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Strange Phonecall from Foxtel .. is it a scam?

posted 11-5-2009 @ 08:33 PM www
Strange Phonecall from Foxtel .. is it a scam?

Had a call today from a computerized voice from Foxtel, telling me there was an important message...

it asked me to press 1 if the account name mentioned was correct and press 2 if not.

The name mentioned was correct so I pressed 1, then it after a dragged out delay it asked me to press in the 4 digit post code, at this stage I gave up and thought it was a bit strange so I hung up (plus I was puffing and panting on the treadmill at the time!)

Has anyone else had this call? was it a con of some sort ... like once you press 1 does it put you through to one of those high cost phone lines?

I just thought it was strange that they new our account name - especially as the account is in the name of hubby who has a very different surname, and the fact that our accounts alwasy come in the wrong spelling (very similar but not quite right) and the phone call today did mention the spelling of the incorrect foxtel account name....

Just seemed a little strange after I hopped off the t/mill and could think about it, or did I just miss out on a comp win???
posted 11-5-2009 @ 09:50 PM www

Can only suggest that you call Foxtel tomorrow. If you've won a comp, it's a very strange way to notify you.

If it is a comp, they should be able to let you know when you ring. Fingers crossed!! :)

I would have hung up too! :D
posted 11-5-2009 @ 10:36 PM www

Thanks Veritas

I won't bother to call them, I've had dealings over the phone with Foxtel before and they are worse than Telstra or the banks!

I'm just wondering if Foxtel have sold or given their mailing list to some other 3rd party or if it has got into the wrong hands.
posted 12-5-2009 @ 10:14 AM www

You've blown me away......Worse than Telstra?????? Wow, they must be pretty bad lol
posted 12-5-2009 @ 10:20 AM www

Unfortunately the foxtel voice prompts just end up sending you around in circles. The last time we rang we ended up back at the beginning before we gave up.
posted 12-5-2009 @ 10:46 AM www

God foxtel $hit$ me too!!! Telstra I HATE but Foxtel is worse! Even when we had an installer at our house calling them for their codes or whatever it was he was on wait for THREE HOURS!! Poor man. xxx
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