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posted 6-6-2008 @ 12:42 PM www

No listing fees, unlike auction sites like eBay or classified sites. Your membership fee covers it.

1. ONLY PREMIUM MEMBERS are allowed to list items and we recommend trading only with Premium members.

2. Items must be IN YOUR POSSESSION prior to listing.

3. Indicate if items are NEW or USED.

4. INDICATE WHAT PRICE you want for both SALE AND WANTED items.

5. If auctioning items AUCTION BIDS MUST BE IN THREAD not by u2u.

6. Auctions must have a CLOSE DATE AND TIME IN SUBJECT LINE.

7. You must state in your post if the ITEMS ARE LISTED ELSEWHERE.

8. Items listed on an auction site such as eBay, Facebook etc. or on your own website, MUST HAVE A LINK TO on your 'about me' page or similar with this description: 'competitions and free stuff at'.

9. Multiple items must be listed in the same post. (eg. All FOR SALE items must be listed together, while all WANTED items must be listed together, but can be in a different thread to the for sale items thread).

10. NO needless BUMPING of threads. You may post that you have added items. Posting on your thread that an item has been sold or sale is pending, is unnecessary. Just edit that info into main post.

11. No deletion of posts to simply repost the same thing in order to remain at the top of the Exchange section. This is equivalent to Bumping, and against the rules (see above).

12. No selling of items for other people.

13. DELETE YOUR THREAD when exchange is COMPLETED, or the use-by date has EXPIRED without trade.

14. If you have agreed to purchase an item, please post a reply on the sale topic to indicate to other members that the item has been sold. This also helps ensure members selling items sell the quantity listed.

15. AFL Grand Final Tickets for sale are not allowed to be listed as the Victorian government passed laws in 2002 that outlaw ticket scalping at some popular sporting events.
Queensland has a blanket ban on ticket scalping for events held at government owned venues, including the Gabba, Suncorp Stadium, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Dairy Farmers Stadium, the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre, the Sleeman Sports Complex and Skilled Park. Listing/buying will result in your removal from the site.

16. As of 20th December 2010, you need to be a member for a minimum of 90 days (approx. 3 months) before you can list an item for sale or wanted to buy.

17. If selling, the item(s) must be legally saleable. Eg: NO listing of copied games for game consoles. If selling (or buying) a prize, ensure the terms and conditions allow selling of the prize.

Members failing to abide by these rules, may have posts merged, edited, or deleted, WITHOUT NOTICE and you may be subject to no longer being able to post. The ongoing disregard for the rules has required strict response in order to maintain a usable exchange for all.

Members participating in the selling, purchase of, or swapping of, goods via this forum do so at their own risk.
We will not be liable for any issue in regard to non delivery of items or payments made.

If you have concerns that you may have been subject to a fraudulent transaction (non delivery of bought items), you should report it to the Police, along with the sellers banking details as they can use that identify the individual and where they live.

It is the seller's and buyer's responsibility to ensure the goods are legally saleable. Some prizes state they are not transferable and not for resale. For sellers, it is your responsibility to ensure you are able to sell and for buyers, you should ensure items are unencumbered.

We recommend you use an auction service for transactions that you believe may involve the risk of fraud (ie. ebay).

We also recommend the use of PayPal for payment as PayPal offer a level of protection for your purchase.

We also recommend only trading with Premium members.

Note that:
We accept no responsibility for persons using this section of the forum.
Posts older than 14 days are removed - you can relist if unsold.

This is a request asking all posters in the For Sale, Wanted, Swap, Auction & Giveaway section/s to please delete their own posts when Sold or Gone ... It's very easy to do ...

Click the green Edit button on left hand side of screen in your original post

Please tick the ! Delete This Message ! box (as shown) and then click on the blue Edit Post button

Hey Presto ... Your post will now be deleted

This will leave the Mods with more time to do other things around the forum :) (and maybe even enter some comps ;) lol)

Please remember that it's one thread per category! (ie 1 x For Sale posts, 1 x Wanted posts, etc ... so please combine your posts where needed and please remember to update & delete them when items are sold).

Thanking Everyone in Advance for their Co-Operation :)
posted 9-6-2012 @ 08:01 PM www

Since there have now been a few occurrences of this unfortunate behaviour on Lottos it seems necessary for a post regarding basic etiquette.

* If you don't agree with a sale price either don't buy the item, or contact the seller privately to enquire if they are willing to lower it.
* Contacting someone to ask for a lower price may offend. With this in mind, please be incredibly polite and be willing to accept no for an answer.
* Under no circumstances should you belittle or undermine a seller's price in their thread.

* Contact can be daunting, especially when trying to negotiate for a lower price on an item. Please respond politely, even if the answer is no and the offer is significantly lower than what you are willing to accept.
* If someone posts disparaging remarks regarding your sale price, in your thread, please u2u and it will be dealt with immediately.

* Being online does not mean you should treat someone rudely, without reason.
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