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*Hyundai/Win 1 of 20 TRIPOD CDs.*
WOL, Entry: E, Freq: Once Only, Prize pool: $1, Ended 23/01

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ilazarus - 23-12-2008 @ 08:01 AM

Scod, Yon and Gatesy are TRIPOD one of the most popular and prolific comedy acts working in Australia today.

Their new album, For The Love Of God!, is a comedic spin on the stories of Christmas. All through this album is the nostalgia of Christmas records from the 50s, 60s and 70s all sorts of lush instrumentation including string quartets, swinging horns, phil spector-meets-beach boys sound, right up to full orchestral arrangements. This is a musical feast.

h-news subscribers can win 1 of 20 TRIPOD CDs simply by telling us which Hyundai model they like and why in 25 words or less. Please enter competition by emailing us @ by 23 January 2009.

Marghambly - 22-1-2009 @ 03:50 AM

Does anyone know the answer to this one. Which model they like please!

buffy13 - 22-1-2009 @ 07:25 AM

no idea, being trying to find out myself, no luck

Sands - 22-1-2009 @ 09:10 AM

I could be wrong (not slept in 3 days and feeling rather :o)

but by 'they' I think they mean us....not them

if you know what I mean

Marghambly - 23-1-2009 @ 06:15 AM

lol okay well I guess we could try that.