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*B105 - Labby, Camilla & Stav's Tweet-Up Party*
Entry: W, Freq: Unlimited, Ended 02/04

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pinkyeeyore - 29-3-2009 @ 07:36 AM

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Results were to be published: 02/04/09

Labby, Camilla & Stav welcome back a Brisbane tradition... To celebrate The Victory Hotel being rebuilt, Labby, Camilla & Stav are hosting a "Tweet-Up" this Friday night at Brisbane's favourite meeting place.

If you already follow Labby, Camilla & Stav on Twitter, just enter your details below. If not just follow the link to Twitter to sign up. We'll select our Twitter followers at random and they will win exclusive tickets to the Tweet-Up! We're rolling out the red carpet with food, drinks and entertainment… Labby, Camilla & Stav's Tweet-Up this Friday night at the Victory Hotel, Brisbane's favourite meeting place.
Sign up on Twitter now for your chance to win and keep listening to Labby, Camilla & Stav!