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Filter out Competitions based on Entry URL

posted 22-1-2019 @ 03:42 PM www
Filter out Competitions based on Entry URL

There a few threads on a similar issue, and I was going to post another one, but I think what would be great in the User Control Panel option would be to list websites that you are not interested in.

Lottos could then automatically mark the user as 'not interested' if the competition entry link is on your black list of domains.

For example, I'm not interested in National Senior (M/R) competitions, or The Australian (M/R). In the user control panel there could be a free-text box where you enter domain names you want on your blacklist (e.g. for my two above, I would enter:

Any competitions where the entry link begins with those strings, mark as not interested. People can use it to filter out facebook, instagram, or anything else that is not of interest to them without needing to create new premium reports.
posted 22-1-2019 @ 03:46 PM www

Great idea, if it can be done. So much time could be saved not having to XXXXX over and over
posted 22-1-2019 @ 04:04 PM www

not sure if this could be done but I'll let andrew know about this thread

posted 23-1-2019 @ 12:23 PM www

Not sure what the coding is like, but I use Stylish with custom code as a dirty filter to highlight links that I'm not interested in.

a[href*=""] { background-color: #0077cc !important; color: white !important; }

Highlights all Facebook links, so my 'Enter' button is highlighted so I can easily identify and filter out.
posted 24-1-2019 @ 11:14 AM www

Asked the question a couple of years ago....

It's a fantastic idea! :thumbup:
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