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Has anyone won a car from The Mag comps like That's life?

posted 24-9-2011 @ 10:39 AM www

I won a $5000 holiday at Port Douglas with heaps of extra's included in 2003 from That's Life!
posted 24-9-2011 @ 11:41 AM www

Only ever won 3 small items 2 from Take 5 and 1 from Thats life all $30 or less... didnt buy them this week think will give it a break for a while save me some $$ in mags and stamps
posted 16-3-2012 @ 03:07 PM www

hey Komala72, i know a girl who used to work at thats life, they dont put the envelope back in but send multiples, she said they have seen more than 10 entries a week from the same name (if they wrote sender info on the back) thats pretty keen i think.

ive been entering since they both began, have won some prizes but more prizes recently for some reason, last october i was suprised to get a package delivered, i opened it to find a brand new laptop worth $1200, its a nice big one too, akso won perfume, books,dvds, etc, but the laptop was my best win! heres hoping for a shiny new car!!! : )
i must say though i have never won a prize from Thats Life, only ever Take 5 and the little Take 5 puzzle books..
posted 16-3-2012 @ 03:33 PM www

I came across this post again and had written this

When I was Contacted I Had entered and forgotten so when she said who she was and Rattled on about the Weather for awhile I thought It was Like a Telemarketing call and when she said why she was ringing I literally fell of my Chair because It was the last thing I expected to hear

Nearly 7 years now so I'm waiting for the next car win

posted 14-7-2011 @ 12:16 AM

4 months later I won the lucky 7 one
Freaky but fantastic :lol:
posted 17-6-2012 @ 11:43 AM www

Originally posted by gibbo11
Originally posted by Sanderling
Hi, Can you "winners' tell me... do they contact you when you win a decent prize or do you need to look for your name in the huge list ???

Hi Sanderling:)

When I won the car in 2009 I had my home phone number, work number and mobile on my entry form. They kept ringing my work number and my work collegue would answer the phone as I was out of the office. They rang about three times and he said they would not give him a return number and he said I must of won something. I relayed to him it was probably related to Scouts as I was the Secretary/treasurer at the time and laughed it off:)

I received a call on the Tuesday morning prior to the next edition of TL! being released on the Wednesday in which my name would have appeared in and yes I had won a car:) I was shaking for an hour at least and posted my win on lottos:) It was an amazing feeling and one I will never forget:) The response from this site was awesome:)

That's a great story! :)

Surely they email people though these days as there is a space for the email address on the entry form...
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