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Cheating in Competitions

posted 14-5-2009 @ 09:21 AM www
Cheating in Competitions

I've just finished reading the 'How to Win Competitions' book. Really enjoyed it, but I gotta say the section on cheating really spun me out.
Maybe I'm naive but I had no idea there were serious cheats out there and how many ways of cheating they will go to the effort of using.
Its kinda put me off entering certain comps esp store and unlimited net entry ones. If there really are people like that, what are our chances?
I guess that's why promoters are getting really strict with receipts and stuff.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 09:26 AM www

So sad isn't it that people can be so dishonest and have few scruples.

Glad to see that promoters are getting on top of it, the more they do the better for us honest enterers.

Still Erin there is a place for the honest comper, I have won things because the promoters have found out that others cheated to win plus I have won 2 cars - honestly - through product comps. So have heart and hope that karma sorts out the nasty cheats.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 09:26 AM www

Better for it to be out in the open, that way companies that pay promoters to run comps may try to ensure a level playing field for all.

More chance of that occurring if we contact companies asking them why they don't ask for original receipts etc. at time of entry.

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posted 14-5-2009 @ 09:29 AM www

I always read the t&c's before I enter, then I only enter comps requiring a purchase where I think the promoters are pretty much onto the cheats, I'm not throwing my hard earned $ at comps that are open for abuse.

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posted 14-5-2009 @ 09:50 AM www

I was shocked at the lengths people go to, after reading that chapter.
Put all that energy into entering honestly I say!

Five years ago, my son was in year one.
Another Mum came up to me and asked if it was me she had seen on a few winners lists.

I was wrapt with finding a like minded comper.....until.

She asked how many entries I'd put into a particular comp.
One as it was one entry person.
She was shocked and had put in twenty something :(
She went on and on, saying what are the chances she would win more than one prize.

Well, as I always abide by the T&C's I'm always hoping that happens!

I will admit I was secretly happy when she did win a major prize and they wouldn't give her the prize as she never uses her real name :D

Needless to say I completely avoid her:)
Hoping every year my kids never end up in the same class as her daughter.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 09:55 AM www

I win comps by not cheating and have probably won comps competing against the cheaters. It is just a shame that promoters have had to put in stricter t&c to guard against such unethical people. Gives us all a bad name
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:11 AM www

I haven't read the book as yet. Where can I get one??
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:14 AM www

Ya I`ll have one as well!:mad::mad::mad:
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:19 AM www

Well I believe in Karma so I don't cheat beacuse one day it would turn around and bite you on the bum.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:19 AM www

What I also get concerned about is how honest are the promoters themselves? Where's the safe guards to stop prizes going to people they know? So many comps never seem to be published when they're supposed to be...I'm still waiting to see one published that was supposed to be from weeks ago to win a ute.
Is the "judging panel" really there some of the time or is it just drawn.
Too many loopholes for my liking.
The gaming authorities seem to be "toothless tigers", that's if they bother to do anything at all.

We know obviously from the amount of genuine winners on here that this does not happen in the majority of cases which is encouraging.

As for cheaters in the comping community, we just have to get on with it I guess and thankfully there's been diligent people on here who in the past have alerted promoters to strange comping activities and hence the rules have been tightened. So generally I think the playing field is a lot more level and we should not be deterred or discouraged.


posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:27 AM www

Originally posted by goldengoose
I haven't read the book as yet. Where can I get one??

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posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:28 AM www

book is available at big w for under $10...

i am happy to enter competitions against cheats, because at the end of the day, i know that any prize that has come through my door, has done so in fairness and abiding by the t&c's...

i would rather concentrate on my own entries than give the cheats any thought at all because when they have the heart break of losing an amazing car or holiday due to being caught cheating, it will be one of us genuine compers that will be there to pick up the pieces in the second chance draw!!!
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:30 AM www

Originally posted by kismet
What I also get concerned about is how honest are the promoters themselves?

The other aspect of this is that it's in promoters interests to report back to companies who pay them for the promotions to say we had 10 000 entries as opposed to we had 2000 entries so sometimes it's not in the interests of the promoters to limit entries by cheaters.

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posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:32 AM www

I wonder about promoters too.
I can think of a couple of comps from months back that supposedly had upwards of 100 winners and never heard of even one win and never got a reply to my enquiries!

It's funny really cos with all the awesome wins from all the true, honest compers on here the cheaters can't be having too much luck lately!

After searching and searching I finally found the book in borders. You can get it on the net too!
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:37 AM www

I think i will buy the book too. Just for curiositys sake. I remember her when it was featured itn thats life. It was how I first heard about lottos. I came to lottos and left quickly when I realised it wasn't a free site. I mistakenly though it was a gimmick to line someones pockets LOL .. Im so glad I came back as the value here at lottos is enourmous. AND I now see how honest the site is, also fun and save valuable time. (not to mention countless other benifets)

It would be great if all promoters enforced using original receipts. I havn't thought about cheaters much. I know once hubby got a prize because a leader had cheated. I assume it was because the leader had numerous accounts.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:40 AM www

So true, there seem to be so many promoters that never reply to emails,phone calls,letters about missing prizes, or say prizes must have been 'lost in the mail' (and I'm talking about ones that give 10 0r 20 or more people the same story)or claim that THEY never got things such as bar codes/receipts/etc sent in by winners (and tell 10 or 20 people the same story)

there are cheaters on both sides, both need a good kick in the b*m

posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:52 AM www

I am glad this was posted as I am in the process of reading this book also and was amazed at this... I feel a bit naive to be honest, I just didnt realise the lengths people go.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 10:59 AM www

glad you brought it up Erin as I have just read the book too (purchased at bargain price of $8 at kmart!) and was SHOCKED at the chapter on cheating! Now i understand how i can sit here day after day and win next to nothing... the logic had previously eluded me! But I have always believed in the "spirit" of comping which Sherry talks about alot. Just because you "can" do something doesn't always mean you should (like pets having email addy's - that's a form of cheating too!). But I guess if comps aren't governed properly it's left up to what people feel comfortable with really.

Best of luck mate :)
posted 14-5-2009 @ 11:27 AM www

If I was in marketing, I wouldn't bother with comps, they seem to attract alot of compers and not many ordinary punters...I really wonder how much it actually impacts on their sales some of the comps that are run? I'd be doing something like Coles is at the moment...attracts more punters to their store.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 11:31 AM www

Do you think it's cheating because I enter my 40 year old son with his knowledge and consent and the prizes are for him to keep. He of course lives at a seperate address. I also enter my 13 year grandson in some kids comps who again lives at another address and the prizes are for him.
I feel because I'm not doing it to increase my chances but to give family members living at seperate addresses the thrill of receiving a treat in the mail AND NOT to increase my chances of winning then it's within the guidelines. AM I fooling myself?
What do others think?
posted 14-5-2009 @ 12:01 PM www

crazeecook I think thats okay if they know you are entering them and its not the case of if you win I get the prize type of thing. If you were entering in your pets name though, then that's another story :):P (and I've heard of people who do).
I always ensure I keep my receipts and read the t's and c's for each comp because I'd hate to miss out on a major prize, or any prize for that matter because I didn't have it. I am an honest person and I still can't believe that people cheat at all when it comes to comping. I haven't read popettas book yet but that chapter sounds interesting.
I believe in karma and think if you abide by the rules you will win in the end and eventually the cheaters will be caught out. Lets hope so anyway.:D
posted 14-5-2009 @ 12:01 PM www

A chapter on cheating!!!!! I am also another naive comper!!!! Though I am a believer in Karma!!!! Thanks for this thread, what an eye opener!!!!
posted 14-5-2009 @ 12:06 PM www

I don't think that's cheating crazeecook - I would imagine everyone on lottos would enter their immediate family members, (hopefully not the cat though!) I always enter my husband & often write a 25WOL for him as well if I can be bothered, VERY occasionally he will help, I wish he'd help more often as he's a really good writer, but he's always too busy & says he needs to work up inspiration, I never have patience for his creative juices to engage!!!:P
Saying that though I'm the only one who has won from my 25WOL answers!!
I enter baby comps for my daughter to win her prizes for the babies etc. I won a holiday for my daughter & her husband via 1 phone call that I made a couple of years ago. I was so excited for them as they couldn't afford it.

A lot of the joy of comping for me is to be able to share my wins around.

Interesting comment about the promoters Andrew. Hmmm.


posted 14-5-2009 @ 12:20 PM www

I've been known to write a 25worder for my husband especially when it's an embarressing one, I once did one to win a stegbar splash back, I can't remeber the whole thing but it basically said I would bare my arse for some stegbar glass. He knows the deal so I don't see that as cheating.
posted 14-5-2009 @ 12:58 PM www

I think everyone enters for family members. I always enter things like Ralph and the mens magazines in hubbys name. I enter kids comps for my boys and sometimes for my nieces if its a girly comp. Their parents know I do so I have their consent. Occassionally I even enter for my parents but again they are aware Iwill do it sometimes. Its nice to win and makes great surprise gifts for them too. Brings the Christmas bill down a heck of a lot.
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