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You know you're addicted to competitions when...

posted 5-6-2003 @ 04:20 PM www
You know you're addicted to competitions when...

The people working in your local post office pull out two books of ten as soon as they see you come in the door.

You go to the supermarket with two lists. One is a very detailed competition list, the second a grocery list. The first list is followed meticulously and the second gets a quick glance while you are waiting at the checkout.

You look forward to receiving and reading any and all JUNK MAIL.

When visiting friends and family you quietly remove the barcodes from any toilet tissue packs, then make your way to their kitchen where you remove the nescafe label, and anything else you notice has good winning potential.

You have cans in your pantry with the labels missing that have been there so long you have no idea what is in them. You've wizened up though and now only remove 3/4 of the label.

You seriously considered purchasing 10 cans of Heinz babyfood even though you don't have a baby or know anyone with a baby.

You have enough pantyhose to last through the next 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You reach for the "Winn" brand of glace fruit each and every time you go shopping and then once again realize it's not a comp!

You never shop in the same supermarket twice in a row - rotating them on a weekly basis (or less) to have them all covered!

You purchase your envelopes in packs of "500"!!!

You've picked up cadbury wrappers off the street (looking like a good samaritan picking up rubbish), then taken it home and filed it under "C".

You have labels, envelopes, entry forms and little piles of competitions in various stages of completiion, ie. need one more barcode pile or need barcode number only pile, to be done urgently pile, etc. at times it is total chaos.

You purchase laxatives whether you need them or not and catfood when you don't have a cat.

You set your alarm for 6.45am each weekday even if you don't have to be up early, so that you'll be at least partially awake if you have to sign for parcels.

I knew I was addicted when... I could no longer read the old magazines in doctor, dentist, etc. waiting rooms. Seeing all the great competitions in the magazines, knowing that I missed entering them, and realising they are all well and truly closed. I find that very depressing and frustating!

Your little baby thinks cans are all silver coloured.

You know you are addicted when you keep listening out for the roar of the motorbike engine of the mailman every few minutes. And your heart misses a beat in case he doesn't stop at your mailbox.

Even so, you still go out and check and check again!

The minute you get home from work you instantly dial *10# to see if that winning call came whilst you were at work.

You scour the local newsagents for loose coloured envelopes and try to haggle on the price since you are their best customer.

You buy magazines and never read them anymore. Just cut out the coupon and toss them aside.

Your local newsagent guy never asks for ID when collecting a parcel because he now knows who you are.

Your phone bill resembles your phone number and it comes in one of those big thick envelopes.

People complain that they never can get you on the phone because the internet is constantly on.

When you go to work on Monday people no longer ask how your weekend was...but instead...what did you win?

Your spare room suddenly looks like a department store display from all your winnings.

You get depressed if you don't win after entering so many times and you think "They must have made a mistake".

Your house resembles a rubbish tip from all the labels you have accumulated or picked from the street and strays.

When you can spot a flavoured milk carton (durin
g a promotion) at the side of the road as your flying past at 70km and you debate with yourself about pulling over to get it.

yes but you only stop....once you've realised you're on a one way carriage lane and you have to go a further 20 kilometres before there is a lane that allows you to go back to the town you started off from and then you miss the carton the second time and have to do it again....

I havent taken bar codes from friends houses but have been checking inside toilet rolls for the specially marked Kleenex rolls!! Desperado!

You meet someone at a party who says he is from Narellan. You tell them that you have a friend that lives there too! Then spend the entire night trying to figure out who it was. Sure it must be a close friend, you can remember sending their Christmas Card and all!
Then at breakfast it dawns on you-Your friend is the Nutella Competition address!!!
MUST be going nuts!!!

Speaking about Parcel men. Our Australia Post deliverer knows my kids and pets by name. He brings treats for them all too!
We gave him a box of Chocolates and some shortbread for Christmas but this year i must find out his name!

You lurk in dark alleys preying on innocent garbage cans.
You have to lick an envelope to tie you over until your next 'hit'.
You have pen tracks all over your arms.
Your friends and family hold an intervention meeting and tell you that you neglect them and worry that you lock yourself indoors all the time and live like a vampire.
You now only associate with fellow compers.
That rush of winning consolation prizes just don't cut it move on to the hard stuff.
You know you need to dry out, so you take a day off to spend outdoors with your loved ones, only to see the word 'win' everywhere you turn and then try to stop it ringing in your ears....but it eats away at you...calling, calling, calling your finally give in and 'treat' your kids to chocolate bar only because its the bar code you need.
You give up sex because comping gives you more pleasure!

You answer the phone in 25 words or less!

You stalk the postie!

You go to you family or friends places and immediately after entering there house you are in there pantry looking for barcodes!

You buy magazines just for the competitions.

Your postman askes what you have won lately as he delivers the latest registered mail envelope to you.

I can definately associate with the Heinz baby food. I did buy some even though we don't have children. Chocolate custard yum.

I also currently have about 4 tins of Milo in the cupboard.

I know I'm in trouble when I give away about 7 bottles of coffee to my sister and her husband.

When I win things like twelve bottles of Kraft Cheddar cheese spread and doggie clean up bags.

I have a filing cabinet for all the wrappers and barcodes I collect.

I dont rip the labels off cans though I just cut out the barcodes with a craft knife and put them in an envelope with the brand name on them.

I also have gotten adhesive labels printed up with my name, address and phone no on them so that I can stick one on any entry forms that I find and I also take them shopping so that I can enter the instore competitions straight away.

My family hates going shopping with me as I always spend heaps of time checking out any competitions that I find and I take twice as long to do my shopping.

Babe ruth
You've dialled the Fanta Harry Potter competition so often, you know the phone number AND THE BARCODE off by heart!

1900 is on speed dial.

When emptying out your bulging purse you find more bar codes and competition entry forms than money

You relate to the ad on TV about the man who collects barcodes (sky city ad
elaide ad)

You dream of parcel deliveries

Your morning doesn't start till you see the postie drive past (Prior to this you sit perched at your front door ready to pounce.)

You drop everything when you hear the familliar rumble of the postie and head outside.

You see the parcel delivery van stop out front and dash outside, only to find its for the neighbour. You then proceed to have a conversation with the driver who knows you ona first name basis

You tape tv shows and fast forward to the ads just because you heard they may be running a competition.

You talk to your hubby about how you dont understand pokie addiction, whilst dialing a 1900 number for the hundredth time that day..........

It ruins your day when you find something with a great competition on the wrapper........only to discover it closed that day!

Just remembered when I was in labour, I made my husband stop on the way to hospital so I could post all the entries I'd prepared. Figured I was going to be out of action for a while so I'd prepared a pile of entries. Hubby couldn't believe it!

You enter competitions regardless of the actual prize involved or its relevance or use to you, you have to put things into tupperware or other containers because you needed the barcode or instructions inside the box; you buy copies of every magazine for the competitions, and never get around to reading the actual magazine. ok, personally one of the worst things i did a few weeks back i panicked and realised that the millionaire comp was closing and i still had one more barcode, to remove....on a plastic bottle of heinz sauce......i had tried unsuccessfully for days to soak the barcode off, so in desperation I cut it off, right through the plastic of the sauce bottle and stuck it down, plastic and all my visitors ask me why my sauce bottle has a thick coat of glad-wrap around the centre.......

You can scan the supermarket shelves very efficiently looking for anything that stands out on labels, the word WIN and any forms near the shelves. You have a cupboard/ fridge full of label-less food. You consider quitting your casual job at a supermarket so the 'employees and their immediate family's are ineligible to enter' clause is no longer applicable and you can enter the comps there! You get excited when you hear a van pull up outside, only to discover its just the electician...........even if he is REALLY cute.........

Everyone at Coles thinks you are the "mystery security shopper" because you are always there.

The real security officer knows your name but still thinks you are suspicious because you spend hours writing down item barcodes.

Your flatmate moves out because he is freaked out that the barcodes on his stuff are going missing at an alarming rate.

You go food shopping with your partner and try and sneak all the competition stock into the trolley - and when he argues that you dont use the competition item you agree, then return the next day to buy it because you couldn't sleep the night before.

You vacuum up a bit of paper that could have been a barcode and spend the rest of the morning going through the dustbag even though you have no logical reason why there would have been a barcode under the bed.

Your non-comping friends have threatened to disown you if you dont stop sending them "tell a friend" competition emails.

You visit search engines no one has ever heard of to search for 'win', 'competition' or 'prize'.

You scour obscure websites, searching every ad for that all inspiring phrase 'Win Prizes'.

You make your husband put up a big mailbox when you move into a new house, so you don't have to go to the post office so often to collect parcels.

I had heaps of troubles i
n winter as everytime I saw the word "winter" I had to stop & make sure it wasn't "Win".

You know you are a seriously mad comper when your idea of a good day out is dragging your 2 kids (under 5) around 3-4 different shopping centres so you make sure you take in Coles, Woolies, Bi-lo, Kmart, Target, Big W and various specialty shops LOL!!

My house is a pile of barcodes & magazines also....sigh....ahhh but its worth it!!

I was caught in the cafe strip going through the bins looking for chocolate wrappers when a lady thrust $5 into my hand and rushed off before I could explain I was a comp. addict.

Red hot
You watch aaaaaallllllll the cricket to catch the word of the day!
And then you miss it!!!!

PS I HATE cricket

You find your name on Stat for the most posts in one day.

The housework is for when there are no competitions to post!

You take your mobile phone into the shower/bathroom/toilet, hehe.

When the thought of going on a holiday for a week makes you feel stressed. No comps for a week? Id rather stay home!

when you run around the house,tidying it up,half an hour before DH comes home from work because you can't tear yourself away from the computer.
Which reminds I gotta go.

If you replace the word "gambler' with the word "comper" in the American Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual (DSM1V) 'Diagnostic criteria for Psychiatric Diagnosis as a Problem Gambler' you fit the bill exactly.

......when you fall asleep in a pile of post it notes, entry forms and barcodes LOL !!!

I can't wait till holidays!
Non-stop comping for 3 weeks.
Oh what bliss

Your family and friends no longer ask how you are when you ring them anymore, just "What did you win now?"

You know you have a serious problem when you start to go through your stamp ablum you collected as a child to find enough postage to send your snail mail comps in.

you know youre addicted when

your 5 year old daughter starts roaming the isles in the supermarket, and you and you can hear her screaming "mummy mummya new competition" as she runs towards you carrying a wad of entry forms.

your heart skips a beat at the time the t&c's say the prize is going to be drawn... check your email, recheck. recheck, call your friends to send you an email, just to check your email is working properly.

glare at anyone in the house that dares to use the phone... ya never know what company might be calling to say youve won, hey you dont want to keep them waiting

you fit your social life around your comps, and if you actually do go out, you mentally work out what time you'll be home so you dont miss out on any, its a bugger if you get home after midnight and miss that extra day, u convince yourself was your only chance and get no sleep

Leave Myself a Message on Answering Machine

I must be getting bad.
I even leave myself a message so I can see the answering machine light flashing when I get home.
eg Congratulations you've made it home now don't forget those cometitions that you need to do still !!!

Oh dear this is getting sad
posted 9-6-2003 @ 04:58 PM www

a good laugh:D:P
posted 9-6-2003 @ 11:43 PM www

After scouring their shopping trolleys inside the loiter outside, VERY tempted to approach little old ladies to offer them money for their barcodes and shoppping dockets.

You open packets of sugar and other items upside-down to access the barcodes sooner.
posted 10-6-2003 @ 12:32 AM www

when you're night time reading material is 25wol and competition entering tips that you've printed from the internet that day..

When you're computer room wall is decorated by hanging entry forms you've collected from shops cause you've taken on the task of your beloved forum swap service.. and you're proud to show people your setup! :lol: :wow: :sing:
posted 10-6-2003 @ 09:20 PM www

you go through reams of A4 paper - printing, printing, printing from the site...your house has numerous piles of 10 to 20 loose printed assure your spouse regularly, "I'll sort them out soon"...but instead you keep adding another new pile.

one of your family moves to another house - you think, oh great, a new address for my comps...
posted 11-6-2003 @ 06:19 AM www visit friends for dinner and give them a box of chocolates with the barcode missing ( I did this last night!) force your loved ones to drink things they hate like soy milk and vegetable juices just to cut out the barcodes have trained your loved ones to bring home the barcodes of anything they've eaten for lunch

....your whole week's grocery list and menu plan is based entirely on what products you need to enter comps
posted 11-6-2003 @ 07:26 AM www

When you buy your friends a little box of Celebration chocies for a special treat and they refuse to hand over the barcode.......

I couldn't help it there just happened to be a competition on.....GG...Angel and Bimby LOLLLLLLLLLL
posted 11-6-2003 @ 09:25 AM www

Originally posted by Nelke
When you buy your friends a little box of Celebration chocies for a special treat and they refuse to hand over the barcode.......

I couldn't help it there just happened to be a competition on.....GG...Angel and Bimby LOLLLLLLLLLL

LMAO..... u crack me up Nelke.
posted 16-6-2003 @ 09:03 AM www

You go to enter you pin number in the eftpos machine and realise you've entered the lipton barcode instead.
posted 16-6-2003 @ 09:37 AM www
Wow Viv

How do you remember all those numbers?....:D:D:D:D

posted 9-10-2003 @ 11:02 PM www

You make up your shopping list for the grocery shopping in the morning, and find yourself looking up all the product/store comps listed to get the products with comps on them (I have just done that, and only realised what I did when I checked the list at the end) :rolleyes: :wow:
posted 10-10-2003 @ 10:02 AM www

-you have 2 calendars, one for comp dates and one for family stuff;
-you check your mail to see if stamps are unfranked to maybe use for comping;
-you spend more on 1900 comp calls than you do phoning your aging mother who lives interstate;
-you tell family and friends about comps you have found rather than what is happening in your life;
-you check the shelves at the supermarket not for specails but for entry forms;
-you change to braodband so you don't tie up the phone line for comps;
-you read labels not for nutritional info but in case there is a comp;
-someone asks you to fill in paperwork and you chack if there is a 25 wol answer needed;
-when the kids ask if they can sign up for something and you immediately ask if there is a comp there;
-you write a list of all the comps you enter and it has more pages than the letters you write;
-posting means telling everyone in the forum about a new comp, instead of putting a stamped letter in the mailbox;
-you give someone a gift and they ask if you won it or bought it.
posted 10-10-2003 @ 10:19 AM www

when you're sitting 'round with friends supposedly chatting - but you keep losing concentration and becoming vague coz your mind is working on your 25 wol comps.
posted 21-1-2004 @ 11:37 PM www

Now this thread is a classic! I have never laughed so much, as I could see myself in some of these things! hehe. I think we all suffer from OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! lol
posted 22-1-2004 @ 08:55 AM www

LOL, or Obsessive Comping Disorder.

posted 22-1-2004 @ 09:27 AM www

You wake up at 3am to the baby crying only to realise that the puter is still on and the mouse is still in your hand:)
posted 22-1-2004 @ 02:11 PM www

Even though you hate Cricket with a passion you find yourself watching it just to find the fastest ball bowled for the 'Fast Ball competition'
posted 23-1-2004 @ 01:19 AM www

when your doorbell rings and you race off to answer the door,thinking it might be a courier and its a kid selling lollies:mad:

posted 23-1-2004 @ 09:48 AM www

... your friends have started asking you to post their occassional entries for them as 'you're a professional when it comes to competitions' and therefore their chances of winning will be increased if your hand is the one to put it in the mailbox!

posted 28-1-2004 @ 09:14 PM www

When you mum rings you and gives you a barcode for competition, or entry coupns from magazines;):D:D

posted 22-2-2004 @ 12:30 AM www

There are signs of wear on the "1" button of the phone from 1900 comp calls.
And all incoming calls on the mobile phone with '02-' at the beginning , MUST be comp wins (and usually aren't).
posted 22-2-2004 @ 11:38 AM www

your seriously concerned if doctors or ambulance drivers started having a comp to promote business you would suddenly feel a blow to the back of your head from your partner :D
posted 22-2-2004 @ 11:51 AM www
you know your addicted when

your partner rings you at work and says ' GUESS WHAT ?' and you scream back down the phone 'WHAT ?????????' and they say where having chicken [or any irrelavant detail ] for tea tonight and you suddenly go OOHH is that all you rang for
posted 4-3-2004 @ 02:13 PM www
When you hold up a carton of milk...............

And your toddler who has only a few words to her vocabulary say "win a car" (as she saw you cutting barcodes out last month )
posted 26-4-2004 @ 12:02 PM www

Love you guys, you crack me up :D
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