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Anyone been to Lapland in winter?

posted 26-11-2012 @ 01:11 PM www
Anyone been to Lapland in winter?

Leaving this very last minute haha...

I am travelling to Germany next week for a music festival.. after which I have 5 days before my flight home.

I was looking at things to do (after other plans changed) and have gained an interest in visiting lapland for those days.

I am wondering if anyone has been around winter and could possibly recommend a tour company.

I would love to go to sweden to see the ice hotel, ride a raindeer sleigh, snow mobile and husky driven sleds also, however so far flights from dusseldorf THEN accommodation and activities have proven to be a bit above my budget.

Spent days on end searching websites of different tours and packages, and am yet to find something that fits my time and budget.. hence a call to my fellow lotto friends for recommendations if you have them
posted 26-11-2012 @ 02:28 PM www

We did Christmas 2 years ago now through Thomsons in the UK as we were in Paris on a comp win and it was cheapest to get to Gatwick and then take a package from there. Was about $600 pounds for airfares and 6 nights accomodation in Salla which is up the top just inside the arctic circle. Spent about another 400 euros when we got there for a weeks snowboarding, gear hire, groceries, reindeer, husky,snowmobile rides and going out. U2u me if you would like some more detailed info - we have limited Internet at the moment but I will get back to you when I can.
posted 26-11-2012 @ 02:41 PM www

Thankyou missmuffet.

Thompsons is one of the many I have looked at, and unfortunately does not make it cheap for solo travellers.. others alike this charge the earth for single supplement but that price is roughly what I am aiming for with travel, accommodation and activities (and would be perfect if they could di it for solo travellers) thankyou so much for the info though, truly appreciate it.. if Salla becomes the most likely destination I will U2u you for sure for some tips
posted 26-11-2012 @ 07:19 PM www

have you looked into ferries to Sweden and trains within germany? This is the way that locals often travel.
(also factor in that if the ferry is overnight you do not need a hotel)

if you go to stockholm, I was intrigued by the jumbo hotel

I think it is good for solo travellers.

posted 26-11-2012 @ 07:54 PM www

Thankyou so much lucymorgan,

I actually did not think about alternate travel, and will certainly look into that.
After spending 2 flights to get to germany and 2 more back, I think the last thing i want to sleep in is a plane haha.. but i absolutely love the concept and am encouraged that you shared its reality with me :)

I found a tour operator in Germany who has many lapland tours and covers exactly what I want, with transport organised also.. the only thing is the budget (more to the point what I have in pocket now at the time of booking) I get payed when I am over there, so have contacted them to see if something can be arranged (like payment for the majority now and activities etc a few days prior or at the time) i hope to hear a positive reply from them, but in the mean time will keep searching, and again will look into alternate transport for sure
posted 26-11-2012 @ 08:18 PM www

Good luck with the trip!

I went past the jumbo hotel last year in a taxi - which is why I looked it up.

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