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Automatic Form Filler Programs: Roboform, Typeitin & Win Key Sim (+ Mac program suggestions)

posted 25-6-2003 @ 09:08 PM www
Automatic Form Filler Programs: Roboform, Typeitin & Win Key Sim (+ Mac program suggestions)


Has anyone used RoboForm to auto fill in forms online and if so is it worthwhile?
posted 25-6-2003 @ 09:31 PM www


I've only just recently started to use it. It's great with comps like the Big Brother comp, but it won't pick up your details on the HotHits site. Unless someone out there has a hint on how to do this.

posted 26-3-2004 @ 12:24 PM www


Tired of typing the same thing again and again? Try TypeItIn! Quick to download, easy to install, great to use! Comes in a Free and Professional version.

TypeItIn lets you define buttons that will type in any information you want into any application. You can use TypeItIn to fill out forms on the web, or process forms at work. It's a great tool for applications where you frequently type the same thing like creating HTML code or writing standard letters or emails. Another great use is for entering user names and passwords. You can also launch applications or web sites with the click of a button. You can create up to 100 password protected groups, each with up to 120 buttons. TypeItIn can automatically type in the time, date, month, or day of the week too. In addition, you can also Record your own typing to automatically create buttons.
posted 27-3-2004 @ 10:55 AM www


Because of being limited to 30 passwords I ended up buying Roboform the other day. I really think it is worth it as the more comping you do the more sites you join and need passwords for.

I had gotten to the stage where I couldn't fill passwords anymore because of the 30 limit and it was so frustrating having to go back to email or memory to get the info.

Even with MMM I have accounts in different family names so when I log in to each I just click on Listenerpoints1 or Listenerpoints2 etc in Roboform and its automatically filled in.

With the Aussie dollar being stronger these days the $US25 works out to be about $38 or $40

You still can't fill in details on Planet Rock, Hot Hits etc but some sites are specially designed so automatic form fillers can't be used otherwise just think of the number of entries you could put in each time you went there ;)

Anyway in my opinion I really do think it's worth paying for Roboform :)
posted 4-5-2004 @ 11:07 AM www
Auto entry for take40, thehothits & planetrock.

Win Key Sim

I use winkeysim. This program sits in the system tray and you right click on it and select the key set you want to send, then the next click on the screen sends them, so click on the first blank spot in the entry form.

Start it up and it resides in the system tray. Right click on the icon and select Edit Submenus.

In the Submenu List Box click on "NewSub" and edit the name to something like your name. Click on NewItem, name it like Enter and in the box below put in:

["FirstName[tab]LastName[tab]Birth_day[tab]Birth_month[tab]Birth_year[tab]Street _number_name[tab]Suburb[tab]postcode[tab]phone[tab]email_address"]


["Fred[tab]Munster[tab]14[tab]10[tab]1987[tab]666 Mokingbird lane[tab]Munsterville[tab]5069[tab]0212366666[tab]"]

For totaldvd:

["Fred Munster[tab]666 Mockingbird lane Munsterville 5069[tab]0212366666[tab]"]


some caveats

1) it doesn't select male or female :D

2) Sometimes the flash programmers get the entry tabs in a wrong (or unusual) order and it doesn't work properly. This also makes entry by hand hard too... ie first name, birth day date, address etc....


From the read me file:

1) Unzip the archived files into a temporary directory on your hard drive.
2) Execute the setup.exe file from within the temporary directory.
3) Follow the onscreen prompts.
4) Files in temporary directory are no longer needed and may be deleted to conserve space.

Automatic uninstallation is provided via the Add/Remove Programs item in the Control Panel.

System Requirements:
Generally, if you can run Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0 or later, you can run WinKeySim.

Requires Windows 95, 98, or Windows NT 4.0 or later. (Does not run on Windows 3.x.)
Mouse or compatible pointing device required.
4MB free hard drive space.
posted 18-5-2004 @ 03:40 PM www

Win Key Sim

Everytime i use it to fill in, everything gets written under the 'first name' space.

Instead of
First Name: First Name

It would be like this.
First Name: ["FirstName[tab]LastName[tab]Birth_day[tab]Birth_month[tab]Birth_year[tab]Street _number_name[tab]Suburb[tab]postcode[tab]phone[tab]email_address"]
posted 18-5-2004 @ 04:08 PM www

Win Key Sim


My guess is that you have a leading or trailing space in the submenu Item area. Delete them and try again.
posted 10-8-2004 @ 01:53 AM www

Win Key Sim

I think I have downloaded it ok, but it won't work for Take 40

I can get it in the tool bar, and R click on it, and put in all the details (not with 'tab' as it does not do anything, but with 'new item'. ) The details appear vertically in the sub menu list box, but how are they saved ?. 'OK ' does not seem to save them. How do you make it fill the forms ? Thanks for advice. PB
posted 13-8-2004 @ 09:26 AM www

Win Key Sim

I don't really understand your problem PB. So I will cover everything!

Steps to set up winkeysim.

Run Winkeysim then

1. R click on the icon in the system task bar.

2. L click on "Edit Sub Menu"

3. Press "NewSub" button.

4. In the top left box type in the name of the menu ie "Test".

5. Press the "New Item" button.

6. In the top right box type in "Enter"

7. In the large text box at the bottom put in the text ["FirstName[tab]LastName[tab]Birth_day[tab]Birth_month[tab]Birth_year[tab]Street _number_name[tab]Suburb[tab]postcode[tab]phone[tab]email_address"]

8. Click "OK"

9. R click on the icon in the system task bar.

10. L Click on "Save As" and type in the name you want to save this setup as. ie I use comps.


Testing Winkeysim in Notepad..

With Winkeysim running R click on Open and select the previously saved setup.

1. Run Notepad.

2. R click Winkeysim in the system bar.

3. Move the mouse pointer up to "Test" and right or Left to "Enter" and L click on "Enter"

4. L click in the open Notepad and the test should look like:

FirstName LastName Birth_day Birth_month Birth_year treet _number_name Suburb postcode phone email_address

5. Note the [tab] etc should not be seen here if you entered the name address etc in the correct format when you set it up, take particular care in not adding extra spaces and getting the [" at the start and "] at the end.


Using winkeysim in a Take40 comp.

1. Get to the screen where you type in your name and address etc

2. R click Winkeysim in the system bar.

3. Move the mouse pointer up to "Test" and right or Left to "Enter" and L click on "Enter"

4. L Click in the space provided to enter your first name in the Take40 comp. Your name, dob, address, phone & email should automatically type in now.

5. select male or female and enter the comp.


To automatically have winkeysim open your setup each time it starts, create a short cut of it, R click on the shortcut, Properties, Target and type in the name of your file at the end ie

"C:\Program Files\WinKeySim\WinKey.exe" Comps.wky

Just ensure your saved setup is in the same folder as winkeysim.
posted 18-4-2005 @ 04:09 PM www

Win Key Sim

Ok thought I had it going I can get it to work right for Planetrock but not for take40 any suggestions
posted 18-4-2005 @ 05:46 PM www

Win Key Sim

All that winkeysim does is enter the words then a tab to then the next word. It doesn't check for anything like name, address etc.

You need to first enter by hand, using the tab key to move between the entry fields to work out the order of entry.

You use the [tab] to jump over male/female or state drop menus. Although with the state sometimes the first letter of the state will work.

ie the take40 xXx one is:

["FirstName[tab]LastName[tab]birthday[tab]birthmonth[tab]birthyear[tab][tab][tab]address [tab]suburb[tab][tab]postcode[tab]phone[tab]email"]

note the extra [tab]s
posted 18-4-2005 @ 07:51 PM www

Win Key Sim

Its all good I have worked it it bit slow I am, I was hitting tab in between not writing it all good now thanks everyone I feel like such a dumbbo:o
posted 23-5-2005 @ 12:51 PM www

Win Key Sim

When entering your info into winkeysim where is says [tab] you type "[tab]" without quotes not press the tab key

posted 7-7-2005 @ 10:09 AM www

Win Key Sim

For some months now hothits etc have used an alternate entry order and you need to do it this way for some comps (Fantastic Four comp is one) ie



["Herman[tab]Munster[tab]25[tab]12[tab]1970[tab][tab][tab]1313 Mockingbird Lane[tab]Adelaide[tab][tab]5000[tab]0883459900[tab]"]
posted 7-8-2005 @ 09:06 AM www

Win Key Sim

So many comps state that mechanical entries or robotic entries will be disallowed.Where does this program fit into that concept?
posted 7-8-2005 @ 09:36 AM www

Win Key Sim

I think that means a program that enters info and submits your entry repeatedly and rapidly.

Win Key is simply a form filler and does not break these rules. It's just a handy tool for those flash sites where Robo Form, Google form filler, etc, wont work.

posted 16-8-2005 @ 02:41 PM www

Win Key Sim

I'd appreciate some help on using this wonderful little time saver of a program....

The other day I downoaded the program ok..but rather than appearing in my system tray it was in the programs in my start menu. When I clicked on it in the start menu it then appeared in my system tray. I was then able to successfully set up entry forms for Take 40 & planet rock which were working great.

However when I next booted up my pc it had disappeared back off my system tray & only reappeared after I clicked on it in the start menu again....however the entry forms I'd created for Take 40 & Planet Rock are no longer there & need to be recreated.

...Any idea on what I'm doing wrong for them not to be saved? THANK YOU!! :D
posted 16-8-2005 @ 06:08 PM www

Win Key Sim

when you have set up your templates you have to right click and select save as. Save it as something you will remember well. eg hothits or comping
Each time you open your program you will have to right click and select what you have saved so you can use it.
Hope this helps ;)

posted 16-8-2005 @ 08:37 PM www

Win Key Sim

To make it easier to use.

When you save you keys save them in the same folder as winkey.exe, in my example I have called the file "comp-keys". Create a short cut from winkey.exe (right click on it and select create shortcut). Then right click on the short cut and select Properties, then in the Target box add the name of the saved key file (shown in bold) to the end like this.

"C:\Program Files\Mark Ganson\WinKeySim\WinKey.exe" comp-keys.wky

Now when you double click on the short cut your saved key file is automatically loaded.

You can also put the short cut in your Startup folder then the program loads automatically each time you start your PC.


"C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/AUTOEXEC.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose "close" to terminate the application." means that one or more of the following files are missing or damaged: Config.nt, Autoexec.nt or

Microsoft describes the problem and fix here:;en-us;3247...
posted 28-1-2006 @ 01:13 PM www

Auto Fill Forms For Mac

Does anyone know of a similar program to Roboform that will ork on a mac? Roboform is great but only works with Windows:(
posted 28-1-2006 @ 01:28 PM www

Auto Fill Forms For Mac

What about the one that comes with Safari 1.2

Functional forms

What a hassle to always have to type in your personal information when visiting sites with forms and passwords. Safari includes the oft-requested feature automatic form completion. Forms AutoFill completes web forms based on information from your Address Book or previous forms. Let Safari fill in your name, street address, suburb, postcode, email and other information the next time you want to submit information online. Safari also gives you a separate option to automatically enter your accounts and passwords, stored securely in the Mac OS X Keychain.
posted 17-3-2006 @ 11:03 PM www

Auto Fill Forms For Mac

with google toolbar plugin

and your laughin
posted 21-10-2006 @ 01:52 PM www


Help with Roboform or any suggestions?

I saw this thread last night from 2003 and I am wondering if this is still the best suggestion. I have never heard of auto form filers before so I downloaded this program. It seemed to catch all my login and passwords like magic but then on the toolbar it all contains 10 of them, yet it appeared to have them all.

Anyhow I now can login in to lottos automatically without having to type the login and password.

I am wondering what are the best internet sites are best for this?

I went to and am unsure weither I should be saving forms for each comp separately and can this be done with correct answer & just fill & submit auto. I found under interests I did not know how to select to tick the interests. And under Where did you find us? it auto fills with other but under other I wanted and it does this but repeats under interests under other again

I am trying to work out where and how I should use this, if anyone one has any suggests or tips or help I would appreaciate?
posted 21-10-2006 @ 04:30 PM www


Roboform is great, but I only use it for the most used sites (like Lottos). I keep all my comping usernames and passwords the same, so for the excess sites I just use the computer autofill. I use the safe notes in Roboform to save the correct answers for sites such as Femail and Once it's set up you only need to highlight and drag the answer into the form. Saves heaps of time. I still have to select 'How did you find us?' and 'interests', but it only takes 2 clicks.
The one thing I find frustrating with Robo Form is that it only allows 2 profiles. I'm considering purchasing Robo Form Pro to fix this problem.

For forms on sites such as Take 40, Hot Hits etc., download Win Key from here:

It took me a while (in thinking time) to set this one up, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Hope this helps.
posted 7-11-2006 @ 08:01 PM www


If anyone is interested in buying roboform, you can insert the following discount code in the box which will save you $10 on the purchase price!

Enter the discount code "INP" (no quotes), and click the Update Total button. You will see the price change from $29.99 to $19.97.
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