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WOL, Entry: W, Freq: Once Only, Ended 25/02

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ashke - 11-2-2009 @ 09:37 PM

Entry was at:

WIN an amazing The International prize pack, thanks to Sony Pictures and Reading Cinemas!!!

The International is an edge–of–your–seat action thriller that centres on the determination of Interpol Agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) and Manhattan Assistant District Attorny Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) to bring to justice one of the world‘s most powerful banks.

For your chance to WIN an amazing The International prize pack valued at over $100, please tell us in which international city you would most like to have an action-packed adventure and why?

petrie46 - 11-2-2009 @ 11:21 PM

Here's another for all;
Last Chance Harvey

12 February 2009 ~ 25 February 2009

WIN a fantastic Last Chance Harvey prize pack, thanks to Icon Film Distribution and Reading Cinemas!

Nominated for 2 Golden Globe awards, Last Chance Harvey tells the story of Harvey Shine (Dustin Hoffman), who is in London for his daughter's wedding, and suddenly finds his romantic spirits lifted by a new woman in his life...

For your chance to WIN a fantastic Last Chance Harvey prize pack, including a delicate glass tea pot and two tins of delicious tea, please tell us who plays the female lead role in this film?
Emma Thompson

log in required

have edited top it is opened to all states who have that one showing at their reading cinema

EDit please note that this comp is only in some states and not all

ashke - 11-2-2009 @ 11:56 PM

hmm the second comp isn't on the SA site :(

Sands - 12-2-2009 @ 12:09 AM

Thankyou for the comps ashke and petrie46

kathkerry - 12-2-2009 @ 08:21 AM

Thanks ashke :)

pinkyeeyore - 12-2-2009 @ 11:28 AM

Thank you.

Anna31 - 18-2-2009 @ 06:15 AM

Thank you ladies!!

sundance28 - 18-2-2009 @ 06:42 AM

thank you



miss_cheviuz - 24-2-2009 @ 12:22 PM

Just letting everyone know that if you aren't already a member, you will have to wait until you receive your membership card before you can log in.