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posted 7-5-2009 @ 09:20 PM www

Lottos Total For Thursday 7th May 2009 - $8955.95

Lottos Totals To Date for 2009 - $1,448,140.20

Good luck & Win Big Lottos!


Oh la la

:) One post per member please... with your TOTAL in BOLD at the end of your post... Thank you! :)

posted 8-5-2009 @ 07:18 AM www

good luck to everyone today - hope it's a fabulous Friday

a bit of a catch up for me as I hardly ever visit so these are a bit lumped in

Napoleon Peridis pack $225
concert tickets $200
movie tix $90
gift cards $350
DVD $90
Microsoft Home & student software $200 ish

TOTAL $1155
posted 8-5-2009 @ 07:22 AM www

Aaaah, gay Paris. Went there many years ago. Wanna go again!! Thanks for the memories ScALLIwag.

Good luck to everyone for today. Hope the week ends on a high!

I scored a Wendy Harmer book from New Idea. Thanks to kelster for the post. And a general big thanks to everyone that posts comps.


Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an
attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one
hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming
WOO HOO what a ride!

2006-$23411 + 2007-$69842 + 2008-$38712 + 2009-$20781 + 2010-$25344 = $178090
Jan-Oct - $8995
Nov = any minute now......
posted 8-5-2009 @ 09:21 AM www

Thanks Scalliwag, I'll be there next month with hubby, cant wait, taking up SYTYCD win, these pictures makes me want to go now. Best of luck to every one today.

2005 TOTAL $14,736
2006 TOTAL $22,043
2007 TOTAL $93,975
2008 TOTAL $41,950
2009 TOTAL $64,812
2010 TOTAL $15,187
2011 TOTAL $30,019
2012 TOTAL $55,765
2013 TOTAL $17,756
2014 TOTAL $19,680
2015 TOTAL $33,183
2016 TOTAL $7,500
2017 TOTAL $5,822
posted 8-5-2009 @ 10:53 AM www

yahooey i finally bloody won something lol.

big cheers to levi for the post. twin pack of wine from cellarmasters.

Value 48.98
posted 8-5-2009 @ 11:06 AM www

WPC for two tickets to Carlton Vs Fremantle at Carrara from Carlton Natural Blonde. My first ever SMS win!!

2006 wins $13660
2007 wins $240
2008 wins $1512
2009 wins $3669
2010 wins $726
2011 wins pathetic
2012 wins even worse!
2013 wins $671
2014 wins $114
2015 wins $347
2016 wins $450
2017 wins $290
2018 wins $90
2019 wins $195
2021 wins $3400
2022 wins $1000
2023 wins $15,990
2024 wins $250
posted 8-5-2009 @ 11:07 AM www

Two prizes for me today :D

Cellarmasters twin pack - thanks Levi! $48.98

Shower head - savewater comp - thanks Zen $51.15 (although have to pick up in Taree NSW so will probably end up in prize exchange)

posted 8-5-2009 @ 11:18 AM www

A few lovely wins from the last week or so:

Microsoft Home & Office Software (Mix 106) $299.00
Fired Up Dbl Pass (The Blurb) $30.00
Elephant Tales & Duma DVDs (Network Video) $50.00
DVD (Streets IceCream) $10.00
Apple Slinky Peeler (Batlow) $29.00
Hopetown Wives (Penguin Books) $32.00
Samson & Delilah Dbl Pass $30.00
Defiance Dbl Pass (Femail) $30.00

Thank you to all the fantastic posters on Lottos!!!

TOTAL: $510.00
posted 8-5-2009 @ 11:31 AM www

Well done to all the winners

Another double pass to Dragonball Evolution


A beautiful Womans Weekly Cook book from Greens comp


TOTAL $110.00
posted 8-5-2009 @ 12:27 PM www

DP to a preview of Angels and Demons from The Advertiser. = $31.00

Thanks to ashke for the comp :)

...and to me for the code words! ;)


BigPond song download from Arnotts Shapes comp.
= $2.00

Revised Total: $33.00
posted 8-5-2009 @ 01:25 PM www

Just got a WPC saying I won 12 roses from roses only (getting them delivered to my mum for mother's day of course)...

but I couldnt find what competition this was from, only one I found was the 9am morning show mother's day comp, but I didnt receive confirmation for anything else, so I dont think its that one, can anyone help...??

thanks to the comp poster....!! ;):P:D:cool::)

Total: $89
posted 8-5-2009 @ 01:40 PM www

Double pass to Pilobolus Dance at Sydney Theatre Company.
Thanks marg27!

Lottos is the only source of our social lives-it's great, we would never do any of this stuff otherwise, just couldn't justify the expense. In past 6 months have been to the opera, Twilight at Taronga and now this! Very happy!!

Value $218.
posted 8-5-2009 @ 01:50 PM www

Congratulations to all winners!!!!
Apron from Notebook, guessing value!!!!

posted 8-5-2009 @ 02:07 PM www

A good day to come home to the letterbox

Brita Jug & 3 Refills from Super Food Ideas (Not sure Value)
Australia Pack $155- True Local
Nivea Pack- $ 55.00-Voyeour Magazine

Total $210.00

Thanks to the posters!
posted 8-5-2009 @ 02:49 PM www

I've haven't posted any of my wins this year. Not that I'll post them now.... so I'll just start from today.....

Scanpan wok and dutch oven from Super food ideas.
posted 8-5-2009 @ 03:21 PM www

DP to the preview of Angels and Demons - The Adevertiser

posted 8-5-2009 @ 03:34 PM www

Just received a surprise in the mail:

Wendy Harmer book from the New Idea Wish List comp - thanks to poster

posted 8-5-2009 @ 03:58 PM www

Congrats to all the wins today!

I won a double pass to Carmen from Web child!

Thanks for the post lesleycc!!

Total = $54
posted 8-5-2009 @ 04:30 PM www

Also got a WPC saying that I had won a dozen roses from Roses Only. Very excited to be able to send these on to my mum and forgot to ask where the comp was from??? Any one able to shed some light?

posted 8-5-2009 @ 04:36 PM www

Were they lillies? Did it include anything else?

Could be:
posted 8-5-2009 @ 04:41 PM www

Could it be the 2day fm comp with Roses only?

Congrats all the winners
posted 8-5-2009 @ 05:00 PM www

nope, it was 12 roses, I dont recall entering that competition either, I have no idea where they are from, but happy to have them sent off to my mum....!! ;):P:D:cool::)
posted 8-5-2009 @ 05:07 PM www

Congratulations to all today's winners :)

Yesterday, I received 2 tickets to the Doris Day Tribute Show at the Capri Theatre (SA). Prize was from Cruise 1323.

Value: $70.00
posted 8-5-2009 @ 05:10 PM www

well done everyone!

just posting a few wins from the past few weeks...

Knowing DP
Wolverine DP
Star Trek DP
Angels and Demons DP
Coles gift card

Total $621

Thanks to all the posters whoever you are :) as these had nothing to identify them as to which comps they were from (except the Angels and Demons one, and that was me lol)

posted 8-5-2009 @ 05:25 PM www

PS3 & Movie Tickets

Total: $730

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