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posted 3-3-2004 @ 03:12 PM www

Every NEW competition, that is open to the majority of Australian residents, subject to the conditions listed below, posted into the following forum areas will extend your PREMIUM membership by 2 days:

- Competitions Online
- Store / Product Competitions
- Magazine and Newspaper Competitions
- Phone and SMS Competitions
- Radio Competitions

Reasons why only the above forum areas get a Premium Reward for a new comp:

- Australian competitions are generally more regulated so overseas comps get no reward as more risk that they are not legitimate. Also more ppl enter them so less chance of winning.

- A reward implies having to do something in order to achieve the reward, Australian comps are harder to find than overseas comps.

- Comps without a close date invariably either have no trade permits and therefore carry a greater risk of not having prize fulfillment or the comp should have been posted in So New section.

Ensure you do a search on the forum first to ensure you are not posting a duplicate competition.

These are three ways of checking and you should check ALL three:
- use Premium reports and look at the close date of the new competition compared to the listings
- search using the search link and use a keyword like coles, kmart etc etc.
- search on the permit number as it hopefully will be listed eg. TP04/0202

If a comp has terms and conditions (t&c) and they include a date results are published, these must be entered via the drop down date selector when submitting the comp to be eligible for the Premium Reward.

Post all comps with the same close date, from the same website or magazine, together into the one post.

Ensure that where the comp requires a purchase and mail in, that members have enough time to actually enter, a minimum of 5 days before comp close date.
Comps added without time to enter will be deleted and Rewards adjusted accordingly.

If you make a new post in the 'So New not all details known' forum area you are not due the 2 days reward, but if you now know all the details and you made the 1st post about the comp in the So New section, you can copy it, make it as a new post in the other comp area, then go back to the So New area, Edit that post and then Delete it and then you will be Rewarded! We will give you 7 days to get the full comp details - then it's open for all members to post the full comp!

Please use the 'report' button to alert a moderator if:
- you find a duplicate comp so we can delete the duplicate(s) and therefore adjust the Premium entitlement, or
- you notice a comp in an incorrect forum area. Eg overseas comp in web comps area, or
- you notice members splitting comps from a site/magazine that all share the same close date.

If the procedure for posting comps for Rewards is abused/not adhered to in an ongoing manner, it will likely result in some members being asked to no longer post comps.

Note: provision of rewards is not an integral part of membership. The provision of rewards may be altered or withdrawn at the discretion of
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