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Tips for brand new members by Polarbird (and others)

posted 21-6-2003 @ 12:01 AM www
Tips for brand new members by Polarbird (and others)

The most useful thing to do is to ask all of your friends to keep all of the packets/cans of food they use for you. You will offer to take them off their hands regularly, and steam/ soak/ rip off the labels for the bar codes. I have a friend with a cat who HATES comps, and they keep all their Kit-e-Kat and Whiska's labels for me. These two companies always have more comps coming your way, so you have the barcodes ready for it. Also start to keep a list of barcodes numbers. It is important to differentiate between Coles/ Safeway/ Kmart when you save the barcodes or the barcode numbers, as some comps are 'store specific', not 'product specific' . Certain products ALWAYS have new comps coming in the next few weeks; eg Lipton, Energizer, Edgell (been a while), Lavazza, Mainland, Cadbury, etc. (ie all the things we buy anyway )
posted 25-6-2003 @ 09:36 PM www
Seperating Barcodes

I thought the barcodes were the same no matter which store you bought them from? Are they different for each store ? Or is it that they may not carry the same ranges ?
posted 26-6-2003 @ 06:34 PM www
Tips for New Compers 2 (and answer)

Barcodes are SOMETIMES the same for all stores, but not always . For example; the recent Heinz comp for the Land Rover ; I had a great store of barcodes, and also went out and stockpiled a lot of Heinz cans. The numbers from the different stores for the SAME exact beans; eg "Heinz Baked Beans, Salt reduced , 420 g" , had very different 'last 4 digits' ., so therefore not a valid entry when it says ' collect b/c from heinz products 'from Safeway'. Some comps are Product specific only ; and say ; eg the Penfolds promotion recently; it does not matter where the Penfold's was bought; just having a lable from any Penfolds is enough . There is a lot to learn, and this is one of the important ones. I have never started the 'master list of barcodes' that some compers make; where they collate, and store thousands of b/c numbers; and each saying what store, what product, etc. I am happy to get a bit of exercise, and go for a walk to the store.
posted 26-6-2003 @ 06:40 PM www
Tips for new Compers 3

Regarding barcodes again. There are changes in the barcodes from some manufacturers , as they improve/ modify their product; (eg a new additive), or new colour can-wrap (eg with Heinz baked beans) . Also some very smart companies even have a different barcode 'for the period of the competition' ; or a strike of colour thru the barcode; such as the Nescafe (Office-Sized) cans recently. We will keep thinking of ways around these 'tricks' , but sometimes all you can do is to go out and actually BUY the product; especially when you neded it anyway !!:cool:
posted 26-6-2003 @ 06:45 PM www

Originally posted by PolarBird
Regarding barcodes again. There are changes in the barcodes from some manufacturers , as they improve/ modify their product; (eg a new additive), or new colour can-wrap (eg with Heinz baked beans) . Also some very smart companies even have a different barcode 'for the period of the competition' ; or a strike of colour thru the barcode; such as the Nescafe (Office-Sized) cans recently. We will keep thinking of ways around these 'tricks' , but sometimes all you can do is to go out and actually BUY the product; especially when you neded it anyway !!:cool:

Damn... BUYing the product. That's a novel idea innit? hehe. :):P
posted 26-6-2003 @ 06:54 PM www
Tips For New Compers 4

When doing 25 wol ('words or less';) competitions ; don't think that your verse is 'not clever enough' ; just look at some of the big winners in the past; 'Coke adds life' , "LG ; Life's Good ", Nike ; Just do it, etc .:cool:
posted 27-6-2003 @ 12:54 AM www

Thanks for those tips. Am really only just getting into this and these tips are handy.:o
posted 28-6-2003 @ 10:50 PM www
Tips for new compers 5

It is statistically better to have a few entries in many comps, than lots in one comp. It is also worth spending the minimum on say (a lotto) as well occasionally. Large expenditures on say (lotto) does not increase your odds much , but a lot of entries in many comps gives you independant chances. There have been books written about stats, etc, but it is worth the odd chance of winning (lotto); as one big win sorts you out for life. Trouble is statistics say that people who can ill afford to spend money on anything but food, and basics are actually spending a lot on lottos. We at "" have a good ratio of wins to attempts :)
posted 29-6-2003 @ 02:05 PM www
Tips for new compers #6

Watch for unused (ie unfranked) stamps on incoming mail; or ask a friend who has a business to give you all their incoming mail envelopes . At my previous work place I got $20 a week of stamps this way ;ie stamps that the franking machine misses. Also ; use different sized envelopes in the same comp; in case the sorting method favours a certain size envelope. Also; do go in for comps with small prizes; eg $50; as a lot of people only go for the 'big ones' . PB
posted 29-6-2003 @ 02:44 PM www

Thanks PolarBird for the ideas - thought I'd add what I have learned too!

Keep copies of Terms and Conditions - always helpful if you win and need to check particulars of prize or contact promoter.
posted 4-7-2003 @ 09:54 AM www
Tips for new compers #7

When you shop ; go to a different supermarket each time; that way (apart from getting each store's 'specials';) you will see new comps. I have learned to be able to scan a whole aisle ; R & L on auto pilot looking for entry forms, the word 'win' on packets, etc . Even go to areas where you don't 'need' something; eg; don't have a dog; well still go to that aisle; and collect a few entry forms; and send them to the forum to share them, or else give them to friends if they have a dog; and then they may keep other b/c's (barcodes) for you in return; eg EVERYONE has some Lipton's , or Heinz, or Edgell in their cupboard. PB :cool:
posted 4-7-2003 @ 10:05 AM www
Auto Pilot


Your tips are EXCELLENT! When is the PB book of Comping Tips being published?!

Wanted to say..."Winter" must play havoc with your Auto Pilot Scanning system.

It does with me...I just can't wait till spring:o
Thanks for sharing your tips with us all.

posted 4-7-2003 @ 12:11 PM www
Thanks mlp

Thanks for the encouragement. I will keep putting new tips up; as they are for the newbies. I like to tell them things that we all forget are actually things not known to the world out there of "non-compers", it needs to learnt in stages. I have been comping on and off for 20 years, and funnily enough, my best win EVER is the $1300 BBQ I won this week.
posted 5-7-2003 @ 11:19 PM www
Look at , and learn from what other winners have done !!

Look at any advice from "sandy1"; he has posted a reply to a thread of mine today re 'What friends, and family think of your comping ', in which he admits to winning $120,000 of prizes in 2 years; now HE is worth learning from !!
posted 5-7-2003 @ 11:26 PM www

If you have to email an entry to a competition, Start it off in a polite manner and thank them for the opportunity of entering. I have won many Competitions by doing just so.

Good Luck :)

Louised :)
posted 5-7-2003 @ 11:46 PM www

i know this may sound a bit silly, but for work i have to carry a handheld recorder around (a notebook woud be just as effective). I have started to use this to record any ideas that pop into my head ie for 25worders. I also have a notebook next to my bed to record any ideas or any "comp" related things i have to remember. lol was just a thought, you just never know when an idea is going to strike you, and if youre like me its usually at 2am or when driving.
posted 6-7-2003 @ 08:27 AM www
Thanks for replies.

Yes, I do write politely louised. I also , when doing a 1900; say 'thanks for this opportunity' I also like to email/ write a thanks if they have an address to reply to.
posted 6-7-2003 @ 08:39 PM www

Thanks for all the tips, I've been comping for a few years now but I've learnt a lot more now.......You can teach a dog new tricks.
posted 11-7-2003 @ 10:05 AM www
Tips for new compers #8

Don't be shy to ask (say at the liquor store) ; "Can I have one of those boxes for my shopping ?". The real reason; it is a box which had a slab of Carlton beer in it, and there is a comp going which needs THAT barcode. I won a fridge this way !!.
posted 11-7-2003 @ 10:09 AM www
Tips for new compers #9

Getting labels off; either warm water, hot water, (say boiling away in a saucepan) , cutting out from a plastic bottle; ie leave b/c attached to the plastic bottle it is in, or use a product such as "UN-DO", available from supermarkets. ( )This stuff really works, use it ; as some barcodes do not survive being boiled off.
posted 28-7-2003 @ 02:17 PM www

Thanks for all the tips Polarbird, I'm sure everyones chance of winning have increased by reading these gret tips.
posted 29-9-2003 @ 11:03 PM www
Tips for new comper #10

Men should not be too shy to go in for 'girlie' comps; such as on the 'girlie' mags web sites (eg Girlfriend, and Women's Day), ; they do have a choice of male/female on the entry forms !!. Don't pretend to be female though ; it may end up backfiring in the end !:o
posted 3-10-2003 @ 09:33 AM www

Thanks for these tips i have a stack of questions. How often do you all spend on line entering comps? Do you think that the online comps are as easy to win as supermarket comps?
Do I have just as much a chance entering lots of comps only once? Should I be entering comps every day to win or is just spending a couple hours a week as good?
Thanks Polly!
posted 3-10-2003 @ 01:29 PM www

Thank you for all these gr8 tips - hopefully my chances of winning the prizes I want are increased now ;):D:D:D
posted 3-10-2003 @ 01:38 PM www

All I can tell you is that I enter the competitions that interest me and I enter as many times as I can for some - others I only enter once
My Motto has become ... You have to be in it to win it ;) and its true :)
Having a demanding job and house/family I don't get alot of time for comping But I make sure when I get the chance I take it ;):P:P
Good Luck to you Pollylou hopefully we will see you in the winners circle posting your latest win very soon :D:D:D
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