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Some amusing good/bad virus happenings

posted 24-3-2020 @ 09:42 PM www
Some amusing good/bad virus happenings

Daily Mail story & short video, of a couple in Canada with TWO trolley loads of ALL the meat that was in supermarket :mad::mad:, not sure what they would do with it all??
It wouldn't bother the veggie shoppers if none was left..........:)

Seen on TV lady who's baby having it's 1st year birthday. She was planning a birthday party for 75 people :lol::lol:
on her, she cancelled the party & did the phone/video thingys instead.

Young boy who spent around $70 from his pocket money on loo paper that he then gave out to people who were older & needed some.

Do we really need to know every time the number of people with the virus goes up??
Perhaps might be an idea to tell us about the majority who survive ok to stop some stress or panic??

We all need to calm down somewhat, only buy what you need (not what you want) & only go out when necessary, the less mixing with others & getting in crowds the safer everyone will be. :) & be kind to others too.

Kindly post anymore bits of interest in thread.
posted 25-3-2020 @ 06:54 PM www

We do need to know how many have it and how it's going up because otherwise people don't take it seriously. Just stay home if you can.

GOOD...some of the funniest memes I have ever seen.

BAD ...our niece who has 5 children and asian features was abused twice in the supermarket for being greedy doing only three quarters of her shop for her family, so much so that the staff and other shoppers had to intervene. :(

posted 26-3-2020 @ 01:49 PM www

GOOD.... I'm getting to work from home from today

BAD .... my mum has it and possibly my dad and are currently hospitalised.
posted 26-3-2020 @ 02:00 PM www

GOOD: laughter is good medicine:

BAD: Snowpea's parents. Sending you all my best wishes. xx
posted 26-3-2020 @ 05:24 PM www

Sorry to hear snowpea hope they get well soon
posted 26-3-2020 @ 08:31 PM www

Quote: Originally posted by snowpea  
GOOD.... I'm getting to work from home from today

BAD .... my mum has it and possibly my dad and are currently hospitalised.

BAD:- Sorry to hear that snowpea. Wishing them both a speedy recovery.
posted 27-3-2020 @ 02:45 PM www

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately they were passengers on Ruby Princess.
They're now out but not good at all. And they're super super healthy people. Take care folks!
posted 27-3-2020 @ 03:20 PM www

Sitting at home and thinking some stole the adult scooter I won and I realized.. home burglars will be out of business. Too many people staying home! :lol::lol::lol:

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