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Newbie Question - How can I avoid identity theft, use an alterego or just be me?

posted 8-10-2015 @ 08:13 AM www
Newbie Question - How can I avoid identity theft, use an alterego or just be me?

Question from a newbie comper, about getting set-up.

Well after looking for a hobby for months, I have decided to give comping a go and looking for some help from the comperly wise on getting set-up and organised.

I am concerned about putting my details "out there". With a growing number of companies making money from selling and buying marketing lists with my name on it! and other skallywags stealing peoples identity the high number of on-line competitions requiring all my personal information worries me. Plus I hate clogging up my inbox with all that marketing junk, I do not want to buy shares in a diamond mine from a Nigerian Prince and Dr Will Grow I do not want your little blue pills ;).

So I was wondering what your thoughts are about getting set-up in such away as to protect themselves, especially when entering on-line comps?

Q: Is it worthwhile creating an alterego and if so what does this mean if I WIN and win big? I will not be eligible for my prize because the details on my driving license don't match my competition entry?

To date I have setup:
a separate comping email address
a separate Facebook account
a low cost prepay sim and mobile phone

Should / can I also use a different name or might this disqualify my prize claim?

Are there other steps I should consider to protect myself from spam and ID fraud?

Love to get the thoughts and feedback from you time served compers?

Thanks in advance

BBQCOMPER or am I :no:
posted 8-10-2015 @ 08:30 AM www

I won a cash prize at the start of the year and before they paid me I had to provide proof of Name, Address, Phone number and Bank Account Details. I had to give them a phone bill, electricity bill and bank statement in my name at current address and they even wanted proof that the phone number I entered with was registered to me. I was hesitant to give a promoter so much personal information but I did and it all matched and I received my prize. :)

Edit: The comp was run by a reputable promoter - I wouldn't hand this information over otherwise:no:
posted 8-10-2015 @ 08:43 AM www

I have a separate comping email address, but that's it. It's actually against facebook rukes to have more than one personal page and also to run a personal page under a name that's not your own. People do it, yes, but peopke also get both accounts frozen for doing it, too.

I haven't had my identity stolen yet, lol. But as miki has said - I also have had to provide identity documents to claim prizes. So I don't know how it would work if I was Sally Jones on facebook and Mary Thomas in real life.

I couldn't be bothered keeping track of two mobile phones, but if you can, go for it, I guess? Might be worth looking into a dual sim phone? I only ever enter with my mobile phone number anyway and I barely get any spam calls or texts.
posted 8-10-2015 @ 08:52 AM www

Hmm. I am me, and always will be. But my husband bought my mobile phone for me as a present many years ago, so the number is in his name, because he had to provide those details when purchasing it. Even though the phone is mine, and I am the only one using it, I wonder how I'd get around or explain this in the event of a win needing proof of id like in miki888's case.
Just use your discretion, and if you think it's sus, use extra caution, because it probably is.
posted 8-10-2015 @ 09:28 AM www

For me the most important thing is to be careful with what comps you enter. If its a well known brand then you should be safe, if at any time while you are entering your details you feel uncertain...stop and don't enter that comp. I've done that plenty of times...had an uneasy feeling before I hit the enter button and decide its not worth the risk. There are plenty of other comps out there to enter.

Over time you will see which sites have regular comps and if you see several hundred lottoers have entered you should be fine, lottos is pretty good at filtering out the dodgy stuff over time.

Do be aware of the promoters and comps that will use, sell or pass your info on to others who will harrass you on the phone. There are lots of wine companies, Wyndam, Readers Digest and loads of others.

If possible don't include your phone number or home address, check entry forms carefully for what fields are optional and leave those blank.

Like some of the others above I have had to prove my identity numerous times to collect prizes. Its a good thing, makes it fairer for everyone, but does mean you will need to enter in your own name.

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posted 8-10-2015 @ 11:04 AM www

Firstly, welcome to lottos :)

Register your phone on the Aust Govt 'Do Not Call Register' as soon as you can. It's a very good thing to do and will dramatically reduce telemarketing calls. If you 'opt in' to receive calls when you enter a comp, you may still receive phone calls because you've given permission for them to contact you, however in my experience, I've received few calls.

I wrote this post on lottos back in 2013, so some of the info may be outdated, however it Is still worth looking at.
posted 8-10-2015 @ 11:43 AM www

Yeah defs no to alterego. You win big - you'll miss out and just wish you'd been yourself.

I've been here since 2007 and no-one has stolen me yet :)
posted 8-10-2015 @ 12:05 PM www

Agree with others. I don't use an alter ego, nor do I have a second Facebook page. I have one Facebook page.
posted 8-10-2015 @ 12:05 PM www

When I first joined in 2009 I mistakenly took the advice of some people on Lottos about identity theft who recommended you slightly change your birth date when entering comps to protect yourself. They said it wouldn't be a problem to still get your prize. I didn't know otherwise.

Then I won $1000 from Coke and they wouldn't give me the prize because I had swapped my birth date and month around.

It was absolutely devastating and as you can imagine I was not impressed that people were claiming you should do that and that I had thought I was doing the right thing.

So no, DON"T try and create an alter ego. It was a hard lesson to learn. :(
posted 11-10-2015 @ 02:27 PM www

Thanks for all the feedback and advice very informative.

I found this week that an easy way to avoid on-line ID fraud is to break your internet connection and be off-line for a week....very safe!:)

Well, I think for the time being I will stick with being me although the alterego did have a certain appeal :cool: as an international comper of mystery!

Anyway I suppose if somebody does nick my identity I can only hope that have more bloody luck than I am doing this comping thing :-(
posted 11-10-2015 @ 03:21 PM www

Has anyone ever had a problem with identity theft on Lottos ?
posted 11-10-2015 @ 03:34 PM www

I have been a Lottos member for over 10 years and comping for many more. The only time I had a problem with identity theft was when someone stole my handbag at a restaurant at Southbank.

The biggest problem with comping is not identity theft but spam. It's imperative that you have a separate email for comping. It's a shame that FB doesn't allow you to have 2 accounts as it would be nice to have a separate FB account too. I haven't found the need to have a separate comping phone (but I know some people do). And most important, read the T&C. Not just so you can make sure you understand the rules but to check what will happen to your information. If you're concerned at all, don't enter that comp.

PS. Do not use a different name or birthdate as this may disqualify you from a major prize. Smaller companies with smaller prizes usually won't check, but big companies (like Coke, Schweppes) want proof of identity or you miss out.
posted 11-10-2015 @ 05:05 PM www

Hi bbqcomper, I highly recommend getting rid of the separate Facebook account. When I was new to comping I naively thought it was OK to have a separate FB account for competitions, and soon found out that people imagine you are cheating and entering in two names if you have two profiles. Also you need your Facebook account to be in your actual name that appears on your drivers licence or other ID.
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