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Paying taxes and resort charges on prize accommodation

posted 21-11-2012 @ 09:30 AM www

I've only had to pay taxes on a holiday prize once. It was airfare taxes of $1800 (we had to pay $800 all up as we were given $1000 spending money). It was a trip to London in a 5 star hotel (with extras) so paid the $800 as we felt it was well worth it.

I would ask them to include it and if they don't, weigh up if it's worth paying (I'm guessing it would be!).

Good luck cleanup and enjoy your holiday.
posted 21-11-2012 @ 11:20 AM www

Originally posted by ilana182
Sounds like a bit of a first world problem, I would just pay it ... most people would kill to win a trip like that

It being a 'first world problem' is irrelevant... We are all faced with 'first world problems' every day, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be dealt with accordingly.

Cleanup, I'd press the point that the T&Cs state from your nearest capital city (I think that's what I read earlier in the thread?). It shouldn't matter that there are no direct flights from Brisbane - you should be flown as part of the budget to Sydney if needed. I am in WA and the trips I have won have involved being flown to Melb or Syd to connect to the main flight (eg to LAX) as there are no direct flights from Perth.

Perhaps do as someone else mentioned, get the promoter involved if the agency is being difficult... It should be a dream holiday for you!
posted 21-11-2012 @ 02:55 PM www

I'd be fighting the point about the closest capital city and CC'ing the product promoter into all emails - before you start this process get the name and email of someone substantial up the ladder from the product promoter. Make sure you CC them into all emails. I'd also ask for an itemized breakdown of all charges that they've incurred for your prize win with and make sure the promoter is seeing this and if you think any of the charges are unreasonable (i.e. you've googled the cost this yourself) then screen shot what it should cost and email it back cc'ing in the promoter
posted 21-11-2012 @ 03:02 PM www

I've also found Natasha at Free2travel AMAZING to deal with, but had another girl from one of their interstate offices arrange a trip and was just given No, No, No as answers, luckily that was a minor thing so it didnt matter, I have a feeling Natasha is the boss so if you get into trouble you could always try contacting her!

posted 27-11-2012 @ 08:25 AM www

Amazing who must actually read this forum! When you are asked to stop what you are doing and let certain people "fix" things :o
posted 27-11-2012 @ 09:12 AM www

Originally posted by cleanup
Amazing who must actually read this forum! When you are asked to stop what you are doing and let certain people "fix" things :o

Are you saying the people organising the trip for you have read this thread and asked you to stop? Interesting...
posted 27-11-2012 @ 09:44 AM www

I hope the trip all works out for you cleanup! You weren't 'doing' anything - simply asking for advice from Lottos friends :)
posted 27-11-2012 @ 12:21 PM www

Originally posted by MattsMum
I hope the trip all works out for you cleanup! You weren't 'doing' anything - simply asking for advice from Lottos friends :)

Thanks Mattsmum, something has put the wind up them, in one sentence they said Moccona don`t care what you think they have flicked it back to us but in another sentence they said we will do whatever it takes to fix it what do you want - so do I really believe Moccona flicked the problem back to them without caring ? :no:

We had already paid for the airfares and were going to pay the accommodation taxes which work out to be $46 a night + the $26 per night resort fee, suddenly they have found a way to pay those fees for ALL the Moccona winners after telling us there was no way possible for them to pay it.

I`m really grateful for the prize and looking forward to it, it`s just that before we even leave Sydney airport we will have spent well over $1000 to get there and that`s without extending the trip, meals, sightseeing etc etc
posted 27-11-2012 @ 01:27 PM www

Looks like clever Moccona have someone who monitors their name popping up on the web!
I expect most media savvy companies would do the same!

posted 27-11-2012 @ 01:30 PM www

Amazing! Companies need to do the right thing when they run a comp basically.

posted 27-11-2012 @ 02:00 PM www

Glad it appears to be being sorted out for you Cleanup:)
posted 27-11-2012 @ 03:59 PM www

my holiday in Hawaii and my upcoming USA one I have and am paying resort charges, just seems to be one of those things they don't include in usa prizes at resorts
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