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I'm no longer a loser :P

posted 21-6-2010 @ 02:09 PM www
I'm no longer a loser :P

I've just realised there is another benefit to winning, that wasn't so obvious. I'm a winner now, not a loser like I've always felt. :D

I got home this morning to find yet another parcel on my doorstep, totally unexpected and contained two DVDs. I read the Congrats letter and it said.. 'Congratulations, You're a Winner!' and I thought.. wow,..that's right... I'm a winner. *snort*

I had a quiet chuckle to myself at the thought of me replying with that little fact each time one of my teens calls me a loser :cool: . I'm going to go "Nohhhh... I'm a winner" all smug like,lol. That is going to press their little buttons like you wouldn't believe MWwaaaaahahahahaa!

So because of my prizes.... I can press my kid's buttons for a change.
posted 21-6-2010 @ 02:13 PM www


Wins for 2009 $9284.57
Wins for 2010 $5531.80
Wins for 2011 $21836.50
Wins for 2012 $13464.55
Wins for 2013 $6091.58
Wins for 2014 $16875.40
Wins for 2015 $6982.88
Wins for 2016 $2702.80
Wins for 2017 $872
Wins for 2018 $863.55
Wins for 2019 $894.50
Wins for 2020 $700
Wins for 2021 $3731.14
Wins for 2022 $4580.99
Wins for 2023 $623
Wins for 2024 $100
posted 24-6-2010 @ 06:20 PM www

Excellent LuckyDux.
You are a winner!
posted 24-6-2010 @ 07:03 PM www

Congratulations on being a winner, Luckydux!

You definitely have to keep that winner frame of mind - it's amazing how winning a few small prizes can put a spring in your step. I also love the fact that I'm not so scared of the postman anymore, because he doesn't just bring bills - he brings lovely surprises!! And the parcel man visited me three days in a row this week!!

However, I think I may have crossed the line into addiction with my comping on Tuesday. At lunchtime, I went to Woolworths to buy 2 packets of chocolate biscuits, thinking I'd enter online that night (for a chance at $100,000 and some $100 giftcards). I got the biscuits and read the little coupon while waiting at the check-out. Turns out online entries closed 2 days earlier, but mail entries were due the next day!

So, straight to the post office from Woolies I went. Stood in line filling in the coupon, bought a stamped envelope and went over to the table to fix it all up. Did I have scissors to cut out the barcodes? NO! But I had my nail clippers in my handbag. So I stood in the post office cutting out 2 barcodes with nail clippers!!

What a way to spend your lunch-break, huh? But hey, I'm a winner too!!

Good luck with all your competitions!
posted 24-6-2010 @ 08:13 PM www

Frame It !!!!
posted 24-6-2010 @ 08:24 PM www

Everyone on lottos is a winner!!! Well Done. :)

posted 24-6-2010 @ 08:25 PM www

It's true LuckyDux, as a "work from home" mum my teens always treated me like I should get a REAL job. But now they have to be nice to me if they want to benefit from the winnings. And my self-respect has come up a notch as well! :D

It's a great feeling aint it?

posted 19-2-2011 @ 09:35 PM www

Hey LuckyDux

Congrats I am new to comping and have won infrequent small prizes, I found out two days ago that my role and those of 60 of my work colleagues is going to be made redundant soon so I am going to ramp up the number of comps I enter.

I am hoping to win some prizes and have a bit more luck for a change. :thumbup:
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