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London accommodation advice

posted 8-2-2018 @ 10:02 AM www
London accommodation advice

I will be in London over Easter. I'm trying to book accommodation but overwhelmed with choice. Any suggestions from our regular travellers and those that have been to London?

I know I'll have to pay extra for the Easter period but I'm trying to keep the cost per night under $200.

Should I be looking for accommodation that's central in London or go out a few kms?

Any help appreciated. I'd like to book tonight or by tomorrow night.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 10:25 AM www

Hi Smiley,

On our London trip last year hubby and I booked this hotel. "Park International Kensington" It's walking distance to the tube (5 minute walk from Gloucester Road tube station)

We enjoyed the location the most, the rooms were clean and comfortable. The breakfast was ok but you can get food out.

I suggest reading the reviews. We also stayed in another hotel in Chelsea that cost more and it wasn't worth it and we wanted to go back to the Park International Hotel.

All the best :)
posted 8-2-2018 @ 10:48 AM www

I agree Kensington is a great location , we have stayed in south Kensington before, but when we were staying for longer and needed a unit to wash etc and chill a bit we stayed out near Heathrow, there is a free bus around that area that takes you to tube station, as well as Heathrow, we found the extra bit of travel well worth it for the place we had. We cooked etc in house and was a good break to relax during our three month road trip. I can try find the name of it for you if your interested it should be in my cc statement

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posted 8-2-2018 @ 11:25 AM www

We also stayed in Kensington but it was in December 2010, so I have no idea what the prices are like now (or the hotel, for that matter). Rooms & breakfast were fine.
It was the Copthorne Tara Hotel, a couple of minutes walk from the High Street Kensington tube station and also the number 9 bus.

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posted 8-2-2018 @ 11:29 AM www

Thanks for the responses.
LuckyStar, that hotel, for now, is out of my price range.
$270/n regular price; $256/n if we stay 3+ nights, which we will. And $212/n via Trivago!
So if we do choose it in the end, it'll be through Trivago. Can't believe the price difference.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 11:40 AM www

Stayed at "The Blandford Hotel" in 2000 close to Baker Street Station, breakfast is included too, after all this time still gets good reviews

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posted 8-2-2018 @ 11:53 AM www

if you know the general area that you want to stay in like Kensington, then can I suggest that you use and put in that area. You can then restrict the price range that you want to be in and then it will come up with the properties. I tend to then use the tabs at the top to list in order of review score and price. Then read some of the reviews. Cross check then with trip advisor for different reviews.

London Court Hotel shows up well on both and appears to be within your budget. I have not stayed there but perhaps this will assist.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 12:11 PM www

We have stayed at the presidential apartments in Kensington. They were not quite as nice as the pictures (isn't that usually the way?) but they were fine and we appreciated having a washer/dryer and kitchenette and more room. We also appreciated that they were not on a busy street so it was much quieter than some of the other places we have stayed in London. It was also just around the corner from Earl St tube station. edit: looks like it is out of your budget for those dates.

We often stay somewhere close to the Picadilly line stops as you can catch the tube straight from and to Heathrow for an extra pound - unless it has changed (eg. Green Park tube station) as Green Park is on the picadilly line (and many others) and is walking distance to a lot of the attractions.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 12:26 PM www

That's my problem robync, I don't know where to stay and when you put in 'London' on one of those sites, literally hundreds of hits come up. But it looks like a lot of people are recommending the Kensington area.

That's good info to know lucymorgan because we need to get to Heathrow at the end.

We're also touring England and Scotland before finishing in London for Easter. So I'm happy to hear hints and tips for our tour.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 12:37 PM www

One tip if you are driving yourself is to make sure you have an up to date satnav system in the car. They have good traffic advice and the best thing is that you can put in a planned journey with multiple stops and know pretty closely how long it is going to take to get to different sights (and thus how much time to allow at each sight).
Make sure you know the default speed limit as they don't seem to have as many speed signs as we do and I spent the first part of our trip trying to work it out.

Also perhaps purchase a cheap esky from one of the big supermarkets so you can buy food and drinks rather than always eating out. Their supermarkets (Tesco, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer To Go etc) have excellent to go meals as well.

We booked hotels and B&Bs as we went along - at this time of year, you shouldn't have much trouble getting accommodation along the way.

You will love it!!!

Edit: From memory our route included: Brighton, Bath, Devon, Cornwall, Newport (Wales), Liverpool, Manchester, then up to Edinburgh, the West Highland way, and back down through St Andrews, Stratford upon Avon back to London. Highlights were many - tons of castles, Brighton Beach and fair, Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies near Edinburgh, the Harry Potter bridge at Glenfinnan and many more.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 01:50 PM www

We stayed at the Royal Park Boutique Hotel, Westbourne Terrace. It is walking distance from the train station and almost across the road from Hyde Park. Loved it

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posted 8-2-2018 @ 02:21 PM www

Thanks for that info lucymorgan. I had already thought of the GPS from other trips we've done in the US. We're not planning to drive in London, just use public transport and walk there. And although accommodation should be easy to find during our touring, I really want something booked for the Easter period in London.

I'll have a look at your route. We're starting from Manchester and finishing in London.
posted 8-2-2018 @ 08:11 PM www

I had told my husband we would need like 6 months in the UK alone , he didn't believe me ( I am from Liverpool) , he does now lol, we bought a gps while we were there cheaper than adding into hire car and wil be good this year as well. GPS is good if you need to just 'get' somewhere, but our best value item was a 5 pound A3 road atlas I found at a servo, showed all the B roads and c roads lol and whether we could get back out etc,we saw the most amazing nooks and crannies doing this... Gobsmacking scenery had we stuck to a gps we would of not seen any of it. Be aware roads can be extra ordinarily narrow, and a lot of small coastal places have parking at like the top of the hill and its best to heed these and walk down, bigger cities have Park and Drive, brilliant, you park and catch a bus into places like Oxford etc for normally a very small cost for the bus, parking is free. We winged our trip except for the London accomodation, another time my son used air b n b and got a place near Hyde Park for a very reasonable price. We discovered Travel lodge which at that time they had just seemed like they were starting up real big. They were stratigically placed , a lot at service stops on motorways which also meant easy getaway next day if you wanted, you could cancel,up to 2pm on day of arrival, and if you booked in and then found it cheaper you cancel one and book again, wifi was 3 pounds I think but you got 24 hours so sometimes we just used the night before she again at a new place. Having said that we stayed at some amazing old school places with amazing quirkiness and amazing views like at Scarborough and York, felt like I Was stepping back in time in some. People sitting there with their dogs people who came back year after year to the same place, amazing people,to chat with. Travel lodges are a bit more up market than here, standouts wee New Brighton on the Wirral across Mersey from Liverpool right on beach, surrounded by eating places and a supermarket and free parking, Great Yarmouth was brand new, and near Salisbury for Stonehenge, if you use one , get a map of where they are all located very handy to have, they have premier inns as well, we stayed at a couple of these. London has Travel lodges too now quite a few and they have been very reasonable in my emails. Saturday are normally more expensive and also,like if footy matches concerts etc are on. We discovered a few Best Western in Scotland which where very good standard too, but some local establishments at places like Oban have to be experienced such quirky characters etc you meet . We found nearly all places super friendly, a lot of the old places have been adding in bathrooms into a corner of the room as they used to be shared facilities so sometimes rooms can be small. Also be aware dogs are accepted at lots of these establishments, which can be a bit off putting if you don't love dogs. We spent a week in Edinburgh with no car, before touring through, Scotland in winter was even more amazing than Switzerland was in someways, Braemar and up through to Balmoral was a white Christmas for us. Lockerbie memorial we found very moving we were there on an anniversary etc. battlefields etc there wasn't anything we didn't enjoy, there was just so much of it we couldn't fit it all in. We ended up missing Lake District Cumbria etc due to catching up with family which after such a lot of years was well worth it, we head back to finish what we started later this year. Petrol is dearer than here too, but groceries are sooooooo cheap, we loved buying single baguettes a tomato bit ham etc, they were the best lunches and we kept everything in the back of the car it was so cold like a fridge nothing went off lol, even hubbys beer was nice n cold.

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posted 8-2-2018 @ 08:37 PM www

Another hint get yourself a National Trust Membership, their is a reciprocal agreement , you will get into many many places for free, you sometimes still need to pay for parking which is not cheap anywhere, but most admissions were 16 pounds each so a National Trust membership is a great saving and if you get the Australian one you can use it here too.

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