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Giving Personal Details

posted 19-8-2016 @ 05:22 PM www
Giving Personal Details

Hi everyone. I was just wondering how everyone feels about giving their date of birth to promotors for competition entries. I have concerns about identity theft.
posted 19-8-2016 @ 05:25 PM www

I have only really found they ask for it with Alcohol comps, which makes sense. If you were uncomfortable about disclosing it, you could contact the promoter and request it be removed from your entry.
posted 19-8-2016 @ 05:32 PM www

Yes unfortunately you get asked for your DOB in lots of different competitions - just a risk you have to take unfortunately.
posted 19-8-2016 @ 05:49 PM www

I'm not concerned about it being used for identity theft; I'm sure there's enough public documents available with my dob which could be accessed by smart criminals. But I do feel that admitting I'm ancient means that I'm less likely to win because of the perception that oldies consume and spend less than younger folk.
posted 19-8-2016 @ 06:11 PM www

It would be easier if they all just had a 'tick this box to confirm you are over 18', and be done with it.
posted 19-8-2016 @ 07:57 PM www

Don't care.
posted 19-8-2016 @ 09:01 PM www

No one is immune to identity theft in todays world of technology unless your prepared to live free of it.

Not entirely sure how that would work for me personally given that's how that's how things are now.???? mixed blessing I say.
posted 21-8-2016 @ 06:02 PM www

Thank you everyone.
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