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Comping Shopping List

posted 23-5-2013 @ 02:08 PM Edit Post www
Comping Shopping List

ANY PARTICIPATING STORE with promo updated 05/05

NESCAFE Blend43 x1 (any) 1/10 Big 4 Holiday Park pass 07/05
V drinks 1000+ instants & daily winners
Smith’s Thinly Cut, Crinkle Cut, Poppables,Oven Baked instant cash 31/05
Rockstar Drinks x1 hats, BMX bikes, bar fridges, skateboards, gift cards, $12K dirt bike 16/5
Dairy Farmers/Pura x1 $1000, 12th groceries and more 13/06 (product marked)
TimTams (marked 2 wishes) CASH plus hourly draw 25/05
Up&Go 12 pack or 500ml bottle (marked for code) instant cash 31/07
Monster Drinks x2 500ml or 1 x 4 pack Surfboard per store 31/12 instore comp.

Pringles & Red Bull Game On - Win 1/50 wireless gaming headsets & racing wheels 18/05
Coca Cola no sugar x2 + $150 or more spend Gift cards $150+ 18/05
Gatorade/Woolworths Everyday Rewards (m/r) Win a Garmin GPS Forerunner running watch 20/05
Harris Coffee 200g or 1kg (beans or ground) Landrover 15/06

Coca cola range x1 1/2500 AFL guernseys 05/05
Pura or Dairy x1 (comp 1) 3 x $13K = 100x$100
(comp 2) $1000 for winner $1000 charity 13/06
Cadbury Dairy Milk/Old Gold (marked) 1/500 x $1000 20/06

Gillette, Pantene, OralB, Head and Sh x1 $25K 23/05 +WOL
Dove x1 $1000 23/05
Nude By Nature, Win 1 of 10 $1,000 Cash Prizes 23/05
L’Oréal Paris x2 & WOL - Win a trip to Paradise + $10,000 VISA card 23/05

Monster x2 500ml or 4 pack Yamaha Dirt Bike $14,499 18/05

TAMWORTH shop local with promo
$30+ Skoda Fabia car 08/05

Independent Supermarkets or fuel or general stores with promo
Buy one promo product 28 daily x $1000 18/05
Sorbent. Handee, Deeko $20K plus minors 30/06

DRAKES Supermarkets (Qld & SA) Win a caravan; must spend $40+ 01/06

Dare 500ml,Dairy Farmers Classic 500mL, BigM 550 or 600ml, Daily Juice 500 x2 $1000 daily or $10K 02/06


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posted 16-11-2020 @ 10:22 AM Edit Post www

How great to see different members have a go!

Thanks all for helping.

YOU can edit, add OR delete products whose comps have ended!

Let's try to enter the new products CHRONOLOGICALLY by closing date.

Have a go. Click edit in the top right off the post. (I have an archived copy so no permanent damage can be done. Go for it.)

NB: Alcohol purchases are not included because.. people like to take a photo of the screen to go shopping and it keeps the list shorter. ANDREW has an alcohol thread.

PS I sometimes remove comments to keep this to one page.

Alcohol thread:

PS when you do a search this comes up if you use 'shopping list'.
For some reason it doesn't if you use 'comping shopping'.

Prize wins 2014: $37680
Prize wins 2011: $13000
previous years about $25000

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posted 3-3-2021 @ 09:52 AM Edit Post www

Hi gr82do, yes I have definately had issues finding it sometimes.

Today was the first time I found it by searching 'comping shopping list'

posted 3-3-2021 @ 08:42 PM Edit Post www

I now use Subscribe as I could never find it.

[Edited on 3-3-2021 by gr82do]

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I'm unsure of my mood right now!

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posted 4-3-2021 @ 09:00 AM Edit Post www

I use subscribe, but I also keep one U2U in my inbox that I have received about the shopping list. That way if I want to see it I just use my U2U link.

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posted 6-5-2021 @ 08:03 AM Edit Post www

I've done a quick update. All members can help.


NB: search seem to work now with 'comping shopping'

Prize wins 2014: $37680
Prize wins 2011: $13000
previous years about $25000

The harder you work the luckier you get
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