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Tips for brand new members by Polarbird (and others)

posted 17-9-2005 @ 01:45 AM www
Thanks newbies.

The real secret of 'lottos' is the comradery. A lot of winners elsewhere are still unhappy. But 'winners in good company' are truely lucky !
posted 27-12-2005 @ 07:23 PM www

Thanks for all your tips keep them coming please. Newbee:P
posted 28-12-2005 @ 10:37 PM www
thanks ever so much

when i joined a few days ago i had absolutely no idea what i was in for LOL, i thought there would be a few comps here and there and that was that.

well... i am amazed! not only by the sheer number of comps listed here but moreso by the incredible support give to us newbies!

you guys are amazing, thank you so much, even if i would never win anything that i get home delivered i have won a lot of insights and a great new experience!

thanks to everyone for making this such a great site and good luck!


posted 28-1-2006 @ 07:56 PM www

Hi :) Hey I'm new at this ! But guess what I was in a comp and I won second prize now I have found out the monetary value of 5,ooo bukky roonies it was worth it is not.
Hey what do I do?
Is that illegal or what

Thanx for all your help
posted 28-1-2006 @ 08:00 PM www

:) This site is so cool

posted 2-3-2006 @ 10:29 PM www

Thank you so much everyone. This is fantastic. I have only been a member for 2 days and I think Im addicted!! I cant wait to get back on and learn more.

I was an average comper out in the real world before this and was about to give up because I never won anything and then I found you guys! yay!

What sort of competition do you think is easier to win? I thought that the harder the things to do ie 25wol or snail mail and barcodes might be because less normal people (LOL!) could be bothered.

I think I'll get to know the site a bit more before I post any comps. Im sure you'll all know about them long b4 I will.

Thanks again.
posted 7-3-2006 @ 10:35 PM www
A Tip From One Newbie to Other Newbies!

When getting answers for magazine puzzles... eg: That's Life or Take 5.... if you are not sure if the answer is correct.... just google.... especially for a famous names/places ! ;)
posted 8-3-2006 @ 10:28 AM www

I would like to thank you all. Especially the long time compers. I Think I am starting to get the hang of this.
Still not quite sure about storing barcodes ?
Again thank you
posted 13-3-2006 @ 12:57 PM www

regarding barcodes
I am new to all this, though recently won a $2500 trip.
don't you have to produce either the barcode or the reciept in most comps....if so then why are compers collecting master lists of barcodes? forgive my stupidity, as I said, just joined and am new to this.
posted 25-5-2006 @ 02:00 AM www
Tips for new compers # 22

There is a 'new' product that actually works (better than anything I have found previously ) for getting labels off products , and it is called 'Solvit', one of those citrus based products; leave on the label for an hour or so; even gets those Heinz neck of tomatoe sauce barcodes off.
posted 30-5-2006 @ 09:14 AM www

Thanks for all the tips! :)

One of the things I do is make a list every few days or so and make note of all the products that have competitions attached to them. I also list what store is running the promo i.e coles, safeway, Big W or necktag (anywhere). I also mark down whether or not I need to buy 1 or 2 products or if the item has a specially marked label.

I cross off and add to my list as the week goes on.

posted 10-9-2006 @ 02:13 PM www

Thanks for the tip about Undo. Polarbird. Have been having a bit of trouble with some labels so will buy some tomorrow.
posted 26-4-2007 @ 09:55 PM www

I think I joined not even 40 minutes ago....and although I have little experience I might just put in my 2 cents of what I think may be some helpful advice for other newbies like me...may be good or may be bad *shrugs*.
Try to set aside some time in your schedule for shows that often have lots of comps every week. Like VideoHits for example, even if you cant watch it each week at least sign up at there website, same for other shows (especially music ones!)
Not that it really classifies as a comp, but i remember doing the old coke phone compitions, as much as i love coke I knew I wasnt going to be able to drink 15 600ml bottles anytime soon. So remember to ask friends, family and others for any products which may be running comps at the time (I also think one of the labels was from a empty bottle I found on the street xD)
Know which comps are worth it on the net....i may be completly wrong or completly stupid but alot of advertised compitions you see on other sites arnt genuine or arnt worth the bother...I have attempted a few but for what its worth Its not worth the effort if its not genuine. After reading through the T and C once i discovered an interesting point, that they have to right to refuse to give out the prize for any reason at any interesting flaw in a supposedly valid contract
So yeah....these points may have been mentioned before but I hope this helps a lil. And I hope im not to off the track >.<
posted 26-4-2007 @ 10:29 PM www

thanks polarbird and others for your input!
All of my friends know that im fully into freebies and stuff... but i pity them for what they're missing out on!:P;)
Good luck everyone with your comps (and peeling lables off too!)
posted 26-4-2007 @ 10:34 PM www

Hehe good for you! Good to see some of the people who have joined up recently posting like me ^^

Oh yeah I forgot to say in last post, thanks for all the tips everyone else mentioned...definatly gonna be using them in any future entries
posted 29-4-2007 @ 02:09 PM www
Unfranked stamps

Polarbirds idea on unfranked stamps that have been missed by the machine is a good idea, but just be careful as it IS fraud and if u get caught it can cost you hundreds more than you saved.
I know this because I have done it once before and was sternly warned by the lady at the post office.
posted 2-5-2007 @ 07:40 PM www

Thanks for the tips guys.....Here goes!!
posted 4-5-2007 @ 09:02 PM www

Is having the barcode enough for proof of purchase or do you need receipt as well?
posted 4-5-2007 @ 09:13 PM www

Where is Polarbird these days?

Or am I missing another name change...duh!
posted 4-5-2007 @ 09:37 PM www

Think he's still alive and well, but just taking a backseat for a while.

posted 4-5-2007 @ 09:40 PM www

Aren't we all...:)
posted 22-5-2007 @ 11:08 AM www
Thanks for the help

Thanks for the help i am having a lot of trobble finding my way around and this helps alot so thanks every one
posted 17-6-2007 @ 08:34 PM www

just make fresh start
posted 21-7-2007 @ 08:38 PM www

I'm a big fan of entering online comps and have won some nice smallish prizes (DVDs, books, movie tix) but no biggies yet!

My main sanity with onliners that need you to join as a member of their site to enter comps has been Roboform.

There is no way I'm organised enough to write passwords and user id's down and Roboform helps me keep all of those passwords just a click away from logging in :)

You can get the free version but I recommend buying it as you'll never, ever regret it. You can have unlimited logins stored if you purchase it.

Good luck
posted 20-9-2007 @ 11:27 PM www
Polar Bird is still around.

Just busy working, and looking after 2 kids !! Just built a full size back garden playgym; partly out of second hand wood from when the house was built.
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