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Tips for brand new members by Polarbird (and others)

posted 3-10-2003 @ 01:42 PM www
Comment and 1 more tip

Just wanted to agree on the many entries in one comp. I have friends who have entered competitions with like 50 entries and not won a thing whereas those who entered like 4 times were successful. I too have won on many occasions just from one entry whether it be phone or snail mail.

Also wanted to comment about sms competitions. There are currently a few deals like at Crazy Johns for mobile phones on a $30 a month 2 year contract that are offering free sms`s up to 100 per day in the nights. I got a similar deal last year from Telstra and entered a Video Hits sms competition and won the $7000 first prize of a home entertainment system. I had to laugh as it was my first ever major prize and I thought she was calling to say I won a prize not the major prize:D
posted 3-10-2003 @ 09:33 PM www

Thanks Wenchy, my life is fairly demanding so I don't get alot of time to muck around with comps but I am giving it a go and hopefully something nice will happen for me.
posted 3-10-2003 @ 10:03 PM www

Try not put your personal details on the forum, and do not submit your entry on the forum, click the blue link in the original post to submit your entry and details.
posted 6-11-2003 @ 11:39 PM www
Tips for new compers #11

Remember what you are entering the comps for. For most of us its getting that surprize package from the morning courier; even if it isn't a $1000 one. Never spend so much (eg look at the mobile phone bills a few of our clan have been receiving lately ) that you are getting stressed. Ideally you at least break even financially. Enter free comps as much as possible. People (including me ) really do win on internet comps. Get someone else to tell you what is a sensible SMS / 1900 cost limit per month, and STICK to it. Comping is good clean fun, and so don't let comping be added to the other stressors in our modern complex lives.
posted 9-11-2003 @ 03:56 PM www

Oh I am oh so new to this, but gee you guys and your tips are just oh so helpful!

Cheers folks:D
posted 17-11-2003 @ 10:08 PM www
Tips for new compers #12

For 1900 comps. don't lose sight of the cost of the calls; (see other posts on this topic; people with $1000 phone bills in 2 months ) . Also; 1900 calls are sometimes a LOT cheaper on a MOBILE phone . Some of mine are 25c. When calling up for a 1900 comp; state your name clearly, but quickly; and include your phone number first, as some recordings cut off in too short a time to get all your details down. :D
posted 6-12-2003 @ 11:33 AM www
Barcode Trick

This is what i do....sometimes. When i need a barcode number in an emergency instead of buying the product i just make sure no one around then i start to copy down the barcode number! LOL :P
posted 6-12-2003 @ 12:10 PM www

Originally posted by chokoholic
This is what i do....sometimes. When i need a barcode number in an emergency instead of buying the product i just make sure no one around then i start to copy down the barcode number! LOL :P

That could be bad if you need proof of purchase or the actual barcode from the product.
The best way is to be safe and buy it,
worst case scenario you could win and may not be able to claim it, if they are strict with their rules.
posted 12-12-2003 @ 01:51 PM www
Tips for new compers #13

Go to Candice's post (in this 'Tips' section) dated 13/10/03 ; she has put down dozens of regular internet sites that have comps. Go to each of these www sites , and register, (and look for all the comps that will be sent your way), or that you find when registering , PB
posted 16-12-2003 @ 09:11 PM www

Originally posted by sezza
Originally posted by chokoholic
This is what i do....sometimes. When i need a barcode number in an emergency instead of buying the product i just make sure no one around then i start to copy down the barcode number! LOL :P

That could be bad if you need proof of purchase or the actual barcode from the product.
The best way is to be safe and buy it,
worst case scenario you could win and may not be able to claim it, if they are strict with their rules.

Yeah, true! But, luck is never on my side when it comes to competition that involves luck not the 25 words or less!!

What if you say...u lost your proof of purchase? Do you think they'll still take the prize away from you!
posted 6-1-2004 @ 04:11 PM www

The most important tip to remember:

Enter everything you can find!!!!!

One entry in lots of comps is much better odds that lots of entries in the one comps.... don't put all your eggs in one basket - that kind of thing!
posted 7-1-2004 @ 08:34 AM www

The companies are tightening up on their comps these days I've found.

You have to purchase the product during the promotional period and have the receipt handy if you win the major prize.

I used to keep a lot of my barcodes but it is rare now that I am able to use them.

A lot of the products now also have a comp token or details on them and most of the time you have to send in the promotional barcode so these days it is best to purchase the product for the individual comp.

As some of the members have said, the barcodes are specific to some supermarkets and the companies can trace them back to which store, suburb, etc.
posted 18-1-2004 @ 12:34 AM www
Tips for new compers #14

When buying at the bottle shop, with the intention to enter a comp that requires a '4 pack' or a '6 pack' to be purchased , the following is legal, and morally OK; you can buy 2 cans, and keep the packaging for the 4 pack with the 2 cans that you buy. Only a small % of people buying alcohol even notice that there IS a comp; so no-one is being disadvantaged.
posted 18-1-2004 @ 12:49 AM www

These are great tips, PolarBird, especially re the barcodes. Thank you :):)

Here's my tip (which some might find useful): To get labels off plastic bottles, a fan heater (in winter) does the trick - just direct it towards the glued strip and the labels peel off easy without getting torn. I guess a hairdryer would work just as well:)
posted 18-1-2004 @ 10:09 AM www

I always think it is best to just buy the product. Quite often competitions request a receipt as proof of purchase, and some barcordes are specially made for competitions. It would be terrible to win a competition and then be deemed ineligible to win - so if you buy the product and keep the receipt and barcode then you have nothing to worry about if you win. :)
posted 2-2-2004 @ 09:57 PM www

I have been comping haphazardly for a couple of years. Oddly enough I have won a bit on the extreme odds of number picking, and very little through store comps etc. But I think this was a freak of comping nature, enjoyed my luck and moved back the less expensive method of entry forms.:)
posted 21-2-2004 @ 11:44 PM www
Tips for new compers #15

Re; mail-in competitions. What does seem to matter is; make the writing legible, write your return address on the back of the envelope; but not in the middle of the back. Other compers on this site have posted how their letters have been returned due to the automatic address-reading machines that Australia Post now use reading the return address as if it is the 'TO" address. So write small, and in one corner of the back of the envelope. What does not seem to help is what size, colour or type of envelope you use; just use the standard Post recommended envelope; that way it gets read properly, sent and delivered properly. Competitions are governed by rules, and a big red envelope is less likely to win than a standard one. To do my bit to save our trees I personally re-use envelopes; but sticking white paper sticky labels over the previous incoming address; and apply a new stamp.
posted 22-2-2004 @ 05:44 PM www
some great advice

read read read and learn, there are some fantastic people with awesome ideas on lottos , im pretty new and learning the ropes but its great fun, i especially liked polarbirds idea of buying just 2 cans of beer out of a 6 pack and keep the packing, i loved the term legally fair and morally o.k, i just hope he doesnt shop near me:D:D good luck everyone
posted 26-2-2004 @ 04:54 PM www

I was hunting for a compact folder to fit all my forms in then realised I had the very thing at home right under my nose!

Buy a mini photo album which is compact enough to fit into most handbags. It's the kind that fits one photo each page.

It's the perfect size for the supermarket comp forms and I keep the store receipt plus any bar codes behind the form so I know exactly where everything is.

I file them in order of when the expiry date is so I know which is the most 'urgent' grocery item I need to buy next.

When I'm at the supermarket and need to refer to the rules or exact product item I have all the details at my fingertips.

There's usually room to keep the small business sized envelopes and postage stamps as well.

Happy comping everyone.


posted 27-2-2004 @ 07:41 AM www
Wish I was so organised NTChick !

posted 27-2-2004 @ 09:49 AM www

That is a really good idea NTChick ! :):)

Also, re reusing envelopes, postpaks, etc. The post office has labels with space for the 'TO' and 'FROM' addresses and the postcode squares. They are quite big (but would fit on a standard envelope) so they are good for covering everything up and starting again. Oh, and they are free so that's always a bonus !
posted 27-2-2004 @ 12:17 PM www

I meant to add that once I have entered the comp I draw a diagonal line in black texta across the form so I know at a glance whether I have entered it or not.

I then leave it in date order until the comp winners are announced before chucking it out.

I also found it handy this morning when I was in Coles about to buy a product then realised it might have been something I had to buy from Woollies. A quick look revealed it was definitely a Woollies thing so I'll leave it 'til later.
posted 29-2-2004 @ 12:21 AM www
Very clever feed link reded !!

posted 29-2-2004 @ 01:48 PM www
Tips for new compers #16

When you buy food at supermarkets, use a biro to mark a 'c' on Coles barcodes, and a 's' on Safeway barcodes, etc . Later on, if a comp needs a barcode, you need to know if you have the correct store, as barcode numbers for the same product may vary in different stores. Some comps need only a 'last 4 digits' SMS'd in. You can even do this FROM the store; that way if you get an instant win; you will definitely go and buy the product. I'm sure all of us have entered comps without buying the product. EG; seeing a good 1900 comp in a magazine at the dentist's (a dentist who has new mags that is; like my dentist !).
posted 1-3-2004 @ 01:24 PM www

What a brillant idea NTChick. I offen wonder what i would do if i ever got ask for my receipt. Don't get me wrong, i keep all of them but it would take me forever and a day to find the one they are after as i have no fileing system for them.....abrown paper bag thats it.I believe i have one of cute we albums you were taking about in my cupborad too.
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