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Where does your Username come from?

posted 8-7-2003 @ 08:08 PM www

my username is the name of my ginger tom cat - and my avatar will be a picture of him (his real name is actually Maestro by he got Maudi as a nickname for mouse catcher when he was a young kitten
posted 8-7-2003 @ 08:59 PM www

My fave colour is purple...


I'm a grrrrrrrrrrl!!

It was just something I wanted to use for a more anonymous email because my parent email addy uses my name and sometimes I feel funny using it - depends on the circs. (Although it's right there in my sig web addy!! LOL!! *doink*)
posted 8-7-2003 @ 10:02 PM www

is of course my daughters nickname. she is 20months and i think it is common for little terors like mine!!!!
posted 13-7-2003 @ 07:13 PM www

My dad called me skinnyminny (I was very small and thin) from about the age of 5 and it just sort of stuck. :sing:
posted 13-7-2003 @ 09:58 PM www

I got mine after trying to register a business name. I tried several but always got told you can't have that, so I said okeydokey I'll try another. Couldn't think of anything else so I chose Okeydokey. It's something I say a lot.
posted 14-7-2003 @ 09:28 AM www

My first ex used to sing.. you are my sanshine, my only sanshine... not a spello, because san is from Susan.. and I liked it!
posted 15-7-2003 @ 01:29 PM www

Im a hen.....:)
posted 15-7-2003 @ 04:19 PM www

My ex used to call me his 'blue eyed goddess', I thought it would make a sweet user name :)
posted 20-7-2003 @ 12:13 AM www
anyone know if u can change your username??

It looks like I need to grow an imagination...

Mine is sooooo boooring !!!!

If anyone knows if you can and/or how to change your username, please fill me in, THANX:D:D:D
posted 20-7-2003 @ 09:03 AM www

Mine is not as creative as all the other wonderful usernames I have been reading about. My first name is Teresa and my second name is two parts one starting with D and the other starting with N. The surname is my married name and does not include my maiden name - it just so happens that my hubby's surname is double barrelled.
posted 26-7-2003 @ 12:39 AM www

Mine is fairly self explanitory- every one keeps telling me I am one (sound it out)
posted 27-7-2003 @ 06:20 PM www
where does your name come from

well, simple! my name is alice and i live in oz. besides i have sent dorothy of to wonderland
posted 15-8-2003 @ 11:12 PM www

I'd just like to explain that my name comes from my first three initials, then the LIT is because I invented this name when I was playing an online game called Literati (which is like Scrabble). The 45 is vaguely related to my age I'm afraid (I'd really like to ditch that!).
So my name, despite what my husband keeps joking about, has nothing whatsoever to do with any part of the female anatomy - I nearly died of embarassment when he started calling me J. A. - well you can work it out!

EDIT - In case anyone reads this - my name USED to be JACLIT45, but I changed it for the reasons above!

I am now JACuzzi, because I like it!
posted 20-8-2003 @ 01:10 PM www

My mother always called me Mikey. It's short for Michael. It also gets used in the film 'The Lost Boys'.

I could have used 'Mickey Jack' cause thats what all my aunties have always called me.

My friends know me as Mikey the <b>[Censored]</b>. That comes from 'The Young Ones' tv show.

Mikey :cool:


Yes. That is a picture of me when I was 8 y.o.
posted 21-8-2003 @ 12:09 PM www

Mine is the year of birth and a nickname i`ve had since High school (for undisclosed reasons) that is still with me now
posted 21-8-2003 @ 12:28 PM www

mine is a mixture of my hubby's , my 2 girls and my first names, i used to be jomelerju but had to drop the u off because i changed internet providers and only could use 8 letters:D
posted 21-8-2003 @ 12:41 PM www

Wow, no imagination needed for mine, I'm afraid!
THere are some very imaginative and creative names out there... and its great to hear the stories behind them!
WHat a wonderful idea for a post... thankyou for putting it up again, MGM!

PS portiaa, I love the merchant of venice!!! I always remember learning this in school, and never have forgotten it!
posted 21-8-2003 @ 01:54 PM www

Well a few years back I was often called a trippa....I started using trippymonster about the net, but dropped it back to trippy....I now couldn't imagine any other name for myself.....oh except when my g/f and I chat together online, then we are lil_munchkins:D
posted 21-8-2003 @ 05:43 PM www

My username is simply my first initial followed by my surname. Nice and easy and not in the least bit funny.

When studying at TAFE (quite a while ago now) usernames were assigned as the first 2 letters of your surname and the first letter of your first name hence I became FAC.

Now TAFE students have very vivid imaginations and will make a joke out of anything (sound it out and you'll understand). To make matters worse when it came to learning the UNIX computer system we were assigned separate usernames. These were our regular usernames followed by a U (for unix) and hence I became, yes you guessed it - FACU :o.

Therefore I quite enjoy being boring old cfay.
posted 21-8-2003 @ 06:01 PM www

hehe that is quite funny cfay:)

My nick is just something I of thought of at the time of registering, as the nick I was going to use was already taken:)
posted 21-8-2003 @ 10:05 PM www
Username come from?

My name is Sharon, but mostly I get Shaz,
I used to work in a transport office and usually got shazzy.....amongst other things, I came up with chassis, as it sounds the same, but confused the <b>[Censored]</b> out "the men"", when I did there paperwork! Who is chassis?, they'd ask the person who fixes your mistakes!
posted 22-8-2003 @ 09:50 AM www

My name comes from my initials and the year my footy team won the grand final for the first, last and only time. (so far)
posted 22-8-2003 @ 05:32 PM www

There are not many times or places where I'm not mum or wife or whatever
but here I-am-me doing something that I really enjoy for myself !
posted 22-8-2003 @ 05:36 PM www

I love that one Iamme - I'm So pleased about your kettle!!!
posted 25-8-2003 @ 11:31 AM www

Kasey because I am a big fan of Kasey Chambers and Blade because it's my 3 years old son's name and he is the reason I am a Kasey fan so they seem to fit together. Pretty boring though.
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