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*Take 5 Issue 1 Reverse Auction + NEW Beat The Clock *Starts 24/12**
Entry: S P, Freq: Unlimited, Ended 30/12

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karencleotronic - 23-12-2008 @ 08:25 AM

Results were to be published: 09/01/09

************NOTE COMPETITIONS DONT START TILL 24/12/2008*****************


This week you are bidding on a A Barbecue worth $1999

SMS your Bid to

199 75555

For a chance to win this Barbecue worth $1999
, SMS the word BID and the amount you wish to bid in cents to the numbers shown. You will receive a reply SMS notifying you of the status of your bid. There are four possible id status notifications

Unique and lowest bid
Unique but not lowest bid
Not a unique bid
An error bid

You may receive a free subsequent SMS notifying you if your bid status changes at any time. You can bid as many times as you like. Successful bidders will be notified by phone at the end of the auction (31/12/2008)

Example: If you wish to bid Eleven dollars and Sixty Seven cents ($11.67) then SMS BID 1167.

Visit for t & c


Take 5 is giving you more chances to win with our new interactive competition. BEAT THE CLOCK. You could score more entries into the draw to win fabulous prizes if you can beat the clock. This week we’re giving away A 48cm NEC television with built in DVD player worth $899. Get on the phone now to improve your odds of winning.


CALL 1900 921 228

Leaving your name, address and daytime phone number when prompted. Then stay on the line for the clock to start counting. Press # before the alarm on the clock rings. If you beat the clock, you have scored the number of entries as advised on the line. If the clock beats you, you will receive one entry into the draw.