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cash4biz - a National Loyalty Program (Shop and get paid for doing it)

posted 13-9-2003 @ 05:49 PM www
cash4biz - a National Loyalty Program (Shop and get paid for doing it)

What is cash4biz?

is a small cash back paid to you as cash4biz points when you purchase from cash4biz partner businesses.

The more you shop the more cash4biz points you collect. You can spend cash4biz points with any cash4biz partner business, at any time.

Spend cash4biz points all around town
You hand a cash4biz merchant your cash4biz card and the staff swipe it through the EFTPOS terminal to accept it as payment. You can use cash4biz points as full payment or even part payment with credit cards or cash for your purchase.

How does cash4biz work?
The cash4biz points that businesses in the cash4biz network reward you with are deposited each day into a managed account supervised by one of the world's leading accountancy firms. The cash4biz points are deposited as real cash so that you can use them to pay for purchases with hundreds of merchants.

Whenever you use cash4biz points to pay (either in part or as full payment) for goods or services from a cash4biz partner business, your card is swiped through the cash4biz terminal, the system checks that you have enough points for the transaction - and your cash4biz merchant is paid from your fund of cash4biz points - it's that simple.

Where can I collect cash4biz points?
The list of businesses that are rewarding their regular customers is growing and will eventually cover most things you purchase. You can find a complete list on this website in the Participating Merchants

You can recognise cash4biz participating partner businesses from the cash4biz decals and signs.

How does cash4biz compare?
We compared cash4biz with another leading loyalty program, the rewards say it all:
Spend $55,000
Points Accrued On Average 115,500
Reward $1,155 to spend with any cash4biz merchant.

Other National Loyalty Program
Spend $55,000
Points Accrued On Average 11,000
Reward Limited choice of rewards. E.g. Dinner for 2 at the Carlton Crest Hotel. Approximate Value of $200.

How do I join the cash4biz loyalty program?
Ask at any of the cash4biz Participating Merchants

on this website for an application form and complete the survey form attached. To protect the cash4biz points you earn, points cannot be withdrawn until your application details are registered.

Easy to see the value you've earned
There is no confusion with the cash4biz value that you've earned - it's printed right on the special transaction docket - and everywhere in the network 1 cash4biz point equals 1 cent.

Different cash4biz merchants will reward you with a different level of cash4biz points - that's because different businesses have different profit margins that they can afford to invest, but one thing all cash4biz merchants have in common is that they value your regular business and want to show you their appreciation.

**cash4biz is real money, deposited in a bank account, protected by the full banking security system. Whenever you make a withdrawal of points or make a balance enquiry there is a small banking administration charge - 40 points for a balance enquiry and 70 points for a withdrawal. There are no costs for balance enquiries or changes to address, etc. when made via this website.

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