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Designer Fakes on Ebay?

posted 12-5-2009 @ 09:38 AM www
Designer Fakes on Ebay?

Hi Guys
I recently bought a Christian Audigier jacket off ebay for my son. For those who don't know this brand it's similar to Ed Hardy and their hoodies are amazing and worn by many celebs.
Admittedly it was cheaper than it's $400 price tag i got it for $89 including postage. But I was looking at some fake designer brand sites last night and there was the image the lady used to sell it. To me it was obvious. Part of the stitching was coming away also which my son fixed. Now he's happy with it but I didn't think ebay was allowed to sell fakes. Does anyone know?
I even emailed the original Christian Audigier website and gave them a link to my sale to see what they'd say. I know ebay is crawling with shonky people.
posted 12-5-2009 @ 09:44 AM www

Its impossible to tell if something is fake, but Ebay do try and stop it. If you list a designer item it wont show through on ebay for 1 day until they check the listing, its not ebay who are selling fake items, its some sellers. Go onto the new Australian Auction site if you want to see There is no way that you can buy an original designer item for that price brand new!! Report the seller and item to ebay and see what they say.
posted 12-5-2009 @ 09:48 AM www

You poor thing:o:o:o Some adds can be deceiving in their discription or wording of their sales. Did the Seller advertise it as being authentic.!!!, in the description.
If so you can do an item as not described dispute if it's not too late.

There are plenty of fakes i see on EBAY especially with Tiffany and Co Jewelery. The only ones i believe with Tiffany is the ones advertised selling with a receipt.

I bought a billabong top a while ago and it ended up being a fake. Then i read the desciption and it never mentioned authentic in it's tiltle.!!! but i paid an authentic price. Trusts me not to read out the description or ask questions prior to sale.

Hope you get the issue resolved or your money back, goodluck with everything.

Edit: I agree it is impossible at times to tell what is fake and what is genuine at times!!! I think it's highway roobery!!!xxx
posted 12-5-2009 @ 09:58 AM www

Well the sellers email was in broken English and it stated it was an original from the USA but it says made in china. At one stage she said her son found them then all of a sudden more and more popped up to sell. Who knows. I just think it's weird as I've been dealing on ebay for many years. I also asked her why she charged more for postage and she had the hide to tell me it was to cover fees and fuel. What a hide. I've never done that as that's always been part of the product purchased. ;)
posted 12-5-2009 @ 10:57 AM www

Ebay are so hard on Ed Hardy fakes now but yes so many and unless you report it they will sometimes let it go, How dissapointing for you, I got an Ed Hardy huge bag and it was a fake so I got my $$ back through paypal.
YES read the auctions well and ask as many questions as you can if it is not stated as Authentic its probably not. But even then alot of the sellers are using authentic and other words when they are not like Authentic Sterling silver for pandora so when you type in Authentic pandora they pop up which also never used to be allowed.
If you paid paypal I would start a dispute for $$ back but if your little mans happy maybe leave it as a learning curve :) xxxxxxx
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