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any help or ideas please?

posted 28-6-2013 @ 02:35 PM www
any help or ideas please?

does anyone have any idea how i clear off comps that have ended? im still trying to find my way around and i have found a few things that just do my head in and im wondering if i can do anything to fix that :P

i have a lot of comps that have closed ect how do i remove them so im not seeing them anymore please?

and secondly i do web comps by date i might get up to say page 3 but my browser wont let me click back after i have updated the comp tracker that ive entered so i have to click on web comps by close date again and it just takes me back to page 1. is there a way to get instantly back to where i was?

many thanks for listening :)
posted 28-6-2013 @ 05:25 PM www

Go to user panel, click comps closed, and you will find a white circle next to yellow star, green tick, and click white circle to get rid of closed comps.
Pretty sure that's what you do.
posted 28-6-2013 @ 08:59 PM www

Have you found the "side bar" menu nataliemac?

Move your mouse to the left hand side of the page and a menu will move out.

If you go to one of the reports (eg All Comps Closing in 10 days less CompTracker marked Entered or Not Interested) You will not see any of the comps that are closed, entered (green tick) or marked Not interested (Yellow question mark).

Good luck - you will work out a routine soon and it is well worth it :)
posted 3-7-2013 @ 05:18 PM www

i think i have a gremlin in my comp :( i had it set so i wouldnt see comps from other states that i wasnt able to enter and now they are back and i cant remember how to get them to go away again :(

im still finding comps i have entered and i know i have ticked green are coming up again with no tick or anything :( im not sure how to fix this
posted 3-7-2013 @ 06:24 PM www

You need to set your state so that you can only see comps you are eligible to enter. To do this go to "User Control Panel" at the top right hand corner.

Click on "Edit Profile" and set your home state in location. This will make it much easier.

It does take a while to find your way around but you'll soon get used to it and will get into a routine.

Happy comping!
posted 5-8-2013 @ 10:39 PM www

i now have another problem im wondering if you can help me with

i enter the competitions and if i entered i do the green tick if not the red etc

but each day lots of my marked comps are losing their ticks and crosses im constantly doing the same comps and i have no idea why the ticks and crosses go away?
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