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List here YOUR ten BIGGEST wins

posted 29-7-2005 @ 09:51 PM www

Hi mcwinner, welcome to Lottos :)

They are fantastic wins....congrats!

I look forward to seeing your new wins in the winners circle soon.
posted 12-8-2005 @ 03:06 PM www

Hi. This is my first post. :-)

1. $5000 Diana Ferrari gift voucher (the women amongst my family and friends loved me for a while!

2. $1000 Polo Jeans Co voucher... I went in to the Polo Jeans Co store and bought a $999 leather jacket.

3. 2 x Palm Zire PDAS ($599)

4. Microsoft Office and another Microsoft product (can't remember what)

5. A NEC DVD recorder and a DVD player (at separate times)

6. A Playstation 2

7. A private cinema screening with catering for 25 people... couldn't use it so it went to my partner's brother.

8. A cocktail pack featuring different liqueurs such as Midori, Frangelico etc.

9. Two VIP tickets to the State Ballet of Russia's production of Romeo & Juliet, including a backstage tour, meeting with the producer and ballerinas (worth about $600 each I think).

10. A set of Adolfo Dominguez perfumes, aftershaves and body lotions.
posted 16-8-2005 @ 05:13 PM www

I've updated my listing - others my care to do the same. Great to look at your biggest wins duringa dry spell. :P
posted 16-8-2005 @ 05:25 PM www

Wow, I never felt that I could really post in this thread before (other than to be in awe of the other posters) but here are *big* my wins since joining lottos beginning of this year.

1. $4,000 QLD holiday
2. $3,300 plasma tv

I've won lots of other smaller value things including phones, ipod shuffles etc, in fact, the total so far is staggering! (well to me it is!) but these are the biggies in my mind. :)

One day I would love to add a car to my list :)
posted 16-8-2005 @ 07:54 PM www

Just read this thread, some brilliant wins, here are some of mine
1. Cash $100,000.00 Mylanta ring in 3 SMS entries
2. Cash $10,000.00 Catsan ring in 5 SMS Entries
3. X-trail $37,000.00 Mail in 2 Mail entries
4. Trip to London/Rome $18,000 Mail in 5 Mail in
5. Weekend for 5 to Melbourne, including tickets to AFL grand final and $5000 spending $25,000.00 6 mail in
6. Trip to Heron Island Cant remember how much 1 mail in
7. $5,000 spending spree at Grace Bros cant remember
8. Fridge $9000 7 entries SMS
9. Trip to Spain to meet David Beckham $15,000 heaps
10. Coca-cola. $10,350 $10,000 cash and an overnight stay in town. 2 Sms entries

Lots more but I think that is the top ten.

Sorry cant remember who but someone wanted to know the number of entries...which I've added above.

Just removed one of the $5000 wins and added the Fridge.
I had only just started entering this one and the stopped when I saw someone was going to enter hundreds of times. I figured I had no chance against that many, luck of the draw eh.
posted 21-8-2005 @ 07:12 PM www

Originally posted by Caledonian
Just read this thread, some brilliant wins, here are some of mine
1. Cash $100,000.00 Mylanta ring in
2. Cash $10,000.00 Catsan ring in
3. X-trail $37,000.00 Mail in
4. Trip to London/Rome $18,000 Mail in
5. Weekend for 5 to Melbourne, including <A title="Best tickets" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank>tickets</A> to AFL grand final and $5000 spending $25,000.00
6. Trip to Heron Island Cant remember how much
7. $5,000 spending spree at Grace Bros
8. $5,000 cheque Milk comp
9. Trip to <A title="Best spain" style="COLOR: #65b45c; TEXT-DECORATION: underline" href="" target=_blank>Spain</A> to meet David Beckham $15,000
10. Entertainment system, TV,DVD etc. $8,000

Lots more but I think that is the top ten.

OMG thats amazing, I would love to win just 1 of them,,, preferably the 1st one :P:P, no but really that is great, congrats to you :D
posted 12-9-2005 @ 04:33 PM www

1. $20,000.00 moran leather lounges (mag)
2. $20,000.00 cash omo major second chance draw (store)
3. $14,000.00 first class x4 trip Aust Open tennis (phone in)
4. $14,000.00 first classx4 Indy gold coast one week (phone in)
5. $10,000.00 cash schmakos major second chance draw (store)
6. $5,000.00 holiday Thailand, coles comp
7. $5,200.00 holiday Coolum cadburys iga instore
8. $5,000.00 phone in Aust Film Industry Awards packagex2
9. $3,000.00 holiday Seaworld Nare x4
10.$3,000.00 holiday South Molle Is.x2 ...and hundreds of more prizes
posted 26-9-2005 @ 01:16 AM www
Amazing wins guys

I have only won movie passes and small things so far, but it is nice to see someone really does get the big things.

Let it be me next time lol
posted 26-9-2005 @ 08:42 AM www

1. Trip into Space. $250,000
2. Masterfoods XR8 cricket car pack $60,000
3. Sonata car $30,000
4. 2 First class tickets to Anarctic $11,000
5. $20,000 cash
6. $10,000 white good package.
7. Alley McBeal trip to LA $8,000
8. Dr Doolittle trip to LA $7000
9. Trip to Hong Kong $6000
10 Trip to Port Douglas $6000
Total $408,000 Wow didn't realise it would have been so much.
Some of these trips were for a family of 4 but only two of us went or they were grossly exaggerated in cost so I have put it an estimate of what they really were.
Been comping since 1992. I give a lot of my wins away to family and friends and I believe that my luck comes from good Karma and persisting in entering entering entering entering entering. Your name has to come out someday.
posted 26-9-2005 @ 08:50 AM www

Wow I am impressed. We are all so Clever. Keep it up everyone. Hope this week is a big one for you all. Love to read about all your wins.
posted 27-9-2005 @ 10:26 PM www

OK - well I am not one of the BIG winners, but I just searched through all my wins to find my biggest wins, and they make ME pretty happy, so here they are:

******Edited on 25 March 2006 ******
******Edited on 22 July 2006 ********

1. Family trip to the Gold Coast (Top Taste - entered about 5 or 6 times) $8000
2. Trip to Telstra Athlete of the Year Awards (a comp for Bigpond subscribers on the internet) $2,500
3. Weekend in Couran Cove (Mastercard competition) $2,000
4. Glamour photography (OMNI - just one entry 10wol on the internet plus purchase) $1,000
5. 100,000 FlyBuys points (Coles Chill&Win) Just one entry $1,000
6. An Electrolux washing machine (Colgate) Buy three products and sms to win - $950
7. A HouseCleaner for a year (Duck Fresh) Three entries, and this one was open for months (and my house cleaner comes every month) $800
8. A sony Ericsson Phone from Eclipse $800
9. The Ultimate DVD collection (The Australian wol) 2 entries $650
10. Mothersday Maybelline makeup prize (Kmart - 25wol) 1 entry $600
11. HANS Bacon 2nd Chance Draw $550
12. Soccer gear (SBS The World Game - 25wol 1 entry $500
12. Private screening Charlies Angels $500
12. Award Winners DVD collection (50wol) 1 entry $500
12. Lovable lingerie (25wol plus pch) 1 entry $500
12. Complete John Grisham library and DVDs (pch book) 1 entry $500

PS I have been comping for two and a half years, since I found lottos!!!

PPS I have just decided my aim for next year is to get my top ten prizes all valued $1000 or more!!!!!!! (although all those $500 ones I absolutely LOVE)

PPPS Just realised my BIGGEST prize is worth less than some people's TENTH biggest prize! I am inspired to try for some biggies!
posted 27-9-2005 @ 11:08 PM www

Not sure if I did it right but just went back and edited my post to show the number of entries for each of my wins because someone was asking about it. Also forgot to mention that I only use ordinary pre-stamped envelopes, no fancy colours or sizes.
posted 28-9-2005 @ 09:47 AM www

Anonymous member has requested the following be posted on their behalf:

$20,000 Tuscan makeover for yard
$20,000 appliances (1 prize)
$20,000 European trip for 2 (gave to relatives)
$20,000 Ikea Kitchen makeover (gave to mother)
$14,000 Fijian trip for 4 incl $ (given to relatives)
$14,000 Diahatsu (sold for 10K - used 4 school fees)
$10,000 Moran leather lounges (given to relatives)
$10,000 Kitchen (gave to family experiencing hardship)
14 computers (most gave away)
$5,000 cash (school)
$? Federation fire-place (gave to mother)

all won in skill-based comps. I am very grateful
for the creativity I've been given that SOMETIMES
wins. I probably win about 5%.

What I have learnt from 20 or so years from comping:
you can bring a lot of joy to MANY (not all) people.

CompTracker! - 1st ever Competitions tagging system, part of Premium!!!
posted 28-9-2005 @ 11:50 AM www

I refuse to list my top ten seeing as number 1 is:

Nintendo DS with Game - $270

Still, I'm happy enough with that :)
posted 28-9-2005 @ 06:26 PM www

I think wins big or small are terrific, but the friends we meet along the way in enjoying out hobby is priceless!!!

So biggest win? PRICELESS

Meeting friends who are as excited about comping and winning (or losing) as I am...

is GREAT to share the ups and the downs with comping friends too...not every entry can be a winner

We are all winners in some shape or form EVERYDAY
posted 29-9-2005 @ 11:03 AM www

Congratulations to all the winners of these amazing prizes!! I hope I can keep up the comping as perserverance is definitely the key.

I have been comping for just over 2 years now but have been hit hard by the bug!

$24,000 cash from Channel 7 '24' promotion
$10,000 trip to the Gold Coast
$5,000 Coles-Myer voucher from Coles Praise comp - 1 entry
$4,500 trip to Melbourne
$2,000 clothes shopping spree
$1,500 cash
posted 9-10-2005 @ 09:29 AM www

Pamscott how did you win the trip into space? And when are you going??? That would be an awesome prize but I would be terrified.
posted 7-11-2005 @ 01:32 PM www

ok here are my biggest ten wins....

1: V8 experience at eatern creek $3,000
2: two streetcarvers $3,000
3: A digital video camera $1,000
4: sony ericson phone $800
5: vax pack $527
6: cometics and perfumes and creams $500
7: 3 vagary watches $477
8: 3 packs of goodies from saveyourself $380
9: 4 psp games-ea comp $320
10: rice cooker $289
plus xbox games, make up, ps2 games, dvd's etc...
posted 7-11-2005 @ 01:53 PM www

OMG CONGRATS to everyone.
Well at least i now know that the prizes are won.:P

Me, well lets see top 10, that would be, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, i could go on, oh sorry i forgot, my kids, but would have to say a daughter after 4 sons, had a 13yr break.
One day i WILL get that wonderful WPC, i might then be too old to enjoy the prize, but i will WIN something big.:P:P:P:P:P
posted 7-11-2005 @ 02:40 PM www

I feel like I might be able to post a few wins now.

1. Christmas Party and holiday (took it as cash $40,000) New Idea web entry
2. Cash ($20,000) Channel Ten - web entry and SMS entry
3. Girls night out with Sunsilk ($15,000) SMS entry
4. Family trip to the Goldcoast ($7000) SMS entry
5. Trip to Sydney and digital camera ($4500) SMS entry
6. $1000 grocery voucher - Continental comp Internet entry
7. PSP console and games - EA SMS comp
8. iPod shuffle - Mcdonalds web entry
9. Senseo coffee machine

Plus lots of little stuff. I only started entering in mid August 2005. Thanks heaps CJmum!!!
posted 18-11-2005 @ 11:49 AM www

OK, mine arenít as big as everyone elseís but Iíll give this a go!! Iíve been comping for 4 years and have mainly won small things (but lots of them):

1. Trip to Galapagos Islands from Discovery Channel (web) - $20,000 (entered 20 times)
2. 152cm LCD TV from Lord of the Rings (second chance draw!!) - $9,000 (entered once each week when the new tasks went up)
3. 63cm flat screen Sanyo TV, with playstation and lots more from Take40 Ė $4,000 (entered once a day for the duration!)
4. 4 day Phillip Island Grand Prix pass from MMM (web) - $500
5. Lots of other little stuff which would total altogether about $5,000 (mostly web and sms comps)
posted 19-11-2005 @ 10:03 PM www

I started comping in 1998 but then stopped in 2001 whilst renovating & studying and have started again in May this year...The first few of mine are from my first stint maybe some of you will remember them :)

1. 20,000 in shares from Leggo's Greater Share of Life Comp In 2001 (Mail in)... only 1 entry!

2. Australians Captains Cricket Bat from Flora Team Sprit Promotion in 1998 (Mail in) $2,500...only 1 entry!

3. Computer Package-COLES EXPRESS this month (SMS) $2,327...only 1 entry!

4. Lawnmower,Whipper Snipper,Blower/Vac "Spring into Summer This Winter" woolworths in 1999 (Mail in) $1300

5. Playstation Pack from Take 5, this month (SMS) $1,179

6. PSP and 2 games from EA comp 2005 (SMS) $559.98

7. Creative Zen 20GB MP3 from Kiwi fruit/Coles, 2005 (Mail in) ......2 entries!

heaps of smaller items which i absolutly love one of my favorites from years back is a YOGO Stereo CD Player which we still have in our shed :P
posted 25-11-2005 @ 03:09 PM www

I'm truly flabbergasted!! Okay, I've won a few things in my time & am considered very lucky, but WOW, I would be embarassed to list my wins.

Well done everyone, I couldn't quite read through them all, hopefully I'll be able to add a list in the future.

How many of you find that Take 5 & That's Life comps have been worth your while?

cheers, Cathryn
posted 25-11-2005 @ 03:57 PM www

Originally posted by
I'm truly flabbergasted!! Okay, I've won a few things in my time & am considered very lucky, but WOW, I would be embarassed to list my wins.

cheers, Cathryn

I suggest you post them and then update (via the edit function) as you win new things. My list had small things in it to start with. Great to update it as it gives you a big smile :)
posted 27-11-2005 @ 07:33 PM www
My top 10

1. Trip to Paris flying 1st class ($40,000)
2. Car - $30,000
3. Kitchen renovation ($25,000)
4. Trip to UK ($20,000)
5. Trip to Disneyland/Hollywood ($20,000)
6. Major Appliance pack ($18,000)
7. Trip to Malaysia ($15,000)
8. Trip to Hawaii ($13,500)
9. Trip to Thailand/Singapore ($12,000)
10. Trip to Western Australia ($10,000)
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