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Luggage recommendations?

posted 13-2-2018 @ 11:31 AM www
Luggage recommendations?

We're due for some new luggage.

Does anyone have any preferences and recommendations between soft and hard cases? We're only going cruising at this stage so the soft cast would be ok, however, overseas flights could happen at a later stage and wonder how they would stand up.

I've found a good deal on a Pierre Cardin luggage set for half price and wondering if anyone has used them. I realise that it's only a branded name on their luggage but it still looks good value.
posted 13-2-2018 @ 11:59 AM www

I would look into the warranty, we had two Antler hard cases that fractured after a couple of years use, they were covered under the warranty by Strandbags, and we were issued a gift voucher for the full amount we paid. We bought new Samsonite luggage on 50% off sale, which have been excellent, they come with an excellent warranty as well.
posted 13-2-2018 @ 12:04 PM www

i love my american tourister. It’s very lightweight, easy to move around and reasonably durable. My case has a soft shell I have the large 82 and the small hand case to match. They’ve been around europe, japan and america. On and off cruise ships, ferries, trains and planes. Dragged from pillar to post up and down stairs etc.

One thing to look for when choosing cases is the weight when they’re empty as this effects how much you can pack in it for flights especially when your only allowed 20kg checked luggage every gram counts.

this is what i have
posted 13-2-2018 @ 12:08 PM www

I have Antler which have hard edges but soft everywhere else. They have done many trips and although a bit stained they have worn well. They are the old fashioned 2 wheel ones.

When you find your luggage it might be worthwhile checking out the following places for purchase as they have reasonable discounts: - they are located in SE Queensland but do free shipping for purchases over $75. - they have stores in a number of states and also the website.

Good luck and happy travels.
posted 13-2-2018 @ 07:20 PM www

i bought a hard set from Aldi awhile ago. they have 4 wheels.i have seen first hand the way some baggage handlers throw luggage around.I am happywith my set which cost around $79. I had a soft set previously and they got damaged.

posted 13-2-2018 @ 08:00 PM www

I've currently got a small and large hard case. (Peters of Kensington specials, one Hedgren and one other brand I can't remember. Excellent prices, and they stand by guarantees.) They're great for the actual travel, very sturdy and easily manouvrable, but if you're like me and live out of the case in the hotel (or you're in one like my recent Tokyo hotel which had no clothes storage at all apart from one hook), they're a pain to fossick in because you have to open them flat like a book, and they require a high level of packing organisation.
posted 14-2-2018 @ 09:26 AM www

We have had Antler, American tourister many other dear brands and cheap ones. We have had numerous cases ripped and damaged over the years. Now I just buy cheap ones. We have some hard cases now but light ones from Big W. They stand out and you can always spot them and have lasted longer than expensive ones. Luck of the draw in how they are handled is my opinion. The most expensive cases in the world doesn't stand up to a lot of the abuse they receive.
posted 14-2-2018 @ 09:33 AM www

Thanks everybody for your replies. I ended up buying a set of luggage with a five year guarantee from Flybuys on a double reward offer so they cost me nothing. If they do get damaged then I've lost nothing.
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