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posted 18-2-2004 @ 04:53 PM www
Freq: Other, Closes 31/12/2023

General Guidelines
The following may seem long and dull, but if you are posting competitions incorrectly on a continual basis it will be noticed and you will have grumpy mods on your hands ;) lol :)
So please, for the benefit of everyone on Lottos, and for the sanity of our partners who have to deal with the amount of time we spend on the computer away from them, please read all of the following...


Always do a search on the forum first to ensure you are not posting a duplicate competition.
There are three ways of checking and you should check ALL three ways, every time:

* Use Premium reports and look at the close date of the new competition compared to the listings.

* Search using the search link and use a keyword like Edgells, Kmart, etc. Do not include an apostrophe in your search terms. For example, type in Thats Life NOT That's Life. Do more than one search this way in case of varied keyword options (eg: My Movies and MyMovies).

* Search on the permit number (eg. TP04/0202) as it hopefully will be listed.

Competitions NOT to be posted, check first:

* Web based in the Competitions Online section.

* Periodic Online comps belong in the Online Periodic section, even if they state a close date. An online comp is considered periodic if the comp is ongoing and the prize is the same each week/month/quarter. If the prize changes and it has a close date then it can go in the Competitions Online section (non-periodic), even though it is ongoing.

* Store or product reliant in the Store/Product section.

* Magazine sourced comps go in the Magazine/Newspaper section (unless it is a product comp which just happens to be advertised in a mag, then it belongs in the store section, and a phone-in only comp belongs in the SMS/Phone section ,regardless of the publication source, etc).

* SMS or call-in required in the SMS/Phone section.

* Radio station specific in the Radio section. If the winner must call when their name is announced, unlike other forum areas, we will allow you to post the person's name, as announced on the radio, to help each other out.

* New competitions announced, but yet to have all details released, should be listed in the New section.

If you make a new post in the 'So New not all details known' forum area you are not given the 2 days premium reward, but if you later know all the details and you made the first post about the comp in the New competitions section, you can copy it, make it as a new post in the correct competition area, then go back to the New comps area, Edit that post, and then Delete it, and then you will be rewarded! We will give you seven days (which includes the day that the comp is first posted in New comps section) to get the full competition details. After that it's open for all members to post the full comp!

* To view all competitions forum areas: click here


Please make sure to include important information in the subject line of your post, such as Store/Magazine/Website name, and Prize information.
Please also list the following, if applicable, in the subject line to ensure easy use of the forum for all:

* Product Purchase Information. As an example, please list as: (Smirnoff purch req)
* Early Close (only if prior to midnight AEST/AEDT). As an example, please list as: (Closes 5pm)
* Non-AEST/AEDT Close. As an example, please list as: (Closes 11:59pm AWST/ACST/ACDT)
* Specific Requirements. As an example, please list as: (Mastercard holders only)
* Membership Required. As an example, please list as: (MR-free) or (MR-pay)
* Subscription Required. As an example, please list as: (SR-free) or (SR-pay)
* Travel Information. As an example, please list as: (Flights-inc), or (Flights-not inc)
* Age Restrictions. As an example, please list as: (12 and Under) or (Under 18)
* Age Appropriateness. As an example, please list as: (Adult) or (NSFW)

When posting a new competition you have the option of selecting specifics for that comp in a couple of ways.

There are No and Yes options to be selected for:
WOL, Code Words, Purchase, Instant Win, Childrenís, Creative (eg. photo, video), Facebook, Twitter, and Vote comps.
The default on these options is no, so please change them to yes if the comp you are posting has these requirements.
Please only mark a competition as a Kidís comp if it is specifically stated that it is only open to certain ages (eg: under 18 or under 12).

State information for comps is selected through a scroll menu. There is one listed for Eligible states and one for Excluded states. To select a state in either menu, click on the state you require. To select more than one state, hold your Ctrl button down while you click on additional states. To remove any state name from the list, again hold down your Ctrl button while you click on the state name a second time. The state options should only be used when a competition specifically states that only certain states can or cannot enter.

Entry methods are also selectable through a scroll menu. Again, select or unselect multiple options while holding down Ctrl.
The entry method options include:

* Online
* Email
* Mail
* Phone
* Pinterest
* Instagram
* Blog
* Smartphone
* Rafflecopter
* Coupon
* Radio
* In-Store/Barrel
* Fax

Entry Frequency options are available in a drop down menu. You can only select one option. If the competition has a frequency of entry available that does not conform to one of the options available to select, please select Other, and then list the frequency in the body of the post. Please ensure that you select an option as the default option is Once Only and is quite misleading if not altered.
The frequency options include:

* Once Only
* Unlimited
* Daily
* 24 Hourly
* 1 Entry/Household
* 1 Entry/Unique Code
* Week Days
* Weekly
* Monthly
* Other

It is up to you if you wish to post comps from the same website/magazine/newspaper/etc., that close on the same day, together in the one post for ease of posting, or separately in multiple posts for ease of entry.

If the competition you are posting has an online entry available or the terms & conditions listed online, then please post the full URL (ie: include the http://) in the appropriate boxes provided, and not in the body of the post. These URLs will then be accessible near the Comp Tracker options, regardless of whether you have opened the post or not.

* Please enter the close date from the drop down menus. If the close date is not known you can enter the end of the current month, or if near end of month, enter the end of next month.

* Enter the total prize pool for the comp without commas or fullstops. For example: 10,000.00 should be typed 10000 (ignoring the cents). If you do not know the prize pool amount please enter 0. Please take the time to add the prize pool value if available. There are Premium reports that rely on the information.

* The results date is the date the results are printed in The Australian. This is the date for results printed soon after the draw, not the results that sometimes are printed many months later as a result of a second drawing.

* Posting competitions details such as comp details, prize blurb, WOL question, etc., can make for a long post. If the post is long itís perfectly fine to put up a post with the competition details in the subject line with ***In a sec*** in the body of the post. This is to prevent doing the post only to find it already on the forum because someone else was also working on the same comp at the same time. This can only be done one comp at a time and must be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Reasonable means a number of minutes, not hours.

* Terms and Conditions are occasionally marked as COPYRIGHT and cannot be included in competition posts. If you find this in the case with a competition you wish to post, please just put a link to the T&Cs in the T&Cs URL box option. Currently the following companies have their T&Cs marked copyright.

* The IMPACT SERVICES website restricts their competitions from being posted by anyone except those authorized to do so. Please do not list comps from this website. It has also been requested that answers to their competitions are not posted on the forum.

* When competition information or T&Cs are on a website as an image, and are not able to be copied by highlighting the text and pressing Control C, they can be copied into your post by the following steps:

1) Right click on an image and select Copy Image URL
2) Then press the button in your post and add in the URL you have copied by right clicking and selecting Paste

Some extra tips:

* If for any reason you post a web site address (URL) in the message body of a post, do not embed the URL within a hyperlink such as 'click here'. Please include the full URL.

* Please list permit numbers. These are usually the last item in the competition terms and conditions and should be posted in the body of the post area.

* It is a good idea to put your competition information into a word document before posting. Errors sometimes happen, and it can be heartbreaking to lose a lot of work when one occurs. Simply copy your competition from the word document onto the website once youíre ready.

Premium Rewards Information:

If the procedure for posting comps is abused/not adhered to in an ongoing manner, it will likely result in some members being asked to no longer post comps.

:) :) :)
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