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The New Forum Features....

posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:00 PM www
The New Forum Features....


Changes in CompTracker:

- now has the new 3rd option of 'follow up/visit again' useful for example where you want to enter but may require a barcode
- any thread you have marked with a CompTracker mark can now be 'remarked' with any of the 3 CompTracker marks without having to delete it off an existing CompTracker list first
- any comp thread marked will show on all Premium reports and in forum displays for the member
- can mark a thread without having to view the thread itself via any Premium report list or forum display
- CompTracker icons show at start of subject lines if marked as one of the CompTracker 'marks'

Change in thread subject line summary:

- all threads now available as 'lite' or 'full' version. full is as always, lite is less images and other options - will load much faster; great option for those in a hurry, on dial up etc. note: subject line is no longer clickable, you select either lite or full version
- close dates show at end of subject lines

Addition of Results Published Date:

- when posting a competition, there is now the option to include the date results are published via a drop down date selector, which is easier than placing in the Calendar (which is removed as no need for it).
- when editing a competition, the results date can be changed
- there is a new Premium report where members can select a date and have all competitions listed with that results published date
- any comps posted that have a results date in the comps t&c must have the results date entered via the drop down date selector to be eligible for 7 days Premium Reward

Changes in Premium Reports:

- 3 new reports
- Page breaks on all Premium reports (means when a report list extends beyond approx, 30 threads, there will be multiple pages available via the top and bottom of the list)
- all Premium reports list available on all pages by hovering mouse over left of page - list will scroll out (because this is a large list, this will work for people with a scrolling mouse wheel). Also works best with Internet Explorer.
- all Premium reports title names when run will now show in correct area (after forum name of Australian Competitions and Free Stuff)
- search is now Premium access
- increased number of forum areas Premium access

New U2U system:

- completely new u2u system and look and feel. Old u2u's will not be transferred however will be available on old forum for a few weeks
- u2u link on all pages near control panel link (top right)
- default behaviour is for sent u2u's not to be saved in the Outbox, this can be changed via member control panel options

Change in Favourites:

- has it's own icon image and will show on any Premium report and in forum displays if thread marked as a favourite
- favourite icons show at start of subject lines if thread marked as a favourite


- faster overall
- improved error reporting; eg Premium cookie issue has link to Premium Help thread for members
- rules link at top of each page
- printable thread includes close Date
- edit comp thread allows value to remain (fixed in current version also)

- some thread posts may have segments of data missing - you can check this by going to the old forum:
- buddy lists will need to be redone if you have any

CompTracker, first ever competitions tracking system!
posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:36 PM www

Thank you Andrew...kiss, kiss, kiss :D:D:D
posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:37 PM www

I am stoked with these new changes Andrew. Thanks to yourself and the other moderators and administration for making our comping life awsome!!!! :P

posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:40 PM www

WOW, no wonder it wasn't working for a while. Looks fantastic, now to use it and find out what it can do. Thanks so much.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:42 PM www

awesome!! thank you soooooooo much!!!!
have to go out but will be going through it all when I get back - cant wait! :D
posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:44 PM www

:D Totally Fantastic love it Andrew, well done to all moderators who helped getting this together.

posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:45 PM www

Totally excellent Andrew. And just in time for the end of the month too. Now we can really see how many comps we have entered.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:47 PM www


posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:52 PM www

I have tip for you all.

If you would like a copy of your u2u's in your Outbox so you can see if they have been read etc. you need to need to tick this box

Save outgoing U2Us in your Outbox

in your profile.

So on the top right hand side you will see

[Logout - U2U - Control Panel / Options]

Push Control Panel

then go to

Edit Profile

then tick the box where it says

Save outgoing U2Us in your Outbox

I love the new forum so much.

Woo Hoo, Go Lottos.


posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:52 PM www


Just love the side menu Andrew

posted 30-5-2005 @ 02:58 PM www

Thanks Moody for the new images and also to the mods who helped test the system.

CompTracker, first ever competitions tracking system!
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:02 PM www

Thanks for that tip Lushie. I was wondering why my sent u2u wasn't there.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:03 PM www
Are our Avators gone!

Have we lost our Avators????? If not can you please re-post how to set them up again


The changes look good, will take awhile to get use to them.

What's happened to info. Where do we now find a list of all the comps?
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:03 PM www

I nearly had a heart attack there for a minute!!! LOL
I like the comp tracker changes but dont like that you cant click on the actual topic to go to the link.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:04 PM www

Brilliant... I didn't think it could get better..

posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:07 PM www

WOW anyone spotted the the slide out menu???

Move your mouse to the left hand side of your screen and something will appear.:):):):)

posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:13 PM www

WOW - very impressive.
And fits on my little screen SOOOO much better.

PS - plus auto update of the calender with dates the results are published - super idea.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:14 PM www

Can someone tell me how to go to the old forum to retreive my utus?

posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:14 PM www

Originally posted by WhitePointer
WOW anyone spotted the the slide out menu???

Move your mouse to the left hand side of your screen and something will appear.:):):):)

thanks for the heads up
I was looking for the premilum reports :)
no wonder I coul.d find them

I was beginning to wonder if my PC had decided to go silly on me again :)

Love the new look
will be fun learning my way around again
thanks to Andrew and the Mods :)

posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:17 PM www

Please note - all issues raised have been mentioned in my original thread.

Please re-read it as isues already covered do not warrant a reply.

CompTracker, first ever competitions tracking system!
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:17 PM www

Originally posted by ricky2
Can someone tell me how to go to the old forum to retreive my utus?


the link to the old forum is right at the bottom of Andrew's original post at the top of this thread.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:18 PM www

Oh my, I just logged back on and though what has happened. I have been so out of it didn't even know this was happening.

Its great Andrew.
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:21 PM www

Thanks beeline,

I was blinded by excitement:P
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:58 PM www

LOL, I nearly jumped when I just accidently discovered the side menu!!! :o Brilliant, fanks Andrew and those for testing ;)
posted 30-5-2005 @ 03:59 PM www

I had a heart attack too...all of a sudden a VERY helpful menu slid out from the side of the screen leaving me thinking I'd stuffed something up but then I noticed change after change! Fantastic. I love the slide out scrolly mouse can rest a bit more speed scrolling. Like all things new it will take a while to get the brain to switch to the new system but the changes are time saving and very helpful. Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard on the planning and implementing. You guys are great. Once again...we love lottos, we love lottos! :D:D:D:D:D
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