla
Ascent Hatch in Wildfire Red valued at $26,120.00. The Prize also
(a) metallic paint;
(b) floor mats;
(c) private registration;
(d) green slip and stamp duty; and
(e) $10,000 cash.
“Non Eligible Person” means the following:
(a) owners and managers of the Centre;
(b) retailers of the Centre;
(c) suppliers, associated companies and agencies of the Centre;
(d) the employees or contractors of the persons and entities in
paragraphs (a) - (c); and
(e) any spouse, child, de facto or any other person living at the
same premises as any of the persons mentioned in paragraphs
(a) – (d).
“Participant” means any person who participates in the
“Participating Major Store” means a store listed in Schedule 1.
“Participating Speciality Store” means a store listed in Schedule 2.
“Participating Store” means either a Participating Major Store or
a Participating Specialty Store.
“Prize” means an Instant-win Prize and/or Major Prize, as the
context requires.
“Prize Winner” means the winner of the Major Prize.
“Promoter” means QIC Limited ACN 130 539 123 of 17 Patrick
Street, Blacktown in the State of New South Wales as owner of
the Centre.
“Promoter Entities” means the Promoter, all associated
companies, advisors and agencies and all those entities’
“Redemption Period” means the period from 9.00am on Monday
25 November 2013 to 5.30pm Tuesday, 31 December 2013.
“Redemption Point” means the location in the Centre identified
on a Game Card to collect an Eligible Person’s Instant-win Prize.
Jay Jays
Jeans West
Jenny’s Handbags
Jumbo Kids Wear
Just Cuts
Just Jeans
K & F Handbags
Kid’s Choice
Kids Kiss
Killer Instinct Clothing
King of Knives
King of the Pack
Leo’s Nails
Lolly Central
Love Car Wash
Lowes Menswear
Mad Mex
Manchester & More
Man to Man
Mathers For Shoes
Max Brenner
Mercury Cards & Gifts
Michael Hill Jewellers
Michel’s Patisserie
Midori Japanese Cuisine
Millers Fashion Club
Westpoint Shopping
2013 Christmas
“Win a Car and $10,000
Terms and Conditions
Mink Fashions
Mister Minit
Mobile Phone Hospital
Modo Handbags & Travel
Mrs Fields
Muffin Break
My House
Nadia’s Café
Nails Avenue
Napoleon Perdis
Newstalk Newsagency
Noni B
Noodle Dumpling King
Oliver Brown
O- lleh
Optical Warehouse Direct
Optus/Yes Optus
Orient Express Noodle
Payless Shoes
Peters Meats
Pet Pontoon
Pho Pasteur
Pizza Hut Express
Pots Avenue
Pumpkin Patch
QBD the Bookshop
Queen Jewellery
Ramen San
Rebel Sport
Red Dollar
Red Lea Chickens (in
Fresh Food)
Red Lea Chickens
Red Lea Deli
Red Rooster
Roger David
Rubi Shoes
Senario Café
Sergios Cake Shop
Shashi Beauty Salon
Shaver Shop
Shoe Box
Sieffs Music
SK Menswear
Smart Kids
Spa D’or Beauty Salon
Spa D’or Beauty & Day
Spendless Shoes
Statewide Jewellers
Suite Boutique
Sunglass Hut
Supreme Bakehouse
Sushi 2 Go
Sushi Bay
Sushi Hub
Suzanne Grae
Telstra Shop
The Athletes Foot
The Body Shop
The Coffee Club
The Coffee Emporium
The Reject Shop
Tokyo Ramen
Tongli Supermarket
Top Bargain
Twins Optometrists
Uncle Petes Toys
Unique Accessories
Virgin Mobile
Vision Copy & Embroidery
Viva Fresh Viva Italiano
Vodafone (Digicall)
Vodafone Select
Wangs Massage &
Watch Express
Westpoint Growers
Williams The Shoemen
Your Bookshop
Schedule 1 – Participating
Major Stores
Big W
Schedule 2 –Participating
Speciality Stores
1001 Optical Centre
A1 Alterations
Accessories King
Accessories King
Akira Sushi
Ali Baba
Allan’s Men’s Hairdressing
American Nails
AMF Bowling
Angus & Coote
Atlantic Seafood
Australia Post
Axel Vani
Bakers Choice
Beautiful Hair
Bendon Lingerie
Best & Less
Big W
Blacktown Camera Centre
Blacktown Growers
Blooms the Chemist
Bloo Moo Frozen Yoghurt
Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners
Boost Juice
Boyz 2 Menz
Bread Top
Bras N Things
Café Mondeo
Chester & Jake Pharmacy
Chi Clinic Blacktown
City Beach
City Chic
Cobblers Extra
Cookie Man
Costi’s At Westpoint
Cotton On
Cotton On Body
Cotton On Kids
Crystal Seafood Restaurant
Curry Bizarre
DCM Coffee & Donuts
Dollar King
Donut King
Donut King
E B Games
Eckersley’s Art & Craft
Elite Menswear
Escape Travel
Express Vision (Inside
Medical Ctr)
Farm Fresh Meats
First Choice Clothing
Flight Centre
Flower Seasons
Forever New
Fresh Break
Game Traders
Ginny’s Café & Restaurant
Gloria Jean’s Coffee
Golden Color Fast Photo
Gregory Jewellers
Gumballs Tea
Hair Happens & Beauty
Hairhouse Warehouse
Hair Industrie Blacktown
Harvey World Travel
High Time Watch Specialist
Hog’s Breath Café
Hokka Hokka
H S Home
Hungry Jacks
Hype DC
Ice Design
I Contact
Isabelle’s Ice Cream
Instanblue Turkish Kebab
posted 22-12-2013 @ 01:16 PM www

entered this one several times
won three instant wins

a $2.80 voucher for Daiso
parking worth up to $30 for westpoint shopping centre
and a mini travel pack valued at $3...

be a nice christmas present... kinda dont think im lucky enough to win another car tho LOL....
posted 22-12-2013 @ 01:25 PM www

:) Thanks Brooke. Yes, I've entered probably half a dozen times or more.
posted 22-12-2013 @ 01:28 PM www

fingers crossed :) did u get any instant wins?
posted 22-12-2013 @ 01:54 PM www

yeah, a free popcorn and a $5 voucher
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