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Cruises - which is the best and worst

posted 11-1-2018 @ 06:07 PM www
Cruises - which is the best and worst

We're thinking of going on a cruise in April on the Pacific Explorer. We've been on three cruises before, one on the Carnival Spirit and the other two with P & O (can't remember their names - I think one was Pacific was a few years ago.

I've been reading lots of reviews about the newly refurbished Pacific Explorer. Some bad some good. (One single traveller was upset that there was no chocolate on his pillow and the towel animals weren't up to scratch!)

But now I'm having second thoughts on this ship. Has anyone been on the newly renovated Explorer, and if not, what do you think would be the best ship rated by our wonderful Lotto members?

Which one in your opinion is the best, and which to avoid? There will only be my husband and myself. We don't mind children running around as we prefer to stay in the 'adults only' pool area anyway. We're not massive drinkers, maybe the occasional cocktail.
posted 11-1-2018 @ 06:26 PM www

I have only been on one cruise Royal Carribean Explorer of the seas but I cannot fault it. The food was fabulous there was plenty to do and my husband and I had a ball.
posted 11-1-2018 @ 06:30 PM www

Have been on 3 cruises. Each one was better than the last. First was Pacific Dawn, then Sea Princess and then the best Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas.
posted 11-1-2018 @ 07:03 PM www

Have been on 4 cruises. The South Pacific on Sea Princess was great. Went on Royal Carribean Quantum of the seas.(Tripadeal) Short cruise from Shanghai to Port of Beiijing. A replica of Ovation of the Seas. Lots of passengers but a spectacular ship. Recently went on MSC Divina n the Caribbean (not a win, but with Tripadeal) Had fun meeting people all over the woorld, a party fine if you are young. They changed the itinerary due to Cyclone Irma. What a 'RATRACE' 9 cruise ships in one port for one day. Ours had 4000 people. The Island of Nassau was only 27 miles long.......
We are so lucy to live downunder. I thought thr Carribean was totally overrated with too many cruise ships. We are lucky to live downunder!

Sue Dwyer
posted 11-1-2018 @ 07:50 PM www

We have done a few cruises, with different lines. Each ship is different and has different pros and cons. I guess it depends on personal choice and what is important to each passenger. I haven't sailed P&O for many years so cant comment on them, sorry. Have you tried Tripadvisor or CruiseCritic for reviews of Pacific Explorer. There is no best ship as they are all so different and offer different perks. In my mind cruising is the best holiday for us and we have sailed Carnival three times, Princess twice, Celebrity once and P&O once ( many years ago). Depends on itinerary and cost and time of year as to which cruise line we go with. They were all great for many different reasons. Just book it and enjoy your cruise, which I am sure you will :)
posted 11-1-2018 @ 07:56 PM www

Good reviews !
posted 11-1-2018 @ 08:17 PM www

I have only been on Royal Carribean Radiance of the seas ,it was a Rock The Boat cruise but leading up I was on a few forums it seemed the smaller ships seemed to get better service .
We were worried as a friend had been on a P & O from memory he called it the incontinence cruise from hell ,he showed us video and it was full of really old people with walking frames everywhere :lol: the highlight of the trip was carnation making.:lol:
Lucky ours was the complete opposite. I couldn't fault it best holiday I have ever had unfortunatly hubby was seasick most of the time so it will be my one and only.
posted 11-1-2018 @ 08:38 PM www

My friends tell me if you want a floating RSL, go on the Pacific group. If you want family entertainment try Carnival cruises. If you want a bit more upmarket go Royal Carribean (we did and loved it..Legend of the Seas out of Hong Kong. Then the more up market you go the less party people who come to drink the entire cruise and often a slightly older clientele. Depends on the demographic you wish to travel with.

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posted 11-1-2018 @ 08:58 PM www

Some are doing cruises now that have no children on them, as a couple only, that might be worth checking out. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
posted 11-1-2018 @ 09:02 PM www

We went on Pacific Explorer back at the end of June last year thanks to a win. It was there maiden voyage since the big revamp.

It was our first ever cruise and we loved it. It had a mix of people of all ages. Lots of entertainment and the food was awesome. Make sure you check out the Shell and Bone Restaurant! Although it does cost you extra. It is well worth it. :)

I really could not fault it, but then it is what you make of it in the end. :) Unless something really unforeseen happens ;)
posted 11-1-2018 @ 09:19 PM www

Ive done a few cruises now and it all seems a bit subjective to me. I think it all depends on what your expectations are - if they are too high you may be disappointed. If you read negative reviews and go on not expecting a whole lot - usually more than happy with it.

I have had people say that at the bottom is P & O
then carnival, then princess and royal caribbean at the top. I have a friend on the Sun process right now and they decided they prefer P & O as there is more entertainment.

Reviews ALWAYS depend on the writer.. regularly i find people doing reviews like the chocolate one you mentioned, esp on something cheaper. I.e. people book a 3 star hotel, pay $150-200 a night and seem to be expecting to get a 5 star $500 per night quality.

i went on the Carinval Triumph in june in the USA and had read several reviews that pronounced it to be the smallest, oldest, worst possible ship in the fleet. Seemed totally fine to me - only complaint i had was having to go through the smoky casino to get from one part to another. (sure it wasn't flash, but i wasn't paying the price of flash.)
posted 11-1-2018 @ 10:04 PM www

That ship used to be Dawn Princess if that helps.
I think some of the ships P&O have added to their fleet recently are a step up from their older ships.
Iíd say P&O and Carnival are 3 star ships, Princess maybe 3 1/2 star, Royal Caribbean maybe 4 star and Celebrity and Holland America 4 1/2 star, Celebrity more modern and flashy, Holland America more traditional. We have been on all of them except P&O but would only cruise on Celebrity or HAL again. RCCL we found extremely crowded and Carnival was very RSL club. But itís very personal everyone likes something different...and thatís why there are so many choices :yes:

posted 11-1-2018 @ 10:52 PM www

Iíve been on Holland America (several times) and Royal Caribbean. Also cruised Hurtigruten but thatís a whole different post.

Love Holland America and will always cruise with them first yes itís an older clientele, more traditional and quite a bit more quiet but thatís my style. Plus most HAL ships are smaller so you really get to know the ship, people and the awesome crew. Also some of the oldies I met know how to have fun more so than younger crowds. Have made a few lifelong friends.

Royal Caribbean Explorer of Seas was way too big, loud, full, also crazy with kids running wild so in generally not for me. Less organised and more impersonal. Yes the ship was nice and ports were good but...... Also the kids ran through the adults only pool area it was the same level as the buffet restaurant so an access point. I definetly wouldnít call Royal Caribbean upmarket more mid market average.

Cruise critic is good some reviews you have to take with a grain of salt then weighing up the good and bad. Everyone has different values, expectations and opinions

I always spend a fair bit of time googling destinations, reviews and ship plus lottos is a great resource. You need to have an idea of the style you prefer what sort of crowd and cruise you like and want eg noisy v quiet / big ship v smaller / destinations well known v more off the beaten track (big ships canít get to certain places smaller ship go so less touristy more interesting) etc.

On a side note my mum calls any cruise ship with over 300 passengers a livestock carrier. Always gives me a giggle when I ask her to come on a cruise and she refuses on these grounds.

Sorry Iíve just realised iíve waffled on and got off topic.
posted 12-1-2018 @ 11:07 AM www

It is so subjective, isn't it?
I have travelled on Holland America and Princess and I would choose Princess every time!
posted 12-1-2018 @ 11:35 AM www

I have done 32 cruises and for families I would certainly recommend Royal Caribbean, huge ships, many activities, delicious food and very nice cabins. Voyager of the seas, Explorer of the seas and Ovation of the seas are all amazing and cruise Australian waters. I also like this line as nearly everything is included and you get more bang for your buck!
posted 13-1-2018 @ 02:05 PM www

Thanks everyone for your replies. Yes, it is very subjective. The reason I was thinking the Pacific Explorer is.

1. It sails in school holidays and my daughter who works at a school can house sit to look after pets.
2. It goes to different islands than where I've been before - Pentecost Island (the original home of bungee jumping where the locals jump off platforms tied to vines. and Santo Island, virtually unspoilt and an historical WW11 island where the author James A Michener was stationed and where he wrote many of his novels such as Tales of the South Pacific etc.

So I guess it's horses for courses.
posted 13-1-2018 @ 02:55 PM www

DOn't forget inside OZ. We loved the Murray River Cruise on the Murray Princess.

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Prize wins 2011: $13000
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posted 13-2-2018 @ 08:20 PM www

Originally posted by 3littlepigs
That ship used to be Dawn Princess if that helps.
I think some of the ships P&O have added to their fleet recently are a step up from their older ships.
Iíd say P&O and Carnival are 3 star ships, Princess maybe 3 1/2 star, Royal Caribbean maybe 4 star and Celebrity and Holland America 4 1/2 star, Celebrity more modern and flashy, Holland America more traditional. We have been on all of them except P&O but would only cruise on Celebrity or HAL again. RCCL we found extremely crowded and Carnival was very RSL club. But itís very personal everyone likes something different...and thatís why there are so many choices :yes:

Absolutely agree. Was a bit surprised that no one mentioned Holland America. We went on that one and it was the best holiday we ever had. Went on P and O last year and were over-run with children, but it was very cheap and school holidays so probably should have expected it. Are going again in two weeks time to Vanuatu, Less than 100 a day is a very cheap holiday. Whereas HAL is twice that (but really worth it) and you also have to take into account the expected gratuities of about $15.00 per person per day which certainly adds a fair bit to the total cost. You can ask to not pay that but then you feel cheap. LOL
posted 14-2-2018 @ 09:04 AM www

We did Celebrity Soltice last year and I could fault it. Worth having a balcony. This June we are doing Japan on Quantum of the Seas
posted 14-2-2018 @ 10:16 AM www

I think if you read reviews you would never go or stay anywhere. Too many whingers. We have been on numerous cruises and they are what you make of it. We have been Royal Carribean, Fantastic but just remember that everything is charged in US dollars so can be very expensive with the exchange rates. Carnival was great and wonderful for kids. Princess usually an older demographic. They say P&O are bottom of the rung. Yet I think they have the best going away partys and their entertainment is usually better. Personally I think if you took all the companies good points and put them together you would have the perfect cruise. My opinion go on the Explorer and have the time of your life if that is the one that fits in with everything for you. Also watch the pricing. We use ozcruising and the same cruise can vary in pricing each day. Ridiculous but true. eg. We are going on a 10 day cruise in April which we got for $625 each only about a month ago. Now it is over $1000 each. We also got a $100 credit to our cabin. With ozcrusing you can put a cruise or two etc on hold for three days too. If you pay the deposit that cruise is held. If you don't it just disappears off your account. Often this is great when you have other parties to organise or time off from work to organise, or just deciding which one you prefer. ENJOY!!!
posted 14-2-2018 @ 10:30 AM www

Thanks everyone for your replies. We've booked for April, to Pentecost Island and Santo because it's somewhere we haven't been before. We waited for the sales and were able to get a balcony cabin so much cheaper than an inside cabin when we first started to look so it was worth the wait.
posted 14-2-2018 @ 11:18 PM www

well good luck i have just come back from a weeks cruise on the sea princess leaving 4/2 to 11/2 up the qld coast , suppose to stop at Airlie Beach,cairns,port doulgas and willis island and turn around and come back to brisbane, well on the way up could not stop at any of them because of the weather so we stop at airlie beach on the way back as my sister and i already knew there was nothing there we did not get off .i will never go on a cruise again i do say the staff were good food was good entertainment was good but as for the cruise they can have it .i am now sick in bed with the flu, so good luck and have fun all who go cruising .
posted 15-4-2019 @ 11:54 AM www

I loved Pentecost Island and Santo!! The land diving is amazing! If I knew how to post photos, I would add one for you. It does only happen once a year though, so be sure that it will be on your cruise. Santo has Champagne Bay, which was really lovely. I agree with those who say P&O has good entertainment! Pacific Dawn last year had better entertainment than Sea Princess on the Round Australia cruise. But that does depend on your Cruise Director, and that changes regularly. My personal choice is Princess. We have done 5 cruises on Sea Princess and are going again in November to NZ on her and the half world cruise from Dover to Brisbane next year. We love Princess. Pacific Explorer is a former Princess ship, a sister ship to Sea and Sun Princess, although what changes were made after refurbishment I do not know. Sea is a mid-sized ship, around 1950 passengers, which is a great size which suits us well. You will have a ball!! Enjoy!! :)
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