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posted 1-2-2020 @ 09:55 AM www

Please post any winners lists (ONLY) you may come across.

NOTE: you can now list the last 60 days of closed comps where there is a result date:

DO NOT post anything other than the comp it's relating to and the URL! That means, if you're on the list, don't say.. I won on this one etc... (it will be deleted)

Full names can be posted, within the following guidelines:
- no identifying of other members user/member names to their real names (unless the actual winner is identifying themselves)
- the full name must have been published on the 'official' website running the competition
- a link to the website showing the winner(s) should be provided

DO NOT post anything that has links to our competitors or obscenities... they WILL be checked!

And PLEASE include the name of the competition.

GOOD LUCK for 2019 to all Lottoers.
posted 1-2-2020 @ 12:54 PM www

Cool Towels Australia - Win Towel, cap and water bottle

(I can't seem to post fb links anymore :( )

Congratulations Vanessa Lea
posted 4-2-2020 @ 12:49 PM www

Wrigleys Extra BBL09 competition winners...


F. SINCLAIR, 5039 B. PALMER, 6210 A. BOWATER, 3765 G. MILLS, 2283 J. LEES, 5158 R. JOHNSTONE, 3180 M. NAZZARI, 3166 F. NAZZARI, 3175 B. GILBERT, 4563 J. MUECKE, 5277 D. HANNAH, 2287 K. PATRICK, 4558 J. HAYES, 4573 A. HANNAH, 2287 D. REED, 4170 S. JORNA, 3145 K. PEAKE, 6155

K. HEGARTY, 5607 L. NOTTAGE, 5214 D. MURTAGH, 3116 J. RANKMORE, 2820 N. ADAMS, 4209 H. NAZZARI, 3166 R. JOHNSTONE, 3180 S. GIBBS, 4165 D. TARCA, 4882 C. ANDREWS, 6066 B. CHRISTMASS, 6066 C. GOODMAN, 2171 A. FULTHORPE, 2795 B. PASCOE, 2042
posted 4-2-2020 @ 01:07 PM www

Sabco - Win 1 x $100 Bunnings Voucher and 1 x $100 Woolworths Voucher

Sabco Cleaning Products: Congratulation Michelle Sharpe You are our winner of this amazing competition.
posted 7-2-2020 @ 11:11 AM www


Congratulations to our winner Deb Porter - you've won this chic outfit in the size of your choice. Please send us a private message to arrange your prize. And a big thank you to everyone who entered! Stay tuned for the next giveaway happening soon
posted 7-2-2020 @ 09:04 PM www

Chemist Warehouse/Gillette-Win The Gillette Captains Experience


Darren S, WA
posted 9-2-2020 @ 12:58 PM www


The Freebie Friday $50 voucher winner is Stephanie Roberts! Congratulation! Check your messages for the voucher details.
posted 10-2-2020 @ 07:56 PM www


1 Isabella Tasevski VIC
2 Maddison Humphries VIC
3 Caris Philippe VIC
4 Samuel Burrows QLD
5 Harlen Fenner NSW
1 Julia Crowhurst VIC
2 Ruby Hollis NSW
3 Jessica Robeson WA
4 Emmerson James QLD
5 Lillian Ford VIC
6 Aiana Lowe WA
7 Maverick Manning NSW
8 Melody Saab NSW
9 Samuel McFarlane NSW
10 Hayley Pepper NSW
1 Chase Franz QLD
2 Clay Leckie SA
3 Jack Mandla NSW
4 Oscar Mamotte VIC
5 Lucas Di Biasi VIC
6 Xavier Rowley VIC
7 Kiana Wallace VIC
8 Belle Williams QLD
9 Rafael Fernee VIC
10 Oliver Davis SA
1 Indiana McComb NSW
2 Violet Kennedy NSW
3 Ernie Donato VIC
4 Daania Siddiqui WA
5 Paige Barclay NSW
6 Samuel Burrows QLD
7 Jett Kollmann NSW
8 Jayden Lowe WA
9 Glenn Wescombe QLD
10 Lili Parkins SA
11 Aden Flanagan NSW
12 Jackson Danaher NSW
13 Sam Stein TAS
14 Mikyle Suhaid VIC
15 Jace Crawford NT
16 Riley Hallam TAS
17 Jack Wiggins TAS
18 Maddy Ledwidge VIC
19 Rhianna Newman WA
20 Patrick Lapthorne VIC
21 Luca McDowall VIC
22 Charlie Haling QLD
23 Deacon Castellanos QLD
24 Jennifer Renshaw SA
25 Gemma Hoare NSW
26 Lachlan Skinner NSW
27 Jade Benson QLD
28 Brianna Lang SA
29 Jesse Clarke QLD
30 Leo Albanese NSW
31 Lucas Tudela NSW
32 Mick Gillies SA
33 Bethel Yong SA
34 Alysa Cachia VIC
35 Layla Smith VIC
36 Graeme Brown NSW
37 Elena Taylor NSW
38 Thai Jakobasch ACT
39 Charles Madey SA
40 Hayley Pal QLD
1 Sofia Zovko VIC
2 Mackenzie Griffith QLD
3 Zoe Barrett VIC
4 MJ Sculley VIC
5 Siarn Brady NSW
6 Hunter Gordon TAS
7 Maisy Forrest SA
8 Samuel Burrows QLD
9 Cara Tierney VIC
10 Tayla Waldie VIC
1 Jai Pugh QLD
2 Verity Goudge VIC
3 Annabella Moxey NSW
4 Charli Barnett TAS
5 Zack Barlow QLD
1 Piper Phillips NSW 2 Justin Tonkin SA 3 Caris Philippe VIC 4 Damien Elliott QLD 5 JJ Cox SA 6 Coda Ash VIC 7 Dylan Slack WA 8 Chanara Aberathna VIC 9 Mackenzie Green WA
1 Mick Gillies SA 2 Jett Kollmann NSW 3 Doris Dikadzic WA 4 Amelia Hitzke QLD 5 Lily Harrison NSW 6 Emma Gomersall QLD 7 Emmerson James QLD 8 Lucy McIlvany NSW 9 Melody Saab NSW
1 Ari matthews WA 2 Emma Ibrahim NSW 3 Paige Helm NSW 4 Elizabeth Stohr VIC 5 Belle Hitzke QLD
1 Reilly Macfarlane VIC 2 Mason Schumacher QLD 3 Liluka Jean Harris SA 4 Jessica Pierik VIC 5 Cooper Williams QLD
1 James Fitzgerald WA 2 Ben Bennett SA 3 Melissa Moyle VIC 4 Charlie Herkes QLD 5 Sienna Evans QLD
1 Sabrina Gail Bruno NSW 2 Alexa Lebedyantsev VIC
3 Sidonie Breakey QLD
4 Shivani Karan NSW
5 Lucinda Jackson QLD
1 Cody Bos VIC
2 Mikayla Morgan NSW
3 Cooper Hughes QLD
4 Ivy Bradfield SA
5 Issa Elkojje VIC
1 Leo Albanese NSW
2 Olivia Grace Chapman WA
3 Jade Benson QLD
4 Fabian Pat Tallarida ACT
FROZEN 2 colour Comp
1 Noah Newstead VIC
2 Brooke Jones NSW
3 Sarah Prince QLD
4 Hermione Wang VIC
5 Summer Wilde VIC
1 Joshua Lee VIC
2 Jayden Vanderzwart VIC
3 Mitchell Brown VIC
4 Matthew Chiodo VIC
5 Max Mellor TAS
6 Reef Briggs WA
1 Jasmine Roberts WA
2 Olive Leckie SA
3 Kiana Salt NSW
4 Deacon Thomas Smith QLD
1 Indie-Mae Gianatti QLD
2 Amelia Krajcik NSW
3 Lily Brooking VIC
4 Paige De Jonckheere QLD
5 Ali Elsayed SA
1 Estelle Mamotte VIC 2 Madison McGraw VIC 3 Kyleighs Ludcke QLD 4 Savannah Dicker VIC 5 Harrison Allen WA 6 Summer Walters QLD 7 Brianna Spaull VIC
1 Evie Down VIC
1 Theodore Madey SA
1 Bowen Roberts NSW 2 Iza Beth Vanderheyden VIC 3 Alexandra Vlahos WA 4 Grace Jackson QLD

2006 $546
2007 $3967
2008 $9045
2009 $9352
2010 $4776
2011 $5234
2012 $3375
2013 $1342
2014 $1211
2017 $1046
2018 $1108
2019 $5448
posted 13-2-2020 @ 09:07 PM www

WorkwearHub - WIN a Milwaukee 6 Piece Power Pack

Congratulations to Daniel Van Leuverden the WINNER of our Milwaukee tool prize pack giveaway! We hope you enjoy your new tool set!
posted 13-2-2020 @ 09:14 PM www

The Latch + Virgin Australia - win 2 x Return Economy Class Airfares with Virgin Australia

This comp has now closed. Congratulations to Tom from Victoria!
posted 13-2-2020 @ 10:38 PM www

Escape - Win a trip for two to Bali

Winner: G. Vaituutuu, Victoria
posted 14-2-2020 @ 10:38 AM www

Beauty Heaven - WIN 1 of 5 beauty bundles in February

Congratulations to our winners:



Ms Kitty


posted 14-2-2020 @ 01:08 PM www

Kaye Montebello
Edel Taylor
Mary Kaponay
Alyssa Beasley
Maria Tilling
Janette Chaumont
Natalie Hodgkin
Glynis Bailey
Diana Chapman
Mike Dwyer
Teresa Chan
Rebecca Tompsett
Patrick Dwyer
Kristian Hockley
Sophie Young
Keryn Thomson
Anna Ormiston
Silvana David
Renata Marchionna
Patricia Markuse
Rosemary Englert
Renee Owen
Lindsay Moncur
Hanna James
Yvonne Norris
Maddie Donoghue
Lilli Christie
Debra Crane
Kimberly Rayner
Michelle Hunt
Morgan Russell
Jacinta Nimmo
Annette Merrick
Heather Herbert
Kelsey Artwik
Chloe Binek
Tom Davis
Cheryl Mckibbin
Timothy Burns
Joanne Melita
Dena Davies
Belinda Fletcher
Joshua Smith
Mina Roces
Elissa Hansen
Susan Browning
Maree Chrystal
Charlotte Scotton
Rebecca Light
Jayne Marshall
Karen Young
Gail Jeziorski
Sophie Elliott
Simona Yamine
Karen Bosworth
Helen Dee
Francine Sultana
Ken Young
Lisa Young
Mimi Lazarevski
Melissa Parry
Kadence Albinson
Vanessa Cartledge
Zephyr Lane
Nicole Carrall
Simone Kohli
Sonya Sorgiovanni
Lucy Cleeve
Robb Farlow
Teena Towns
Dianne Stephens
Marlene Hanlon
Danni Marchi
Renae Ward
Taylor Williams
Kris Szczepaniak
Scot Barker

2006 $546
2007 $3967
2008 $9045
2009 $9352
2010 $4776
2011 $5234
2012 $3375
2013 $1342
2014 $1211
2017 $1046
2018 $1108
2019 $5448
posted 14-2-2020 @ 01:33 PM www

Kzone January winners:

Xbox One PowerA Spectra Enhanced Wired Controller Winners

C. Riley, Bundarra, 2359, NSW; L. Glencross, Gollan, 2820, NSW; A. Barrington, Paddington, 2021, NSW; H. MacDonald, Turramurra , 2074, NSW; R. Rigby, Karuah , 2324, NSW; J. Wandschneider, Daisy Hill, 4127, QLD; R. Curtotti, Bonner, 2914, ACT; J. Littlejohn, Falls Creek, 3699, VIC; O. Worster, Beverley, 6304, WA; A. Snowski, Werribee, 3030, VIC; J. Templeton, Boronia, 3155, VIC; D. Doyle, North Mackay, 4740, QLD; A. Nottle, McCracken, 5211, SA; K. Wikstrom, Doubleview, 6018, WA; W. Arnett, Boronia, 3155, VIC; B. Drage, Ferny Hills, 4055, QLD; O. Clanchy, Seaforth, 2092, NSW; F. Hanvey, Springwood, 2777, NSW; M. Tallarida, Bonner, 2914, ACT; L. Shepherd, Cammeray, 2062, NSW; R. Stranz, West Wollongong, 2500, NSW; S. Roberts, Little Mountain, 4551, QLD

Bunch O Balloons Prize Pack Winners

Z. Bosson, Gunbower, 3566, VIC; K. Brown, Beeliar, 6164, WA; M. McLoughlin, Bateau Bay, 2261, NSW; L. Gray, Macgregor, 2615, ACT; A. Toy, Crafers, 5152, SA

Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal DVD Winners

L. Laird, Atherton, 4883, QLD; H. Allen, Alfred Cove, 6154, WA; J. Webster, Noble Park, 3174, VIC; R. Zawko, Waterloo Corner, 5110, SA; J. Patterson, Whangarei, 110, NZ; K. Karner, Zilzie, 4710, QLD; L. Bird, Taree, 2430, NSW; J. Johnston, Karrinyup, 6018, WA; L. Albanese, Macquarie Hills, 2285, NSW; G. Rosenberg, Henley Beach Sth, 5022, SA; L. Vucica, Redbank Plains, 4301, QLD; A. Lazanas, Greystanes, 2145, NSW; M. Ortolan, Cranbourne west, 3977, VIC; A. Jones, Keilor East, 3033, VIC; J. Nordsvan-mclean, St Marys, 2760, NSW; K. Crawford, Moil, 810, NT; Z. Benson, East Ipswich, 4305, QLD; I. Epstein, Geebung, 4034, QLD; J. Michaux, Deakin, 2600, ACT; N. Senesi, Para Hills, 5096, SA

Pilot Frixion Prize Pack Winners

V. Rehunathan, Coolangatta, 4225, QLD; H. Childs, Moggill, 4070, QLD; H. Napoli, Launching Place, 3139, VIC; M. Creighton, Nilma, 3821, VIC

Jumanji: The Next Level Merch Pack Winners

K. Dever, Muswellbrook, 2333, NSW; R. Briggs-Dyer, Ellenbrook, 6069, WA; L. Boyd, Caboolture South, 4510, QLD; J. Nielsen, Camira, 4300, QLD; T. Jones, Towen Mountain, 4560, QLD; L. Mitchell-Zancanaro , Kingsford , 2032, NSW; T. S, Mulgrave, 3170, VIC; S. Roberts, Ocean Reef, 6027, WA; O. Papal, Niddrie, 3042, VIC; S. Jones, Electrona, 7054, TAS; A. Bishell, Campbell, 2612, ACT; J. Ghantous, Roselands, 2196, NSW; L. Andersen, Strathalbyn, 5255, SA; J. Flohr, Lameroo, 5302, SA; J. Deveigne, Metford, 2323, NSW

Just Dance 2020 for Switch Winners

H. Leong, Mooroolbark, 3138, VIC; R. Hammill, Hoppers Crossing, 3029, VIC; R. Shrestha, Southern River, 6110, WA; M. Burgon, Torrington, 4350, QLD; L. Fogg, Burpengary East, 4505, QLD; N. Doyle, Mackay, 4740, QLD; J. Filips, Narre Warren, 3805, VIC; E. Weston, Nurioopta, 5355, SA

Angry Birds Movie 2 on DVD & a Movie Merch Pack Winners

J. Kenny, Forrestdale, 6112, WA; R. Scholl, Atherton, 4883, QLD; J. Murray, Collingwood, 3066, VIC; R. Pandey, Frenchs Forest, 2086, NSW; D. Brunner, Seven Hills, 2147, NSW

Grit Elite Black Scooter Winners

B. Stubbs, Mayfair, 4122, NZ; L. Allanson, Colonel Light Gardens, 5041, SA; J. Harper, Boyup Brook, 6244, WA; O. Joyce, Wangi Wangi, 2267, NSW; J. Chrisanthou, Spotswood, 3015, VIC

Wahu Skim n Hoop Winners

O. Pitt, Mount Annan, 2567, NSW; L. Skinner, Oyster Bay, 2225, NSW; B. Neubauer, Mawson Lakes, 5095, SA; T. Mason, Park Grove, 7320, TAS; M. Basile, Bethlehem, 3110, NZ; D. Perinetti, Balwyn North, 3104, VIC; J. Shiel, Run-O-Waters, 2580, NSW; O. Mappas, Gunn, 832, NT; P. Capwork, Annerley, 4103, QLD; G. McDowall, Moonee Ponds, 3039, VIC

David Walliams Book Pack Winners

T. Green, Melton South, 3338, VIC; T. Dempsey, Kincumber, 2251, NSW; M. McLoughlin, Bateau Bay, 2261, NSW; P. Brown, Yinnar, 3869, VIC; C. Woods, Lutana, 7009, TAS

Hot Dog Book Pack Winners

A. Moxey, Arcadia Vale, 2283, NSW; J. Cachia, Mooroolbark, 3138, VIC; A. Smyth, The Vines, 6069, WA; H. Foster, Sandy Bay, 7005, TAS; E. Abejja, Cooloongup, 6168, WA; I. Hull, Kewdale, 6105, WA; C. Herbert, Condobolin, 2877, NSW; J. Petts, Wagga Wagga, 2650, NSW; M. Ivanovski, Rose Bay, 2029, NSW; M. Evans, Bracken Ridge, 4017, QLD; D. Dittavong, Wheeler heights, 2097, NSW; E. Alexander, Broadbeach Waters, 4218, QLD; E. Knott, Gawler East, 5118, SA; C. Fox, Camillo, 6111, WA; S. Zovko, Greenvale, 3059, VIC; C. Haling, Runcorn, 4113, QLD

posted 14-2-2020 @ 01:45 PM www

Total Girl January 2020 Comps Club Winners

Jumanji: The Next Level Movie Merch Pack Winners

C. Richardson, Ravenswood, 7250, TAS; S. Robinson, Wandina, 6530, WA; S. Winters, East Branxton, 2335, NSW; W. Rankin, Kyogle, 2474, NSW; A. McGregor, Lilydale, 3140, VIC; E. Leach, Mitchelton, 4053, QLD; M. Busiko, Middle Ridge, 4350, QLD; K. Whitehead, Eight Mile Plains, 4113, QLD; T. Cleary, Parkdale, 3195, VIC; H. Bolto, Mount Barker, 5251, SA; L. Hercegovac, Kidman Park, 5025, SA; A. Kerr, Ripley, 4306, QLD; Z. Quinn, Urangan, 4655, QLD; L. Griffiths, Eastern Heights, 4305, QLD; K. Brown, Mansfield, 4122, VIC

Bunch O Balloons Prize Pack Winners

D. Tram, North Turramurra, 2074, NSW; S. Pratley, Kings Meadows, 7249, TAS; A. Belcher, Panorama, 5041, SA; A. Skirving, Launceston, 7250, TAS; D. Hornsby, Toongabbie, 3856, VIC

Spies in Disguise Movie Merch Pack Winners

C. Buck, Burleigh Waters, 4220, QLD; S. Zorzan, Childers, 4660, QLD; A. Birse, Mile End, 5031, SA; P. Purnell, Beecroft, 2119, NSW; W. Honess, Forster, 2428, NSW; A. Fidanovski, Balcatta, 6021, WA; S. Bowling, Harrisdale, 6112, WA; N. DeMaria, Buronga, 2739, NSW; M. Fehring, Highvale, 4520, QLD; M. Gunn, Warwick, 6024, WA

Pilot Frixion Prize Pack Winners
P. Moulds, Glenmore Park, 2745, NSW; F. Edwards, Nelson, 7011, NZ; E. Ainley, Tauranga, 3116, NZ; O. Sams, Callala Beach, 2540, NSW

The Stolen Princess DVD Winners

J. Christmass, Ballajura, 6066, WA; I. Gordon, Summerhill, 7250, TAS; M. Gehrer, Cranbourne North, 3977, VIC; D. Whalley, Bundaberg, 4670, QLD; C. Crotty, Skye, 3977, VIC; C. Parker, Zilzie, 4710, QLD; C. Barnett, whitemore, 7303, TAS; I. Semenow, Upper Ferntree Gully, 3156, VIC; C. Meany, Annandale, 2038, NSW; I. Harrison, Baulkham Hills, 2153, NSW; H. Obrien, Hillbank, 5112, SA; X. Gumm, Casuarina, 2487, NSW; S. Western, Kensington , 6151, WA; A. Price, Floraville, 2280, NSW; R. V, Wellington Point, 4160, QLD; S. Langley, Aspley, 4034, QLD; J. Nordsvan-mclean, St Marys, 2760, NSW; D. Merchant, Springwood, 2777, NSW; S. Markham, Tamworth, 2340, NSW; B. Paley, Modbury Heights, 5092, SA

Vibes Squad Vapour Purple Scooter Winners

B. Rodley, Westport, 7825, NZ; S. Parker, Springwood, 2777, NSW; L&J. Wilson, Mckail, 6330, WA; J. Handicott, Jamboree Heights, 4074, QLD; A. Calavrias, Peakhurst, 2210, NSW

Spirit Holiday Special Prize Pack Winners

M. Schlitter, Auckland, 2025, NZ; H. Patterson, Whangarei, 174, NZ; G. Mutemachani, Perth, 6110, WA; E. Ward, Wellington Point, 4160, QLD; A. Corbett, Sarina, 4737, QLD

Girltopia Trilogy Box Set Pack Winners

I. Tasevski, Port Melbourne, 3207, VIC; J. Cox, Encounter Bay, 5211, SA; A. Patterson, Whangarei, 174, NZ; R. Williams, Dubbo, 2830, NSW; P. Evans, Walmul, 4714, QLD; O. Peet, Wellington, 6035, NZ; C. Parker, Zilzie, 4710, QLD; M. Taylor, Yellingbo, 3139, VIC; J. Patterson, Whangarei, 110, NZ; M. Lobb, Tauranga, 3112, NZ; J. Horswell, Cambridge Park, 2747, NSW; A. Mengersen, Kingston Park, 5049, SA; I. Harrison, Baulkham Hills, 2153, NSW; A. OSullivan, Merewether, 2291, NSW; N. O'Sullivan, Avenel, 3664, VIC; M. Obrien, Hillbank, 5112, SA; L. Seng, Cabramatta West, 2166, NSW; A. Bovell, Hunters Hill, 2110, NSW; I. Martin, Bethlehem, 3110, NZ; C. Ransom, Virginia, 4014, QLD; L. Stewart, Lower Macdonald, 2775, NSW; H. Wright-Martin, Victoria Point, 4165, QLD; I. Williams, Ferntree Gully, 3156, VIC; H. Bolto, Mount Barker, 5251, SA; A. Apter, Carnegie, 3163, VIC; L. Wilson, Mckail, 6330, WA; J. Benson, East Ipswich, 4305, QLD; G. Ryan, Hallett Cove, 5158, SA; K. De Silva, Lynbrook, 3975, VIC; L. McDowall, McDowall, 4053, QLD; E. George, Montrose, 7010, TAS; Z. Rogers, Thornlands, 4164, QLD; J. Filips, Narre Warren, 3805, VIC; L. McDowall, Moonee Ponds, 3039, VIC; J. Mcginn, Dayboro, 4521, QLD; H. Lange, Waitara, 2077, NSW; V. Shipway, Bundanoon, 2578, NSW

David Walliams Book Pack Winners

F. Edwards, Nelson, 7011, "NZ; S. van Dyk, Auckland, 630, NZ; G. Mason, Burnie, 7320, TAS; S. Henry, Karabar, Queanbeyan, 2620, NSW; A. Murphy, Hamlyn Terrace, 2259, NSW

Bluey DVD Pack Winners

E. Bunnik, Murrumbateman, 2322, NSW; I. Tasevski, Port Melbourne, 3207, VIC; T. Cox, Encounter Bay, 5211, SA; E. Bryan, Ravenswood, 7250, TAS; Q. Karner, Zilzie, 4710, QLD; L. Pepper, Dubbo, 2830, NSW; T. Fairess, Drouin, 3818, VIC; A. Bonnici, Earlwood, 2206, NSW; K. Crawford, Moil, 810, NT

2006 $546
2007 $3967
2008 $9045
2009 $9352
2010 $4776
2011 $5234
2012 $3375
2013 $1342
2014 $1211
2017 $1046
2018 $1108
2019 $5448
posted 15-2-2020 @ 10:25 AM www

Haigh's Chocolates - win one of three $150 chocolate hampers

Three people will be lucky in love this Valentine's Day! Congratulations to the winners of our Valentine's Day Competition - D Triscari, WA; M Tee, ACT, S Horsfall, QLD.
posted 15-2-2020 @ 10:44 AM www

Bamboo Village - WIN A Valentine's Day Bamboo Gift Pack

Charlotte S
Tomas B
Diana K
posted 15-2-2020 @ 10:48 AM www

My Holiday Centre - Win 1 of 10 $1000 holiday vouchers

Nigel C
Tina D
Stephanie B
Shona A
Michalah S
Anjuli O
Brandon K
Donald N
Tammy G
Nicolas L
posted 15-2-2020 @ 10:56 AM www

Visit Macedon Ranges win a gin trail adventure, overnight accom. for Thurs. 5th March

We have a winner! Ken Lund is the lucky recipient of our awesome Hair of the Dog gin-themed adventure in the Macedon Ranges. Stay tuned for our next exciting giveaway launching this week
posted 18-2-2020 @ 05:05 PM www

Rip Curl Women - Win 1 of 3 Year’s Supply of Bikinis

And the winners are...
Marie L – France
Amy W - United States
Olivia T - Australia
posted 18-2-2020 @ 06:51 PM www


The Professor and the Madman' winners:

Tabatha Voss
Campbelltown, NSW

Edel Taylor
Mullaloo, WA

Tony Avery
Eagleby, Qld

Pete Matheos
Penshurst, NSW

Brett Christmass
Ballajura, WA.

'Hawaii Five-0: Seasons 8-12' winners:

Joanne Carter
Ermington, NSW

Maggie Karner
Walmul, Qld

Kate Harvey
Newton, SA.
posted 24-2-2020 @ 09:14 AM www

Film Blerg - Miss Fisher Tickets

Congratulations to the winners. You will be receiving your tickets shortly via email.
Jenny Hislop
Denise Macfarlane
Teena Towns
Belinda McLeod
Nicola James
Suzanne Penberthy
Marelle Jackman
Wendy Spann
Di Carter
Christine Knott
posted 24-2-2020 @ 04:32 PM www


Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears' winners:

Marie Gardner
Dingley, Vic.

Mara Evans
Wallsend, NSW

Luize Svikers
Camberwell, Vic.

Kathy Clark
Cranebrook, NSW

Renee Owen
Oran Park, NSW.

'The Wishmas Tree' winners:

Penny Albon
Belmont South, NSW

Hermanna Ganz
Maylands, WA

Debra Crane
Griffin, Qld

Michelle Ward
Moonee Ponds, Vic.

Samantha Mackie
Loganholme, Qld.
posted 24-2-2020 @ 06:44 PM www


Fiona Lynch
Joy Ma
Daljinder Singh
Marlene Hanlon
Annette Merrick
Teresa Chan
Kerrie Freame
Michelle Thompson
Stuart Reed
Katie Johns
Natalia Dimitropoulos
Rachael Phillips
Julie Henschke
Glenda Beasley
Sophie Lyras
Holly Craig
Caroline Lissaman
Teresa Chan
Lisa Chawner
Debra Haverkamp
Jessie Thomson
Honey Kaur
Diane Lyel
Stephanie Caruana
Paula Winter
Karen Trevisan
Chloe Zophie
Emma Macpherson
Stefanie Fabris
Sharlene Lindrea
Tanya Whitelaw
Gillian Sugars
Lauren Baker
Emma Chambers
Sheralee Trebeck
Jarrad Bigg
Brett Owen
Shostak Allan
Anna Rochford
Julie Giblin
Yvonne Ramsay
Jen Schwager
Rowie Daskalakis
Kadence Albinson
Naomi Barber
Lisa Young
Colin Groves
Donna Trickey
Juliet Murray
Elisa Michienzi
Bernice Wall

2006 $546
2007 $3967
2008 $9045
2009 $9352
2010 $4776
2011 $5234
2012 $3375
2013 $1342
2014 $1211
2017 $1046
2018 $1108
2019 $5448
posted 25-2-2020 @ 10:19 AM www


WINNERS ANNOUNCED | Congratulations to the 100 entrants who have each won 1 x Double Pass to see Miss Fisher And The Crypt Of Tears.

Head to the promotions page at or via to see the full list of winners. All winners will be notified individually via email.

Thank you to everyone who entered!
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