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facebook sharing comps and privacy

posted 15-1-2015 @ 11:37 PM www
facebook sharing comps and privacy

Hiya, newbie here! Does anyone know the protocol for privacy settings and facebook comps where you have to share the post? I have my privacy settings to friends only - does that mean the promoter won't see when I share something? Do I have to relax privacy for comps? Anyone in the know?
posted 16-1-2015 @ 12:55 AM www

Yes most the time you have to change your setting from friends only to public so the company can see the share.

In saying that you only share that post as public, you don't actually change you personal privacy settings. Your personal photo's ect will only be seen by friends.
posted 16-1-2015 @ 05:21 PM www

Thanks for that stardust
posted 16-1-2015 @ 06:11 PM www

Thank you, I also did not know that.... mmm maybe that is why I have little success with them.
posted 17-1-2015 @ 03:54 AM www

Facebook comps still confuse me. My only concern with making the share public is that other promoters can see that you are a comper and although I have not made most of mine public (unless they specifically ask for it) the ones I have that promoters can see I think have diminished my facebook prize wins. Any thoughts or suggestions members? Your feedback appreciated.

I often wonder how the promoters see my Facebook page that I only use for comping and if I need to personalise it a bit more.

I also got caught out by making a share public and not changing it back and then posting a whinge to my comping friends about an annoying inlaw that a family member who is not a facebook friend and that I have stopped associating with stalked me my facebook page, saw it and blabbed. I knew I ceased communication for a reason. :o
posted 18-8-2019 @ 02:45 AM www

I was wondering this question too. Also I am concerned that if I make the share public other promoters will see I'm a comper sharing many posts and not award the prize.
posted 18-8-2019 @ 09:53 AM www

I have my own thoughts and rules for facebook comps. With sharing my personal rules to myself are I have my privacy set to sharing with friends only except the friends that I know don't want competition stuff shared with them. I think a company asking you to share publicly is a furfey as they would get a notification of how many shares of their post and who has shared anyway. If they required a public share I just don't enter as I think that is a bit aggressive. Pretty much it is just me not liking their attitude LOL. I also have my own rule with tagging where I will only ever tag one person per comp unless on special prizes I might consider tagging two. If I am required to tag more I just skip the comp. I also only complete these tasks if they are a requirement to enter if they are not an actual requirement just a request I don't do it. All these are my own rules and opinions though and of course not the same as others but by doing it this way my page remains relatively junk free and my friends not into comping don't get pissed off by being blasted with comps they don't want to see so everyone is happy. The few comps I miss out on by not sharing publicly are counteracted by my page not making me look like a "comper". In saying all that I think that the majority of companies especially the larger ones with the better prizes probably don't even look, it is usually just the snarky individuals who missed out on the prize that do all the dirt and kick up a fuss.
posted 18-8-2019 @ 02:30 PM www

Funny you should bring this up, because I've just seen a competition on Instagram where the entry conditions are what I have pasted below. It's made me wonder about comps like this that tell you you will get extra entries are offered for doing certain things. For Facebook and Instagram comps like this, I'd love to know how the "one, two or three extra entries" are being validated and if they are genuinely added onto one's chances of winning. Will they go through each and every of the gazillion entries they receive and check if each person has tagged, shared or commented and tally up everyone's supposed "entries" before drawing it? I highly doubt it. Just seems like a way of gaining extra likes and followers under false pretences to me.

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posted 18-8-2019 @ 04:18 PM www

My profile's set to public, but I'm careful about what I post or share, & delete a lot of comp posts once they're judged (so I don't look like a "Comper") ... most competitions ask for your Facebook post to be set to public ... I know some compers have a separate page, but I have friends who've been disqualified because the had multiple Facebook pages :( ... Instagram's a different kettle of fish, I have a couple of accounts, for different types of posts, they're all set to public, but I cull my comp entries, once a month, it's harder on Instagram, because I try to show support for the company's I've won from, by leaving their posts up longer, some company's value the support :)
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