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NSW, Entry: W, Freq: Once Only, Prize pool: $1, Ended 27/03

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Sands - 16-3-2009 @ 10:56 PM

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Truth Of The World: Welcome To The Show

Itís so refreshing to see the return of the concept album. Truth Of The World is an ambitious venture by Aussie rockers Evermore that takes inspiration from trashy media and political propaganda. This new bold new sound for the boys plays out like a rock opera and the synthesised rock/electronic/anthemic sound is sure to draw in new fans. Piano-driven Tonight On The Show as well as the confidently synth-rock Between The Lines are outstandingly impressive. Album out Friday March 20

Name one of the tracks on Evermoreís new album

langod - 17-3-2009 @ 12:43 AM

Track listings:

1. Plugged In
2. Tonight on the Show (Truth of the World pt.1)
3. Between the Lines
4. "Max is Stable"
5. Hey Boys and Girls (Truth of the World pt.2)
6. The Lonely Ones
7. Girl with the World on Her Shoulders
8. Front Page Story / Diamonds in the River
9. Infotainmentology (Truth of the World pt.3)
10. Join The Party
11. Everybody's Doing It
12. Chemical Miracle / Faster
13. Can You Hear Me?