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You know you're addicted to competitions when...

posted 15-4-2006 @ 05:03 PM www

Are you sure you cant use it Sherro? Id contact them and ask!
posted 15-4-2006 @ 05:32 PM www

I suppose I could ask them couldn't I? Must be worth a try!! Maybe if I offer to keep the barcodes - can't hurt to try.

Edit: have emailed them, so will see what they say!;)
posted 15-4-2006 @ 05:48 PM www

You know your addicted to comping when you see ACA, today tonight and one of the take 5/that's life doing stories on "Skip divers" getting food out supermarket bins :o and you wonder if you could get barcodes and receipt rolls:cool:
posted 18-4-2006 @ 07:32 PM www
know youre addicted when

I was out with the kids at Underwater world and spotted a guy with an empty pepsi rock paper scissors bottle and we had to follow him till he put it in the bin for me to get the label. My husband said its stalking.
posted 18-4-2006 @ 08:05 PM www

You know when your addicted

1. You get up early because you don't want to be caught out in your daggy pyjamas again by the parcel delivery man at 7.50am
You have that winning feeling and 'JUST' know he's coming

2. When you can 'SPOT' the word 'WIN' at 50 paces.
posted 18-4-2006 @ 08:47 PM www

you know you're addicted when the first word you teach your child to read is


he now gets excited when he sees the WIN logo for the country channel 9!:P
posted 18-4-2006 @ 08:50 PM www

You know you're addicted to competitions when...

you win your first prize!

posted 22-4-2006 @ 06:47 PM www

LMAO :D i brought my hubby in 2 read some of this he said we all need locking up(only lottos people understand comps :P)keep it going im sure we all see a little (or lots)of us all .;)
posted 22-4-2006 @ 09:17 PM www

I'm a bit worried my comping has become all-consuming - I asked my toddler if she'd had a nice play at her friend's house (both aged 2), and she put on a sad face and said 'no, because we didn't win any competitions'!!! She's bound to grow up into a compaholic too, don't you think??!!
posted 22-4-2006 @ 09:38 PM www

Sherro, by that age my son could recite our address and telephone number, including postcode and area code!
Just goes to show how many phone comps I entered at that time!!

posted 22-4-2006 @ 10:33 PM www

lol smiley!:P:P
posted 22-4-2006 @ 10:52 PM www

you know your addicted when your daughter gets told to pick up fifty papers for some misdemeanor at school and she comes home with 30 billabong wrappers that she has 'scabbed' up off the ground.;);)

Yes this is TRUTH. she was so proud of herself...
posted 25-4-2006 @ 05:59 PM www

You know you are addicted when my shopping trip and the supermarket takes longer than normal cause I stop when I spot the competition tags hanging off the shelves everytime....
posted 25-4-2006 @ 06:13 PM www

You know you're addicted when you hate winter, not because of the weather but because every darned word starts with WIN!!!
posted 15-7-2006 @ 05:30 PM www

WOW so I am not the only one with this Comper problem :)
LOVE this thread, I can sooo relate to it.
Has anyone ever called themselves (home-mobile) JUST to make sure the phone is working okay ???
I have a big box in the spare room where I hide my purchases for comps which will SLOWLY emerge over time but I think hubby is starting to wise up to me.
Love it
posted 15-7-2006 @ 06:57 PM www

With a passing glimpse at a TV add for obese children,no exercise and devouring fast foods and realise you have not spent much time lately exercising with your kids and been feeding your children take aways instead of fresh fruit and vegetables
posted 15-7-2006 @ 07:05 PM www
living with a comper looney!

you know when you've finally won hubby over, he stops having a go at you for buying stuff we dont like or need and:-

(A) builds a big cupboard for you to store all the stuff
(B) tell me dear? what are we hoping to win with 15 blocks of sards,15 tubs of powder and Hey! when did the cat start eating
sliced ham? he enquires with a chuckle.....ON HIS WAY TO THE HARDWARE TO SPEND THE $3000. shopping voucher i won!
posted 15-7-2006 @ 08:14 PM www

when you go shopping on a Saturday morning after a busy week at work and the only items on your list are products to enter competitions and you check every aisle in the supermarket to make sure you haven't missed any entry forms :D

posted 6-8-2006 @ 01:03 AM www

when you are sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, with your husband and casually say - You should go and give blood hon... He looks at you and says why is that?? And you reply because I'd like to win a comp to have lunch with Maggie Beer!!!

He then looks at you and says and there is a comp to win a trip overseas that asks that you chop your right arm off.. want me to do that TOO!!

posted 6-8-2006 @ 03:02 AM www

When you open your pantry and decide to count the fountain sauce bottles because you seem to have a few....27 to be exact!

posted 6-8-2006 @ 08:47 AM www

When you are heading out for an important meeting & must be on time but just as you turn out of your street you see a VAP heading towards your street so you turn around to stalk it hoping it's for you.
posted 6-8-2006 @ 11:52 AM www

When I joined lottos in March and read this thread I was in shock that people would buy things they dont need just to enter a competition. Well now I can officially admit that I am a lottos addict and hopeless comper as I have bought my first tin of cat food and dont own a cat (just dont tell my husband)
posted 21-8-2006 @ 04:28 PM www

When you go to the movies with your sister and whilst sitting in the cinema waiting for the movie to start, both of you pull out your mobile phones at the same time to enter the Take5 Instant comps :P:P:P and then half way through the movie you do the same thing again, although this time turning down the brightness of the screens so as not to annoy anyone above haha :D:D
posted 6-10-2006 @ 04:59 PM www

You know you're addicted to when you're staring so hard at the screen, that you drink tomato sauce and dip you're sausage roll in your diet coke. mmmmhhhmmm. thats right. I'm off to drink my sauce.:P
posted 15-4-2007 @ 12:33 AM www

I've had lots of laughs reading most of these but haven't read all. This may have been posted but I'm starting to dislike weekends because the postie doesn't call.
Before I retired I worked in a restaurant as the Maitre D.
Our local T.V. station was changing to Win TV from RTS5A. I put a RESERVED WIN TV sign on the table and had heaps of locals (not aware of the new call sign) seating themselves at the table. They believed if they sat there they would win a T.V??????? Would we do that???????
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