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Comping Shopping List

posted 23-5-2013 @ 02:08 PM Edit Post www
Comping Shopping List

Beechworth honey x1 Vic holiday 31/08
Four n Twenty x1 any Playstation, Xbox or PC set up 07/09 weekly
Continental x2 1/1000 piemakers 16/09 starts 15th
Spec marked mentos x1 win socks 30/9/2022
Bravo apples x1 creative share of cash 27/10
Shin Noodles certain supermarkets sm - Share of $32,000 30/11
Divella pasta collect 8 Trulli tokens European trip 02/12

Hellmans Mayo x2 1/28 Weber bbq 04/10 starts 07/09
Cadbury, Europe, Fry's or Toblerone 30g60g x1 gift cards 30/08

Flybuys (MR) 1/8 to London or 1/10 trips to Melbourne 30/08

SPend $30+ $1000 daily 16/09

Tiger Balm x2 portable spa/endota voucher/vitamix 30/09
fisiocrem Solugel product x 1 Hyundai QX.V3 Venue 1.6L MPi ACTIVE 6-spd Auto 30/09

Tiger Balm x2 portable spa/endota voucher/Vitamix 30/09

Sensodyne x1 spend $5+ years groceries 23/09
Vetta Pasta x2 Phillips Air Fryer 13/09

INDEPENDENT (Metcash) SUPERMARKETS incl Foodworks and Ritchies
Mars (Incl Snickers Bounty Milky Way 45g CASH 12/09
Cadbury 160g - 360g DairyM, Dream, Old Gold Caramilk X2 CASH 28/09 Instant
Smiths snacks x1 (INCludes Twisties, Pepsie, Nobbys) Cash 03/10

NEWSLINK newsagencies
Spend $5+ win a share of $1M 30/08

Coles Express x1 Twisties socks 31/08

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Sometimes the few doing it are too busy, so more hands etc...
Sometimes people add just the product they want buy themselves
Sometimes it helps you know and remember a comp
Because you can..
Always it is there for others!

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posted 3-3-2021 @ 09:52 AM Edit Post www

Hi gr82do, yes I have definately had issues finding it sometimes.

Today was the first time I found it by searching 'comping shopping list'

posted 1-10-2021 @ 10:55 AM Edit Post www

Quote: Originally posted by snowpea  
Hi gr82do, yes I have definately had issues finding it sometimes.

Today was the first time I found it by searching 'comping shopping list'

I've saved it in Favourites using the Yellow Star. Then it's easy to find later on.

posted 20-12-2021 @ 07:53 PM Edit Post www

Quote: Originally posted by Brooksey  
Does anyone have a link to the alcohol thread? I've tried searches but I'm not getting far

Alcohol listings are available via Premium reports.
posted 29-6-2022 @ 08:56 AM Edit Post www


To find this page your can
search 'shopping list
or GOOGLE 'Comping Shopping List'

As long as you are logged in to Lottos, the page will open for you in a new tab.

ANYONE can post or edit a comp.

Keep it Simple. Fewer words is better.

*Product to be purchased
*Quantity you need to buy e.g. x2
*Closing date
*post it in chronological order

If you wish it may be helpful to others to tag
#onshoppinglist so they know it is added.

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