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*Namoi Photographic Competition 2008-2009 -CLOSES 4.00PM*
NSW, Entry: M, Freq: Other, Ended 31/03

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The Namoi Catchment Management Authority is conducting its fi rst Photo Competition in the
Namoi catchment and the theme is Forests, Fur, Fins and Feathers in the Namoi.
What does the theme mean?

The environmental theme Forests, Feathers, Fur and Fins is encouraging people to research biodiversity by studying their local environments to learn about the diversity of native plants and animals in the Namoi Catchment.

What will the judges be looking for?
The judging panel will be looking for images that have been captured in the Namoi Catchment no earlier than January 2008. Images should capture Forests, Fur, Fins and Feathers in any form,with people, landscapes, places, or in habitats

1. Entries close at 4pm on Tuesday 31 March 2009. No entries will be accepted after this date or time.

2. Entries should be addressed and posted to; Photographic Competition, Namoi Catchment Management
Authority, PO Box 546, Gunnedah NSW 2380

3. An entry form must be completed and signed.

4. Prints must be 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15cm). No exceptions. Negatives of photographs may be required to allow
enlargement to display size. The entrant should sign the declaration on the entry form to confirm that the negative is available and will be made available to the Namoi Catchment Management Authority should they require it for enlargement purposes. All digital images must be printed on photo quality paper and be accompanied by an electronic version.

5. An electronic version of your photographs may be submitted, however they must be supplied on a CD that is
clearly marked with the entrants name and contact details that are on the associated entry form. Do not email

6. Subject matter is restricted to the locality of the Namoi Catchment and should address the theme of this year’s
competition - Fur, Fins and Feathers in the Namoi. Competition categories are as follows:

A. Open Colour
Entries in this category are open to any age. The photograph must be printed in full colour.

B. Open Black & White
Entries in this category are open to any age. The photograph must be printed in black & white only.
Any colour in the photograph will deem it to be not black & white and the photograph will therefore
not be judged.

C. Secondary Student (Colour or Black & White)
Entries in this category must be in a class or grade from 7 to 12. The photograph can be either colour or black & white.

D. Primary Student (Colour or Black & White)
Entries in this category must be in a class or grade from Kindergarten to 6. The photograph can be
either colour or black & white.

E. Professional (Colour or Black & White)Entries in this category must be classed as a professional. The photograph can be either colour or black & white.

7. Photographs should have been taken no earlier than January 2008, must be unpublished and should not have
won any other competition open to the general public. Entries are unlimited. Entries will not be returned.
Please keep a copy of your entry.

8. Each photograph must bear the entrant’s name, address, contact telephone numbers, location and approximate date of the photograph and the category it is entered into. These details must be clearly written onto a sticker such as an address label and stuck to the back of the photograph. Writing directly onto the back of the photograph can detract from the image.

9. The copyright of each entry submitted remains with the photographers, however, the Namoi Catchment
Management Authority reserves the right to use any entry for promotional purposes or for reproduction in

10. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The judges are made up of two
members of the public and Two staff members of Namoi CMA. Notification of winners will be sent by mail.
Prizes will be awarded to the winners and second place. Winners will receive $250 and second place $50.

11. By entering this competition all Professional entrants agree to complete an Australian Tax Office “Suppliers”
declaration form. This form acknowledges the receipt of the prize money and is required for Namoi Catchment
Management Authority finance keeping records.

12. The Fur, Fins and Feathers in the Namoi Photographic Competition 2008-2009 is open to all interested persons
except judges of the competition or Namoi CMA staff.

13. Professional photographers, for the purpose of this competition, are deemed to be:
�� A person who has an active Australian Business Number, and the main stream of business for the ABN
is photography; and/or
�� A person who promotes themselves as a professional photographer (e.g. has business cards and/or
advertises their services).