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*ThreeDworld(MR Free)(WOL)-Win Crazy P Double-Passes(Ends 29/01/09)*
WOL, Entry: W, Freq: Other, Ended 29/01

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Dobbo - 27-1-2009 @ 06:56 AM

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(WOL) To win, answer the following:

Tell us which incendiary moniker the group has abbreviated to make Crazy P?

Crazy P have made a name for themselves peddling a unique brand of disco to get the heart racing and feet moving. If you havenít seen the UK outfit play live, you really donít know what youíre missing, and hereís your chance to find out. As well as playing Playground Weekender, Crazy P will be delighting audiences at the Forum on Thursday 29 January, where no doubt theyíll be showing off sounds from their latest album Stop Space Return. We have two double-passes to the show.

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