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*[CLOSED] PRIMPED. Win 1of 8 Michael Kors Fragrances*
Entry: W, Freq: Once Only, Ended 01/04

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crazeecook45 - 18-3-2009 @ 12:46 AM

Entry was at:
Rules were at:

Michael Kors Fragrance is Island Bermuda

MR(free) just enter deets:)

Sands - 18-3-2009 @ 06:21 AM


clackers3021 - 18-3-2009 @ 11:51 AM

Thanks for the post Crazee
Ive got a friends birthday coming up

Is anybody else having probs with the Primp site
It wont allow me to enter my phone no or contact them.
Even though Im logged in
Thanks in advance

Good luck all who enter

keno16 - 31-3-2009 @ 10:24 AM

I just logged in and entered now no probs

I just love those little msgs that pop up on this site like

"you are gonna win you know you just have that winning feeling about you"

or a msg something like that

CODY GIRL - 1-4-2009 @ 12:21 AM


seadust - 1-4-2009 @ 05:57 AM