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*FOXFM Win a Body 360 Total Body Experience*
VIC, Entry: W, Freq: Daily, Prize pool: $3,000, Ended 30/03

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dirtydi - 13-3-2009 @ 01:30 AM

Entry was at:
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Results were to be published: 30/03/09

Win a Body 360 Total Body Experience

Win a Body 360
Total Body Experience
Body 360 have endless treatments to restore your body's health and balance - from Massage to Cryotherapy and Teeth Whitening to Detoxes.

They have a range of holistic health and wellbeing treatments designed to complement your body's needs.

For your chance to win one of three Body 360 'Total Body Experiences' valued at $1,000 each simply register your details below.

Contact Body 360 on 9553 2677 to find out how you can be all you can.

tarzwal - 14-3-2009 @ 11:06 PM

If you read the terms you'll find this is once only

5.4 Unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions, no person may enter this contest more than
and persons may not enter or participate in it on behalf of any third party.

Can someone change the frequency please