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Best WIN Ever

posted 22-3-2020 @ 02:50 PM www
Best WIN Ever

...would be if my Son James did well in his Research Project and got a good ATAR for his final year of High School.

3 years ago you wonderful lottoers participated in my daughterís Research Project Survey and I am pleased to say she got a Merit 20/20 for it and is now in her 3rd year of Uni studying Law and Commerce.

Now itís my Sonís turn and we would be grateful if you could please take a minute to answer a short survey (mostly multiple choice) and sprinkle some lucky Lottoers dust on him.

Thanks for your time - link below

Let me know if you have participated. Thanks

posted 22-3-2020 @ 03:51 PM www


posted 22-3-2020 @ 04:31 PM www

posted 22-3-2020 @ 04:32 PM www

posted 22-3-2020 @ 04:52 PM www

Done :)
posted 22-3-2020 @ 05:35 PM www

posted 22-3-2020 @ 05:53 PM www

Also done :)
posted 22-3-2020 @ 06:23 PM www

Done! Good luck :)
posted 22-3-2020 @ 06:58 PM www

Done and best wishes to your Son ihope2win :)
posted 22-3-2020 @ 07:07 PM www

Done. All the best.
posted 22-3-2020 @ 07:27 PM www

posted 22-3-2020 @ 07:54 PM www

Thank you everyone for your time. Cheeky of me grabbing your attention like that
posted 22-3-2020 @ 08:11 PM www


posted 22-3-2020 @ 08:28 PM www

done and yes good marketing :lol:
posted 22-3-2020 @ 08:32 PM www

Done. Hope it all goes well :thumbup:
posted 22-3-2020 @ 08:48 PM www

Thanks again and its a nice diversion away from the depressing CV. We have been in isolation for over a week so he has started his Research Project early although Year 12 might be in limbo. Stay healthy everyone xx
posted 22-3-2020 @ 08:58 PM www

Done, hope your son does well, great topic!
posted 22-3-2020 @ 09:19 PM www

posted 22-3-2020 @ 09:33 PM www


Good luck, I relly feel for the Year 12 students this year
posted 22-3-2020 @ 10:50 PM www

Don ;) Good luck with the studies :):)
posted 23-3-2020 @ 06:14 AM www

posted 23-3-2020 @ 07:16 AM www

Done! I will pass on the my enviro science fan daughter as well.

He has picked a fascinating topic. I would love to read his finished thesis!

\\\"The Hand that Gives.......Gathers\\\"

\\\"A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.\\\"
Charles M. Schwab
posted 23-3-2020 @ 07:42 AM www

I did it also

When the world says give up


try it one more time.......
posted 23-3-2020 @ 08:34 AM www


posted 23-3-2020 @ 09:15 AM www

Done. Good luck to your son.
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