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*Nova1069 Simon Says*
QLD, Entry: W S, Freq: Daily, Prize pool: $18,000, Ended 23/01

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kelster200460 - 2-1-2009 @ 08:49 AM

Entry was at:
Rules were at:
Results were to be published: 23/01/09

During the Competition Period, announcements will air encouraging
listeners to either:
- SMS their name and suburb to 1998 1069, or
- visit the Station Website and fully complete the online registration form.
SMS entrants will receive an SMS bounceback containing a daily quote
from Simon Cowell.
Station website entrants will be shown an entry confirmation page on
the website which contains a daily quote from Simon Cowell.
At various times during the competition period, an entrant will be chosen
via random electronic draw to participate in the promotion. The chosen
entrant will be called by the promoter on air. If the selected entrant
answers the phone call with the current daily quote from Simon Cowell
they will be awarded the hourly prize.
To be deemed a winner of the hourly prize, the first words spoken by the
caller, whether live or via answering machine / recorded message must
be the correct and current Simon Cowell quote for that timing as
nominated by the promoter

There are up to 90 hourly prizes to be won, as follows:
Prize: $200.00 AUD cash