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List here YOUR ten BIGGEST wins

posted 6-10-2004 @ 08:44 AM www

I've only kept track of my wins since the start of 2004, based on their delivery dates, and 99% of my wins are movie passes :D which suits me just fine, but it did mean I've had to wait until now to be able to list my top ten things that weren't all movie passes :lol:

1) 15gig iPod (The Age newspaper) - $449.00 one entry mail in
answered 100 trivia questions - I actually hand delivered it to make sure it arrived in time!

2) Blue Topaz and Diamond ring ( - who no longer appear to exsist online) - $399.00 one entry online
submission of email address only

3) Mind, Body, Spirit Pack (Hay House books, tapes, cards, event tickets, etc from Dymocks) - $237.90 one entry online
emailed contact details and event choice

4) Serenity major prize pack (Movies tickets, usb keyring, novel, limited edition poster, etc from Greater Union) - $225.00 two entries online

5) MAXUM gents watch (kittykatt's forum comp :) thankyou again kk!) - $199.00 one entry online
answered 15 Brain Teasers

6) Two tickets to The Lion King stage show (Sunday Herald Sun) - $179.50 two entries mail in
contact details

7) 12 month subscription to eatdrink magazine (Atlantic Group) - $106.70 one entry online
filled in personal details at website

8) Westfield Gift Certificate (a comp through hubby's work for Coca-Cola Amatil) - $100.00 eleven entries mail in
second chance draw coupons - sent in throughout the competition.

9) Cheque (Opinions Paid) - $100.00 one entry online

10) Serenity minor prize pack (Movie tickets, usb keyring & novel from Greater Union) - $100.00 two entries online

Total: $2,146.10

Updated: 26th November 2005
posted 28-10-2004 @ 08:57 AM www
8, not 10

I've never won 10 things...unless a whole lot of little lotto wins counts...but..

In the last 20 years of comping (out of the 36 I've been around):
Signed Auckland NPC Jersey (instore comp) $1000
Foosball table (instore comp) $900
Schweppes Polo Shirts x 2 (mailin)$60
Jewel CD - (web comp) $35
Biggest Lotto win so far: $340

EDIT: Now, in the 122 days since I joined Premium:
22 prizes at a total of $2425.... not bad for thirty bucks investement!

I still want the big one though!
posted 3-11-2004 @ 03:28 PM www
OMG ! I can't catch up ! (not that it's a competition!)

posted 31-12-2004 @ 07:32 PM www

Am so inspired by you guys.

I joined lottos about ten days ago now and have entered 107 competitions (oh make that 108 - found one at the local chinese tonight!).

Fingers crossed for me.. .two new cars and an o's holiday would be just great!!!
posted 26-1-2005 @ 08:00 PM www
Top Ten Wins

My list - 2004 to 2009 :)

1) $10,000 cash - Heinz 2nd chance draw

2) $10,000 share portfolio - Bega cheese -yay!

3) $4000 5 ngts Seaworld Nara resort plus extras & $500 spending money - Stubbies fathers day comp

4) $2000 voucher to use at any Pepper's resort in Australia (Suzanne Grae Web comp)

5) $2000 prize pack - sheets, BOSE alarm clock, Peter Alexander voucher (Woolies/Kraft Philly comp - 4 entries)

6) $2000 - VIP day at the Ekka (show) with $500 spending money (Dairy Farmers - 2 entries)

7) $500 Red Sunbeam mixmaster - Family circle 25 WOL

8) $500 - two hours with a personal shopper plus Westfield voucher (1 entry - barrel at shopping centre)

9) $400 Cookware - Maggi stock 25WOL

10) $400 restaurant voucher (L'Oreal SMS comp)

11) Woolies Wish Card $500 (Woolies mail in comp)

plus lots sml prizes eg. vouchers, movie passes, backpacks
posted 27-3-2005 @ 01:25 PM www

Should I be inspired, depressed or absolutely amazed.............congrats to all but can't help feeling a little bit envious. Everyone says it will happen to me soon....trouble is I seem to be surreounded by people winning all the time.
However, as morbid as i sound, I truly do congratulate you all.
posted 27-3-2005 @ 10:16 PM www

Is there one of these set up for 2005 anywhere, or are we just carrying on through this thread?

posted 27-3-2005 @ 11:00 PM www

Wow how time can change your situation.

I just looked back at my thread from a mere 7 months ago - since then I have won nearly $16, 000 in prizes.

I think if you stick with it, it is only a matter of time before you win some big prizes.
posted 28-3-2005 @ 09:31 AM www

I had only every won the odd cd, dvd or movie ticket.

Since joining lottos in sept last year I have won:

1. A first class holiday to Hawaii for two (4 nights) valued at $29,947!!! (Still in shock)

2. a family pass for 5 years to warner brothers movie world (not lottos related) Of course there is only just me, so the decision as to who to take was very difficult. Valued around $2,400.

3. a mobile phone valued at around $600.

Keep at it. I certainly never thought it would happen. Here i was hanging out for one of the Big W bar fridges when I got the letter about the holiday. - Much better!

Has anyone had bad experiences related to winning something? Was telling my dentist about the win. He said he had a patient who won $140k in lotto. He was the first to congratulate her. Her friends & family stopped talking to her. She had been really struggling trying to pay for a renovation & had to pay off her dentist bills.

posted 31-3-2005 @ 04:59 PM www

White pointer I think it would be great if we started a new one for this year. We could keep our post current through out the year by using the edit feature.
posted 18-4-2005 @ 03:40 PM www

well, I haven't even won 10 things...but heres what I have won...

1. $100 worth of Vo5 haircare products
2. Double Pass to Electra $28
3. A christmas cake...
4. Free download from optus zoo (came with the phone)
posted 28-4-2005 @ 11:54 PM www

New member here but thought I'd post my 10 biggest wins for the 5 years that I've been comping.

1. Boat & Trailer $57,000 (web entry)
2. Daewoo Matiz car $12,000 (web entry)
3. New Kitchen $8,000 (web entry)
4. 1 week trip to Seaworld Nara Resort + Cash $6,000 (web entry)
5. 1 week trip to Seaworld Nara Resort $5,000 (web entry)
6. Cash $5,000 (web entry)
7. Trip to Sydney $4,800 (web entry)
8. Cash $3,000 (web entry)
9. Adairs Voucher $2,000 (mail in 5 entries)
10. In car Navigation system $2,000 (web entry)
posted 29-4-2005 @ 09:22 AM www

Nice! Welcome coochie!


CompTracker! - 1st ever Competitions tagging system, part of Premium!!!
posted 1-5-2005 @ 01:51 PM www

ok this isn't from the lottos site BUT... I used to go to bingo (pre children!) and this was about 10 years ago (oh my god... I am getting old!). Anyway, this lady used to go to Bingo all the time. She won 1st Division lotto! It was about $700K! The did the usual and bought cars for family and went on a overseas trip. Now... this is the amazing bit... before they went o/seas, they bought a 10 week game. (you can guess what's going to happen can't you?!). Well, when they came back, they checked their ticket and low and behold they had won 1st division again!!! This time is was just over $1.2M!!!

Now how is THAT for luck!! I "think" it was within a 6 week period, from memory. I also dont think they registered their ticket because apparently there was a bit of thing trying to find the winner.

You know, she still came to bingo each week, dressed the same (trackies etc you get the picture).

Now how cool is that?!!

True story. She never hid the fact of how lucky she was! (although I dont remember her winning bingo much lol)
posted 1-5-2005 @ 01:56 PM www

Another 1st division story. Anyone in Perth might remember this. It was front page news about 15 years ago?? I think?
Anyway, my sister actually worked with the girl at the time (yes she did quit after she won).

She also won about $700K. Now this is the story that was put in the paper (I sooooo would not admit to this!). After she won, she told her boyfriend about it and then asked him to marry her. You know what he said? "Show me the ticket first"!!! :o:o:o

This was actually published in the West Australian, front page! (my sister also verified it).

The girl bought a very decent house and blew the rest. I think she got in to debt. I dont know if they got married.:o
posted 1-5-2005 @ 01:58 PM www

Originally posted by coochiechick
New member here but thought I'd post my 10 biggest wins for the 5 years that I've been comping.

1. Boat & Trailer $57,000 (web entry)
2. Daewoo Matiz car $12,000 (web entry)
3. New Kitchen $8,000 (web entry)
4. 1 week trip to Seaworld Nara Resort + Cash $6,000 (web entry)
5. 1 week trip to Seaworld Nara Resort $5,000 (web entry)
6. Cash $5,000 (web entry)
7. Trip to Sydney $4,800 (web entry)
8. Cash $3,000 (web entry)
9. Adairs Voucher $2,000 (mail in 5 entries)
10. In car Navigation system $2,000 (web entry)

VERY nice coochie!
Just curious, with your web entries, did you enter heaps?
posted 1-5-2005 @ 10:15 PM www

yeah luck always strikes, once then again close together.
my dad and brother won a big lottery prize and 4 months later my brother a powerball division prize
posted 16-6-2005 @ 12:47 AM www
my wins...

im new to lottos but havent really won anything overly exciting, im been comping since i was 15, and have won a lot of things i thought were great back then (althogh that wasnt long ag) things like dvds, cds, huge amount of cosmetics, huge teddy bear (you know those real big ones), movie tickets, clothes, im 18 and now im awaiting that car or that holiday for me and mum!! Hope it comes around one day, but untill then.... keep comping i guess!:P
posted 16-6-2005 @ 08:30 AM www

I'll add my top win...the rest aren't worth mentioning!

1. 50 inch Pioneer plasma tv with dvd player and surround sound system....valued at $19500 (web entry)

I kept getting annoyed that I couldn't instant win a box of muesli bars...unlike a lot of other lotto's members, and won the major prize :mad:
posted 16-6-2005 @ 09:57 AM www

wow jct!!! That's awesome!! When did you win that?
posted 16-6-2005 @ 09:03 PM www

edit 28th jan 2007
* Trip for two to Cairns from Womans day photo comp.

Private screeing for 26 people and food and drinks. 25 wds ph entry $5000

Trip for four for to sydney $5000 25 wds
4 PSP's from Cadbury comp $1680

Grand final tickets, home entertainmnt system, $100 voucher and metal umpire whistle(hubby has been wanting one of those) $1100 coke zero comp

$1000 to spend on one night on citysearch( two rooms at theBurswood casino and Cirque Du Soleil tickets for the family, 2nd of July... Can't wait. 25 wds

Five days car hire from Sunrise $575 25 wds

50 movie tickets from Greater Union 25 wds

$500 cash from duracell 2nd chance draw

$400 Jeans west voucher 25 wds / $400 massage pack 25 wds

nice to update and have to cut off a couple of the lower valued prizes

posted 16-6-2005 @ 09:43 PM www

CJmum - I won the tv about 18 months ago now :)
posted 16-6-2005 @ 10:03 PM www

me too
posted 27-6-2005 @ 02:28 PM www

1. Won a system 10 lotto ticket in a lotto promotion that won me $11,000
2. $15,000 cheque (mail in)
3. DVD player and other goodies (how embarrasing, WOF) $1700
4. Digital Camera $499 (web)
5. DVD player and DVD's $500 (web)
6. Mobile phone $500 (web)
7 $1000 cheque (mail in)
8. $1000 Freedom Furmiture voucher (SMS)
9. PS2 and game $360 (web)
10. PS2 and game $365 (mail in)

no holidays or cars yet but I'm never giving up !
posted 29-7-2005 @ 04:16 PM www

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