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Posting Help - The Green Buttons (edit, quote, report)

posted 29-8-2008 @ 09:36 AM www
Posting Help - The Green Buttons (edit, quote, report)

Hi guys,

I think there is some confusion for some people about the purpose of the three green buttons (edit, quote, report) when you are wanting to reply in threads.

The EDIT button - is there if you want to go in and change a post you have made. If you click on it - it opens up the post you have made in edit format so you can make changes. There is also a square you can tick in this option that says DELETE - where you can delete the post you have made. If you have posted a competition and someone has pointed out it is a duplicate, for example, then you can use the edit button to go into your post - and delete your own post.

The QUOTE button is there for you to quote something you may be replying to in a thread. This is handy if someone has said something earlier in a thread - and you'd like to reply to it. By using it - sometimes it can keep the thread flowing and make it easier to read so conversations aren't choppy.

If you press the Quote button - it will just bring the post you wanted quoted, up again, - and then I'd suggest pressing enter a couple of times and then write your reply underneath.

The REPORT button is there to send a u2u to ANDREW and ALL MODS. You press the Report button if you see a comp is a duplicate (and it makes our life easier if you can point out in the u2u - the original and duplicate comp). The Report button is also used to report things that may need to be added to a comp posting - ie. WOL, phone, sms, extra states, etc...

Other things you can use the Report button for - are, if you see spam on the forum, a post that you think is offensive, receipt requests (not allowed on this forum), offensive pictures posted, etc..

I hope this helps with your understanding of the buttons if you were having problems.

posted 12-11-2009 @ 11:02 AM www

Please could all the new members read about the report button thanks
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